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Magic Doctor: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband (full story)

Magic Doctor: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband (full story)
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Magic Doctor: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband (full story)

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    Read Magic Doctor: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband (full story) by Tie Sha. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereMagic Doctor: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband by Tie Sha full chapter. Genre: CEO Fade followed Xenia's gaze and saw a beautiful woman in her mid-twenties approaching. She was dressed in a tight work suit, with her soft black hair tied up and black glasses resting on her face. Though her expression appeared stern, her swaying hips gave her a seductive aura. Fade understood why everyone was captivated by her beauty. Xenia asked Fade if he found her beautiful, to which he nodded in agreement. Xenia revealed that the woman was Manager Lily Wei, the general manager of the human resources department and also a close friend of thepany's president. She was renowned for her beauty and ranked second in thepany, just below President Lin. Xenia playfully questioned if Fade was also interested in Manager Wei, but he denied it, mentioning that he was married. Surprised by this revelation, Xenia expressed her curiosity about Fade's wife and if she would have a chance to meet her. Fade smiled, knowing that Xenia and his wife were already acquainted, but he reassured Xenia that she would indeed have an opportunity to get to know his wife. As the cafeteria returned to normalcy after Lily's departure, anothermotion arose when a man entered. Fade recognized him as the same man who had scolded him earlier that morning when he arrived at thepany. Xenia identified him as Secretary Qin, the president's secretary and one of President Lin's trusted allies. He was considered a highly valued staff member and was admired by many in thepany. Xenia mentioned that there were rumors of Secretary Qin being infatuated with President Lin. Fade, however, expressed his disagreement with the notion of Secretary Qin being a suitable match for President Lin. He felt a sense of unease and dissatisfaction toward the man. Xenia didn't notice Fade's change in emotion and continued discussing the supposed admiration Secretary Qin had for President Lin. Suddenly, a familiar fragrance wafted through the air, triggering a realization in Fade's mind. He grew cold and left the cafeteria abruptly, heading to the top floor where the president's office was located. Despite encountering resistance from the secretary guarding the office, Fade insisted on seeing President Lin urgently. He mentioned that he worked in the medical department and had important information to report. The secretary initially hesitated, but Fade's persistence and shout towards the office made her seek permission from President Lin. Fade entered the office to find President Lin, dressed formally, sitting behind her desk and looking at him coldly. He tried to explain the connection he observed between Secretary Qin and the drugged fragrance from a previous incident. However, President Lin interrupted him, expressing disappointment and accusing him of playing dirty tricks. Fade attempted to defend himself, but President Lin cut him off and ordered him to leave. Stunned and unable to explain himself further, Fade was left feeling frustrated and confused by the encounter with President Lin. Read Magic Doctor: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband by Tie Sha full chapter at

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