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Marriage of the Di Daughter

Chapter 10.2 - Beauty
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Chapter 10.2: Beauty

Anyhow, he himself was very ostentatious. According to the rumors, no need to mention the cabinet ministers, even the princes were a bit restrained when meeting him. Ji Heng’s mind was deep, if you offended him, one would cause a lot of trouble to oneself. He enjoyed wearing beautiful clothes with contrasting rich colors. He was also fond of the beautiful and loathed the disgraceful. All the young manservants up and down the residence were elegant and beautiful.

Ji Heng had two hobbies. The first was to collect flowers and the second was to watch plays. In his residence, various kinds of the world’s most unusual flowers were gathered. He was also fond of recruiting opera troupes. If they were good to hear, he would reward them with a thousand taels. However, if they were not pleasant to listen to, he would immediately call people to throw the troupe a thousand miles away from Yanjing. Towards him, the performers in the capital city of Yanjing both loved and hated.

Someone had said, Ji Heng loved watching plays because he loved raising male opera singers. In the capital city of Yanjing, many of the sons of wealthy and famous families also had this kind of shameful hobby. However, after this was said, there was a well-known star performer from Jixiang opera group, Liu Sheng, whose four limbs were snapped off and thrown outside the door of his residence. One heard that he failed to climb the bed and was thrown out. But this rumor was baseless.

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In short, Duke Su, Ji Heng, was simply a person who was bossy and domineering, gloomy, terribly moody and a beauty who did not have any tender, protective feelings for females.

But a poisonous beauty was still a beauty.

Tong’er had also heard of Duke Su’s famous name before. Eight years ago, when they arrived at this nunnery, Jiang Lî was only seven years old. At that time, Duke Su was already 16 years old. Which person in Yanjing didn’t know him? However, she didn’t expect to meet him here

“How was young lady able to recognize Duke Su?” asked Tong’er, “Before, young lady had never met Duke Su.”

Jiang Lî laughed faintly.

How could she not know Duke Su? During the time when she was still Xue Fang Fei, she married Shen Yurong and moved to Yanjing. Gradually, the title of the first beauty in Yanjing fell on her. Duke Su, who liked beauty and loathed ugliness, had also heard of Xue Fang Fei’s reputation.

And how did Duke Su evaluate Xue Fang Fei? Reportedly, Duke Su saw Xue Fang Fei in a public main street while she was visiting the jewelry shop together with Shen Yurong’s younger sister. After a glance, he mockingly said: “A beautiful woman yet completely lacking in spirit.”

These words were passed on and she became the laughingstock in the capital of Yanjing for a good while. In particular, among those young ladies from the aristocratic families. Abruptly encountering such a stunning beauty like Xue Fang Fei, naturally the aristocratic ladies were not reconciled. Ji Heng’s words could be considered as them venting their anger. Still, there were still men who stood up against the words said to Xue Fang Fei, yet nobody dared to publicly offend Ji Heng.

Xue Fang Fei didn’t feel anything was wrong. However, due to this, Shen Yurong was annoyed and depressed and Xue Fang Fei had actually become the one who had to comfort him instead. On the other hand, Shen Yurong’s younger sister and mother felt that Xue Fang Fei had made the Shen family’s name into a joke. For this reason, they forbid her from going out of the house for three months.

Recalling it now, she still wasn’t angry at Duke Su’s words. She even felt that Ji Heng’s words were indeed correct. At that time, after marrying Shen Yurong, in order to win the favor of Shen mother and sister-in-law, she curbed her nature and passed the days with her movements strictly restrained. Learning to be a good wife and a loving mother, and no longer was the gay and quick-witted young lady.

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Loving someone to the point of sacrificing oneself, turning into another person. In the end, she was just like dust, without any spirit.

Jiang Lî said: “In Yanchao, only Duke Su’s image would fit. Not to mention, there was a red mole in the corner of his eyes.”

Tong’er didn’t doubt her, merely was puzzled over it and asked: “Why did Duke Su come here? Did he also come to burn incense?”

Of course not.

“Perhaps, he came to collect flowers.” Jiang Lî thought a bit and couldn’t stop herself from laughing, “yet he unexpectedly got to see a good play. The two biggest pleasures in a person’s life were satisfied in a day. His mood must be very good tonight.”

Without a doubt, she also felt the same way.

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