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My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires-Novel

Chapter 1019: Atmosphere that causes diabetes.
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Chapter 1019: Atmosphere that causes diabetes.

Nero opened her eyes.


"Shh, I'm here," Victor embraced her.

Feeling his embrace, feeling the familiar warmth, hearing his voice, Nero instinctively hugged him as silent tears fell from her face.

"Father... Father..." She sounded like a broken record, repeating the sword multiple times in different ways.

Victor sighed, his heart aching at the sight. He knew it was necessary, and the outcspoke for itself, but it was still difficult. "It's okay, my daughter. You're hagain."

Hearing the word 'home', Nero couldn't hold back anymore and cried even harder as she hugged him.

Seeing this scene, Ruby approached slowly behind Nero and gently touched her shoulder. "You're home, Nero... You're home."

Kali, who was floating, looked at this scene with loving eyes, but at the stime, she watched with caution the 'chaos' that surrounded Nero.

Her divinity was utterly out of control, and if it weren't for Victor suppressing the entire area with his influence, ensuring that Nero's powers didn't influence anything, the apocalypse might have already happened around her.

This understanding made a cold sweat break out on Kali's face because even if she tried to somehow stop Nero by 'destroying' her influence, the damage would still occur in the sway. You can't prevent the Apocalypse from happening; you can only lessen its influence. Unless, of course, you were sway. You can't prevent the Apocalypse from happening; you can only lessen its influence. Unless, of course, you were Victor with his abnormal powers.

Kali sighed. 'The more tI spend here, the more I regret making that contract.' Did she becstronger? Yes, she did. She progressed more in the tshe spent with Victor than in the 2000 years she spent merely meditating, but at the stime, her sanity began to deteriorate slightly. She saw things... Things she couldn't share with her pantheon.

She sighed a second tin resignation. Despite not interacting much in it, she still loved her pantheon; it was her home, after all. She would very much like to warn her pantheon not to provoke the Emperor in any way, and if he does something to her pantheon, they should immediately surrender to the Emperor's will.

Even though the pride of the gods hurts with this action, it's better to do this than to be served as food for the Emperor. There's a fine line between arrogance and pride. And usually, the gods don't see that line.

'Fortunately, there is Shiva. Although he is very proud, he can still see reality.' Kali was not naive and did not believe in Victor's passivity at all.

Victor was a man of action, and he wouldn't be limited by a 'deal' made at the meeting of supernatural beings. The incident in Asgard was a good example of this.

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And to be honest, he is entirely correct. The other gods wouldn't remain passive if they were in his position. If Shiva, Odin, the late Zeus, or another God King were in Victor's position of power, they would do everything to control the supernatural world.

One could say that Victor was being quite 'kind' for not having done anything so far. But Kali didn't believe in this passivity. If he didn't act now, he would act in the future.

She was betting he would act before the sector shifted to a higher level. From everything she had observed so far from Victor's family, this was the most natural conclusion she could reach.

"I can't just stay passive. I have to somehow engage with him..." Her face turned slightly red as she entertained these thoughts, but she didn't dismiss them immediately. "To ensure the future of my pantheon, I need to do something."

Kali didn't know what this 'something' would be. The most obvious answer was to becone of his 'wives' and try to persuade him in sway not to harm her pantheon too much during his conquest. But that was a risky idea because Victor was very sensitive to emotions, and he would know when someone was trying to manipulate him, and she couldn't fake her love for him.

She had to genuinely love him for him to move. Although she 'liked' Victor, she didn't 'love' him yet. She found him intriguing, she respected him for his power and for helping her with something no one else could, but that's it.

"Ugh." Kali felt a headache coming on as she thought of several things at once before she sighed again. "It would all be easier if I could just destroy everything that opposes me."

Perhaps, if she were to transform into a primordial, she would stand a chance in the fight against Victor, but even with Victor's help, the process of fully transforming into a primordial was very lengthy. You were literally becoming the very concept of an aspect of the universe. In her predictions, it would take at least another 5 or 7 millennia to reach this stage, a much shorter tcompared to before, when it was expected to take over millions of years.

Therefore, this idea was discarded. In seven millennia, Victor himself might beca monster even greater than a primordial. She didn't doubt his potential, as he had proven tand again that he could always exceed beings' expectations.

Not to mention, she didn't have all that time. The sector's shift would happen in 100 years and this was a prediction that could increase or decrease depending on various external factors. No one knew the 'exact' time, but it would definitely happen sooner than everyone expected. She could feel it; her connection with the universe told her that much.

Kali must work with the present. What strategies should she use? What plans should she employ? What could she do to change his mind?

Artifacts? Victor didn't need those. He could literally create whatever he wanted as a god of creation, and with Hephaestus and Velnorah around. In fact, it's she who wants his artifacts. The convenience of this mansion was something not found anywhere else.

'Honestly, I don't even know how I'll live again in my hwithout these comforts.' It seemed like this entire mansion was living 40 millennia ahead of the current present; the technology was just that superior.

The Nightmare Tower, which is a highly deadly challenge zone capable of greatly enhancing one's being. 120K technologies in maximum definition. Virtual reality capable of simulating any possible scenario. Highly technological bathrooms, access to any information with just a thought.

The technology Velnorah provided was just... out of this world.

'Not to mention that these technologies improve every passing day. If I sleep and wake up the next day, the whole mansion could have been remodeled again.' Kali thought.

While Kali was lost in thought having a small existential crisis [again], Victor continued to comfort his daughter along with his wife.

After stime, she stopped crying and just continued hugging him until she slowly fell into the realm of unconsciousness. Unlike Ophis, her process of awakening divinity was more turbulent and mentally exhausting.

'She probably won't wake up for a few weeks.' Victor thought as he assessed her soul. Her soul was strong and robust, much more than before, but at the stime, her soul needed tto readjust to its new existence, he could clearly see traces of 'something' being awakened inside her core.

'She has a nightmare form as well.' Focusing his gaze on her core of existence, he saw that as an 'Eldritch' goddess, her nightmare form was not massive like his but rather more humanoid, much like when he used his influence to maintain his humanoid form.

But unlike him, who did this only out of convenience, this was Nero's true soul form.

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that Victor's true soul form now was just a formless 'something' that could transform into a massive entity capable of swallowing entire solar systems as snacks. He can, of course, control this form by blending his dragon form with the nightmare form.

An Eldritch Chaos like him was not limited to any form. He simply remained like this because he identifies with this form, and the sprinciple applies to Azathoth, and later his Daughter Yog, who could be called an Eldritch primordial goddess.

Briefly pondering this, Victor realized that the Eldritch pantheon has the sconcept as other pantheons. 'Azathoth and I are both Chaos, the beginning of everything, then cthe primordial gods created by us like Yog, after Yog cthe normal goddesses who draw power fromlike in the case of Nero and Ophis.' He felt amused to think that he was essentially creating a whole new creation from scratch.

'But of course, this comparison is justcontemplating. Eldritch gods are fundamentally different. We really have no limits, and as long as Nero or Ophis strive hard enough, they can reach the sstage as Yog.' The only difference between Ophis, Nero, and Yog were their starting points.

Eventually, even Nero and Ophis, who started from a lower point, would becconceptual beings whose mere sight could drive any mortal insane, as in the case of Yog.

"...Darling..." Ruby spoke as she stroked Nero's white hair, which stood on end. 'Her hair looks like a lion's mane.' She chuckled silently with that thought as she looked lovingly at Nero.


"Will you resurrect Nero's father and mother?" She asked.

"If she wishes, Yes." Victor said. "Let her make her own decisions. I will assist her in whatever she needs."

"I see..." Ruby said.Read Web s Online Free - Fire

"Let's take her to her room." Victor said.

"Mm." Ruby nodded. "I'll stay by her side."

"Are you sure? She'll probably take days to wake up."

"It doesn't matter. Except for the rare exceptions when I need to visit the laboratory personally, I can do my work from anywhere." Ruby gets up. "Besides, she'll like waking up and the first thing she sees will be eitheror you."

"That's true." Victor smiled gently.

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"This way, I can also take your place while you focus on other things... After all, knowing you, Darling. You would stay with her the whole time, delaying several projects that require your presence, right?" She displayed a small smile.

Victor just smiled ironically. "Family always comes first. I don't mind delaying the development of everything for that."

"I know." Ruby chuckled lightly.

"Leave her withand just make sure to appear when she's close to waking up. You, with all your broken powers, can do that for your daughter, right?" Ruby smiled coldly. "You're not like a certain blond ninja, are you?"

"Please don't compareto him." Victor rolled his eyes, making Ruby laugh a little more. "I was already planning to do that before you even suggested anything. Within my domain, I can be anywhere I want at any time." He got up while carrying Nero like a princess.

"... Oh, don't let my daughters know about this." Victor wouldn't hear the end of it if his daughters knew this information.

"Fufufufu, you underestimate your daughters, Darling. They already know."

"...Pepper, huh." Victor quickly understood.

"Yeah, she's got a soft spot for kids, and sof them take advantage of that to get information out of her."

Victor narrowed his eyes slightly. "I thought they had stopped that." It might seem strange for Victor not to know this, but he's not monitoring everyone 24/7 as if it were a reality show. He only did so when necessary.

After all, privacy was important... He only did it every 8 hours, but that was just to check on how his family was doing, and sminor details like this can be missed, not to mention...

"Don't givethat look; they'll be upset, you know?" She smiled gently. "They're not doing it on purpose, and when it happens, whether intentional or not, us mothers always make sure to teach and punish those involved."

Ruby spoke seriously. "Family should take care of each other, not exploit each other."

Mothers were very competent at educating their daughters.

"Haah... I'm so lucky to have you all in my life." Victor sighed and displayed a smile that made Ruby's heart melt.

"Wrong, Darling. We're the lucky ones to have you in our lives." Ruby smiled with the ssmile.

"....." Kali looked at this pink scene, full of blooming flowers with a lifeless face, the 'flowers' that flew from this sweet atmosphere hit her, and for sreason, caused more damage than Victor's fists when they trained.

Her heart bled inside, and her eyes burned. For sreason, she felt a sickeningly sweet taste in her mouth, as if she had eaten pure sugar.

Kali physically recoiled at this scene. It was so sweet, so loving, that she felt physical disgust! She felt so disgusted that she wanted it for herself! She was so envious right now!

'Now I understand the expression Susanoo meant when he said he ate dog food...' Kali thought.