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Martial God Asura

Chapter 5156: Chu Feng’s Choice
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Chapter 5156: Chu Feng’s Choice

“Young friend, this is the final trial. As long as you can clear this trial, you’ll be granted an opportunity to inherit my legacy.”

A formation activated within the hall, manifesting a beam of light that shot at Chu Feng. Despite Old Cat also inside the hall, the beam of light wasn’t targeting it at all.


Old Cat let out a sigh.

It was apparent to him that he and Bai Yunqing had already been eliminated, and Chu Feng was the only one still in the race.

The beam of light shot into Chu Feng’s body, plunging his consciousness into an illusion. In the illusion, he was the son of a great city lord who had single-handedly ushered in an era of peace and prosperity, allowing the civilians of the city to live stable lives.

Thus, the people of the city viewed his father to be a hero.

Chu Feng, as the son of the city lord, was also kind-hearted. He fiercely stood against injustices and never hesitated to help the civilians out. Due to that, he was also well-loved by the people.

However, everything changed the day his father passed away from an illness.

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The vice city lord colluded with monstrous beasts to usurp power. Not only so, but he also framed the deceased city lord for colluding with the monstrous beasts. He insisted that Chu Feng and his mother were involved in it as well and sentenced them to death.

On the day that Chu Feng, his mother, and his close aides were going to be executed, the civilians hurled insults at them. Even the deceased city lord wasn’t spared from the insults.

Their family had done so much for the people, but as soon as someone framed them, the people didn’t hesitate to turn on them. They humiliated them with their words and urged for their heads to be lopped off.

Even those who had directly received their kindness were no exception.

Little did they know that Chu Feng was actually a talented cultivator. In fact, he was the strongest cultivator in the city. He had only hidden his strength at his father’s request, but he had no intention to continue doing so now that everyone had already turned on them.

The moment he revealed his cultivation, everyone, except for his mother, was stunned. None of them had expected the gentle young city lord to be this powerful. Not even the vice city lord and the monstrous beasts he was colluding with was a match for him.

Naturally, Chu Feng killed the rebellious vice city lord and his cronies.

The illusion posed a moral dilemma: Should the civilians of the city be killed too?

While the ungrateful civilians had bitten the hands that had fed them, they only did so because they had been deceived by the vice city lord.

However, Chu Feng decided to massacre all of the civilians except for those who were too young to tell right from wrong.


Thus, he embarked on a massacre inside the illusion.

By the the finished the job, the illusion had already dissipated, and his consciousness was brought back to the hall.

“You killed the civilians?”

The projection of Lord Zhenlong looked at Chu Feng with conflicted eyes. While everything that had happened inside the illusion was fake, the experience should have been so lifelike for Chu Feng that it was no different from reality.

Despite this, Chu Feng was utterly vicious. Even when the civilians kneeled down and begged for mercy, he still mercilessly decapitated them. Hundreds of millions of people were killed just like that, forming a true river of blood.

“I did. I killed everyone else other than the children, who couldn’t tell right from wrong, and the ones who were on the execution platform together with me,” Chu Feng calmly replied.

His composed attitude showed not the slightest hint of guilt, as if there was nothing wrong with how he handled the situation.

“The civilians didn’t know the truth. Why didn’t you try to explain it to them instead of murdering them straight away? Don’t you think that they deserve a second chance?” Lord Zhenlong’s projection asked.

“You shouldn’t take the civilians as fools; they are capable of discerning right from wrong. They know deep down what kind of people the city lord and his son are, especially after everything those two had done for them. There were also many glaring holes in the vice city lord’s accusations. Even a fool would have noticed a problem here.

“As much as you would like to believe so, those civilians aren’t as innocent as they appear. They might not be the masterminds behind the framing, but they are aware of the truth. Contrary to what you believe, the civilians didn’t hurl insults at the deceased city lord and his son because they bought into the vice city lord’s lies. They did so because they know the truth and dare not stand against the vice city lord and the monstrous beasts he is colluding with. They did what they did despite knowing that the deceased city lord and his son had been framed.

“Their cowardice compelled them to turn their backs against the ones who have given them the world. Don’t you think that people like them deserve to be killed?” Chu Feng asked.

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Lord Zhenlong’s projection was stunned to hear those words. He didn’t think that a junior would possess such sharp insight. A moment later, a satisfied smile emerged on his lips.

Following that, the hall suddenly started to fade. Old Cat disappeared from view, and everything turned blurry. Only the projection of Lord Zhenlong remained crystal clear. It was almost as if the two of them were the only ones left in the world.

Chu Feng knew that he had been brought into an illusion once more, one that allowed him to privately communicate with Lord Zhenlong.

“I thought that you killed the civilians out of anger, but that wasn’t the case. I don’t fully agree with your decision, but you have rationally thought things through and cto your own conclusion. I believe that you are qualified to inherit my legacy.

“The legacy restrictsfrom directly imparting it to others, but I’ll tell you the location of the legacy, and you can head over to comprehend it yourself. I believe that you’ll succeed given the talent you have displayed thus far.”

With a wave of his arm, Lord Zhenlong’s projection delivered a scroll into Chu Feng’s hands.

Chu Feng unrolled the scroll and saw that it was a map. A location was indicated on it.

The map depicted a location in Bittershore Starfield’s Bittersea Lower Realm. Even though they were currently in an illusion, Chu Feng could tell that the map was a tangible object. He first imprinted the content of the map onto his mind before carefully stowing it away.

“Lord Zhenlong, is the legacy the reason you are able to accomplish so much?” Chu Feng asked.

“Yes, this legacy is the reason behind my success. Your talent is higher than mine. If you succeed in obtaining the legacy, you’ll surely surpassin the future. Go and seek out the legacy, young friend. You won’t be disappointed!” Lord Zhenlong’s projection said.

Upon saying those words, Chu Feng felt a distortion in his surroundings. Spirit power started to engulf him.

“Wait a moment, Lord Zhenlong!” Chu Feng cried out.

The spirit power was teleporting him out of the ancient remnant, but Old Cat was still inside the hall. This meant that he would be separated from Old Cat, but he was relying on Old Cat to lead him to Xue Ji!

Unfortunately, Chu Feng’s exclamation was futile. He was still teleported out in the end.

After Chu Feng’s forceful ejection, the projection of Lord Zhenlong was left alone inside the hall. Manifested from a formation, he should have automatically dissipated now that his mission was accomplished, but instead, he started murmuring under his breath.