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Melinda President Fox’s Love

Melinda President Fox’s Love
245 Chapters
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Melinda President Fox’s Love

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    Read Melinda President Fox’s Love by . Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free heremelinda president fox love pdf download full episode at . Genre: Billionaire The story begins at a charity dinner where wealthy individuals are gathered. Meanwhile, a disturbing encounter takes place in a luxurious suite. Melinda Paisley finds herself being assaulted by a man against her will. Despite her resistance, the man proceeds to harm her. The next morning, Melinda wakes up in pain and realizes the man responsible for her suffering is nowhere to be found. She discovers a thumb ring that belongs to Stanley Fox, the heir of the influential Fox Group. Feeling powerless against such a prominent figure, Melinda decides to leave. Seven years later, Stanley Fox, now a powerful and cold businessman, embarks on a mission to retrieve a stolen project. He travels to a poverty-stricken village called Sunnyvale. Melinda, now living in the village, is shown to be an elegant and caring mother to her twins, Samuel and Pamela. The story hints at Samuel and Pamela being the result of Melinda's encounter with Stanley. While the children are playing, Pamela asks if their father will evere back.... Read Melinda, President Fox's Love PDF Full Episode at