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My Secret, My Bully, My Mates by Miss L

My Secret, My Bully, My Mates by Miss L
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My Secret, My Bully, My Mates by Miss L

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    Read My Secret, My Bully, My Mates by Miss L by Miss L. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereRead My Secret, My Bully, My Mates online free by Miss L. .... My Secret, My Bully, My Mates by Miss L pdf free download ...My Secret, My Bully, My Mates by Miss L how many chapters My Secret, My Bully, My Mates by Miss L Skylar just wants to be an asset to her pack. As the daughter of the Beta, with a brother poised to take the title after graduation, she feels immense pressure to prove herself. Her father, however, wants nothing to do with her and constantly belittles her achievements. Despite being the top of her class and the best warrior, Skylar hides in the shadows, her aplishments unnoticed. Bullied relentlessly, Skylar endures the torment to protect the innocent members of her pack. Ignored by her brother and his friends, her only desire is to escape a pack that doesn’t want her and be an Elite Warrior for the Alpha King, where she hopes to find acceptance. Everything changes when a new girl befriends her, bringing Skylar out of the shadows and exposing the darker side of pack life. With this newfound friendship, Skylar begins to confront her past and strive for the life she dreams of. Excerpt 6th Grade: I’m walking into school behind my brother and Oliver, one of his best friends. They barely acknowledge me and only let me follow because Mary, my nanny, insists. My father, the pack's Beta, is too busy to care, so Mary was hired to teach me to 'behave like a lady,' though she never does. Instead, she’s my confidante in a household where I’m otherwise invisible. My brother spends his time with the future Alphas and other ranked kids, leaving me alone in a hierarchy-obsessed school. Despite my Beta blood, I’m shunned, blamed for my mother’s death, and treated worse than an Omega. Mary worries for me, knowing the adults turn a blind eye to my suffering. “Move it, fatty. You’re taking up the whole hallway,” Kaley sneers. I try to step aside, but she trips me, sending me crashing into a locker. All eyes turn to me, but my brother just shakes his head and walks away. No one helps me up. 7th Grade: “Don’t you ever question my authority again!” Kaley shoulder-checks me into a door. “I didn’t question your authority. I said you can’t hit kids just because they’re in your way,” I retort, even though I know it will provoke her further. Kaley was late because she skipped class for coffee, and now she’s taking it out on me. As I try to walk away, Marnie, one of Kaley’s minions, trips me and dumps her iced latte on my head. Laughter erupts, including from my brother and his friends. “Maybe if you trained harder and lost some baby fat, you wouldn’t be so clumsy,” Kaley taunts, then turns to my brother and his friends, inviting them to hang out, as if I’m nothing.

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