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My Fated Human Luna by TheNich29

My Fated Human Luna by TheNich29
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My Fated Human Luna by TheNich29

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    Read My Fated Human Luna by TheNich29 by TheNich29. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereMy Fated Human Luna by TheNich29 full chapter. Genre: Werewolf The alarm wakes me up, but my husband is already out of bed and getting ready for work. He's a police officer, and I'm a nurse. We have a three-year-old daughter named Gabrielle, and I quickly get her ready for daycare before starting my shift at the hospital. At work, I'm busy attending to patient after patient. My friend and colleague, Tracey, asks me to take care of a patient she doesn't want to deal with, her ex. I agree, but she owes me a favor in return. When I enter the room, the patient, John, tries to flirt with me and insults me, mentioning my husband's supposed infidelity. I brush off hisments and continue with my work. Later on, I run into Willow, a doctor who notices that something seems off with me. I assure her that everything is fine, although deep down, I can't shake off the doubt planted by John's words. I continue my hectic day, seeing patients until the end of my shift. After work, I pick up Gabby from daycare and head home. I start preparing dinner while she plays. However, I notice that my husband, Greg, hasn't arrived home yet, which worries me. I call him but only reach his voicemail, so I send him a text message as well. I proceed with our evening routine, giving Gabby a bath and putting her to bed. When Greg finallyes home, he apologizes for being late, mentioning a long day and excessive paperwork. However, I can't help but feel a sense of unease. I don't want to argue in front of our daughter, so I remain silent. Greg interacts with Gabby, and I take the opportunity to retreat to the guest bathroom to gather my thoughts. I try to convince myself that the hurtful words spoken by John and the doubt they caused are baseless. I finish showering and head to the kitchen to clean up. There, I notice Greg's phone lying on the table. I've never felt the need to check his phone before, but curiosity gets the better of me this time. However, I realize he has changed his password. This unexpected action only fuels my suspicions. I try using his usual passcode (my birthday), but it fails. Then, I attempt Gabby's birthday, and to my dismay, it works. As I go through his messages, my worst fears are confirmed. He has been exchanging explicit messages with a girl named Megan, talking about their encounters and planning future meetings. I feel like I can't breathe, and the weight of betrayal crushes me. I reach out to Tracey, who agrees to take care of Gabby for the night without asking too many questions. With my mind racing, I pack a bag and take Gabby with me. I inform Greg that I want to discuss divorce, shocking him with the sudden decision. He tries to approach me, but I keep my distance. I'm hurt, and I won't let him touch me. I ask Tracey to take Gabby to her house and head back inside. Greg follows me downstairs, confused and denying any wrongdoing. But I can't believe his excuses. I show him the messages on his phone, and his expression turns pale. He can'tplain about my invasion of privacy after what I discovered. I confront him about his affair with Megan, and the silence speaks volumes. I tell him I hope they'll be happy together and make my way to our shared bedroom, overwhelmed by memories that now feel tainted. Greg enters the room, begging me not to leave and promising that we can fix this. But I know deep down that trust is broken, and we can't undo what he has done. Our marriage has been shattered, and the pain Read My Fated Human Luna by TheNich29 full chapter at