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Mr. CEO Loves The Devilish Beauty

Mr. CEO Loves The Devilish Beauty
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Mr. CEO Loves The Devilish Beauty

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    Summary "I hope my wife liked the arrangements... for the wedding night." His low husky voice made her heart skip a beat. She tried walk away from his reach but her dismay, he held her wrist in his hand. She licked her lips. He pulled her wrist and her body crashed i his broad chest. Trying calm her breathing, Xu Mey looked up at his face say something butuldn’ do it. Ye Jie was pleased with her transfixeduntenance. He lowered his facewards her. Inadvertently, Xu Meyok a step back. Theyntinued with a step back and a step ahead until Xu Mey’ legs felt the edge of the bed behind. There was a haughty smirk playing on Ye Jie’ lips. He lowered his face againwards her. Xu Mey bent her body backwards but she lost her footing making both of them fall on themfy bed. As she laid on her back with Ye Jie’ body pressing on her own, gazing at his handsome face inches away from her own with his piercing gaze penetrating her soul, she realized she had no ability push him away. She wanted get him off her body. She wanted stay far away from him. But sheuldn’ do it. His face was so close that his breath tingled her. When his soft thin lipsuched her cherry plump ones, her mind was electrified. He softly nibbled on her lower lip, sucking it slowly. The kiss was not urgent or passionate. It was just a simple kiss which displayed a gentle but sincere feeling. --------- What do you do when your family abandons you? Do you start hide? Xu Mey wasn’ the one hide. The only thing she hid from the world was her real self. Seemingly, a timid girl was terrifying inside but only a few knew about it. She was running for revenge. For every wound that she received, she had a burning desire pay back ten folds. Ye Jie was heartbroken. He had a perfect life for the world but only he knew what he was trying hide even from himself. At first, Xu Mey was just his interest. A girl who popped up in his life out of nowhere and yet wreaked havoc. But he soon realized that she had walls built around her heart keeping the world at bay. Losing love once felt enough him but with a certain someone’ appearance, a lot is intended bring a change. What will happen when she’ alter his idea of love? Will he be able shatter the thick walls around her heart? Or, She’ shatter him? Life shattered her i pieces. Will his love be able pick up those broken pieces?You’re reading “Mr. CEO Loves The Devilish Beauty” on See all Hide

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