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My Mate Has Two Wolves By Jessica

My Mate Has Two Wolves By Jessica
333 Chapters
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My Mate Has Two Wolves By Jessica

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    Read My Mate Has Two Wolves By Jessica by Jessica. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereMy Mate Has Two Wolves By T.H Jessica full chapter update at . Genre: Werewolf,.. Catherine heard her stepmother Elena Anderson and her step-sister Gina talking badly about her deceased mother. She was extremely angry and asked them to apologize but they did not apologize and laughed at her. While angry Catherine chased after Gina to ask for an apology, but she was suddenly attracted by a seductive scent and she fainted without realizing it. Little did she know that she had just spent the night with a strange man that was Blake. When she wakes up, everyone around her says she's a pervert and banishes her. She lost everything and nowes back with her children and she wants to get everything back,.....