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My Soul card is a Reaper

My Soul card is a Reaper
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My Soul card is a Reaper

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    Summary Setting in the fictional world of Gaia, where special individuals can awaken certain powers within their soul. They are called Arcana Masters.Some awaken beasts, some awaken weapons, while some awaken the power of plants.Some people train bme stronger so that they have the power protect loved ones, some wish use it for revenge, some wish live longer, while some want be free and use their power however they wish.Yet, there exists a clan, where the descendants only exist grant death others so that life and death remain balanced.Follow the journey of Azrael Garcia, the heir of the cursed clan of Death, as he forms friendships, facing betrayals, meeting love, and cutting down the enemies in the process. You’re reading “My Soul card is a Reaper” on See all Hide

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