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My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires-Novel

Chapter 1021: The Kindness Of Emperor God. 2
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Chapter 1021: The Kindness Of Emperor God. 2

[Heh, to think we would have four sisters in this Sector, and we didn't know.] Roxanne spoke curiously.

[In our defense, few have the ability to do what Victor just did.] Amara spoke. [Not to mention that our sisters here are much less developed compared to us.]

[You say that, but you forget that you'd be in the sposition if it weren't for Darling.] Roxanne huffed.

Amara felt an arrow piercing her heart at her Sister's cold words.

Roxanne ignored her Sister and asked Victor. [What's our next step, Darling?]

[Nothing for now. Although sof them have advanced societies, their Gods aren't as strong, and there are no particularly strong individuals among them.]

It was clear that Earth was an anomaly because of Beings like Victor's group.

A single plwas forcing the entire Sector to evolve.

[... Those three planets will suffer when the Sector levels up... They will be massacred.] Amara sighed.

[No, they won't.] Victor spoke.

[... What are you thinking, Darling?] Roxanne asked curiously.

[About many things, my dear... About many things.] Victor spoke.

'This Sector is clearly more underdeveloped than Velnorah's. When Velnorah was an Overlord in her Sector, there were hundreds of planets with intelligent life. Clearly, this Sector had its development accelerated to a Higher Level because of the anomalies that happen on Earth.' Victor now understood why a Primordial like The Owner of Limbo made Earth his main base while others were scattered throughout the Universe.

'If it weren't for these anomalies, the progress of this Sector would be similar to that of Velnorah's.'

His senses went to the plwith intelligent life in the South, where he found gray-skinned Beings, who were mostly 2 to 3 meters tall. They were humanoid but didn't look Human; they were clearly aliens, with large eyes and a very low life expectancy but a high reproduction rate, and were born from egg-like cocoons.

'A more backward society, with Beings that have a hierarchy based on a hive... They don't even have Gods yet; they are the weakest.'

Victor then turned to the East. Unlike the South, they were more technologically advanced, having entered the space age, and were even more humanoid, with their skin colors varying between blue, green, and red. They had scale-like skin and strong bodies, while seven had tails, and their ears weren't exactly pointed but rather dangerously sharp.

Overall, they looked like sof the Demons Victor had seen in his Hell, but they clearly weren't Demons but a completely different race.

Their life expectancies seemed higher than Humans too. They could live up to 1000 years, and those with more 'features' like tails, sharp pointed ears, and sharp teeth tended to live longer, up to 2000 years.

'A Race of predators who mastered their instincts and joined together to develop space travel. Their strongest God is at the level of a First-Generation Primordial God.'

[I'm seeing a pattern here, Mother.] Amaya spoke. [The more developed Races tend to be more 'humanoid' in sway.]

[It's natural evolution, my Daughter. Take, for example, the Alphas from the world of Nightingale. They are a species of humanoid lizards from Earth's perspective.] Amara replied to her Daughter.

[Of course, the World Tree has a significant influence on this as well. After all, we prefer a humanoid species to be dominant, so we tend to influence the inhabitants of the plto develop in that direction.]

Victor looked to the West. Unlike the East, they didn't have a civilization that had developed into the space-age, but their people were closer to Humans in appearance... if you ignored the completely pale skin like the color of paper, naturally strong bodies with high regeneration, sharp claws and teeth, black sclera eyes with pupils of various colors, and the ability to fly.

But apart from these 'features', they had the size pattern of typical Humans, and their society seemed similar to the Humans', with the difference being that they were less developed. They were clearly only just starting to build a society now, and conflicts still existed among them.

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With the information he obtained, Victor could already imagine how this Sector would have developed had Earth not been so abnormal.

[This would have beca shitshow for the Humans in the future, huh.] Victor spoke.

[That's if they didn't destroy themselves first.] Roxanne pointed out.

[Nah, they wouldn't completely destroy themselves, probably… They would likely only destroy their own planet.] Amara pointed out.

[If it cto that, our sister would intervene and cause civilization to reset.] Roxanne pointed out.

[Which would turn out bad for Humans in the end because they would lose all their progress.] Amara replied.

[... Haah, there are so many possibilities. It's no use dwelling on it; our sister should just be thankful for our Husband existing and putting order to this mess. Hail the Emperor.] Roxanne laughed in the end.

[Hail The Emperor.] Amara laughed while mimicking her sister.

Finishing his thoughts, he concluded. 'I know what to do now after conquering Earth completely.'

Victor's size began to decrease, and slowly, his massive form started to shrink until he returned to the size of 500 meters tall; now, the planets beclarger than him.

He nodded satisfactorily. "I prefer my tiny, compressed version." Being extremely massive was amazing and gave him an interesting perspective on things, but it wasn't very practical.

'I guess that's why the Primordials take on tiny forms when their true forms are ridiculously huge.' Victor thought as he remembered the real appearance of Jeanne's brother, who had branches spreading throughout the Universe.

"Umu, I've learned a lot, but let's get back to the main objective for which I chere."

[Speaking of which, what did you chere to do anyway, Darling?]

"Play with The System," Victor answered honestly, but Roxanne and Amara saw that he wasn't entirely honest. He didn't lie; he just omitted sthings.

When her Husband was mysterious like this, it meant he was going to do something he wasn't entirely sure about.

Victor cautiously looked at Jupiter and said, "I should move a little further away just for safety." Knowing his luck for getting into trouble if he somehow tried to use his Powers here near this planet, he wouldn't doubt that the plwould collapse or explode for sreason.

Flapping his wings, Victor moved away from the planet, and upon reaching a considerable distance away, he used his two Draconic hands in front of him.

[... Doesn't this scene look familiar, Roselyn?]

[Oh, it's the scene from Shenron! I want to make wishes too!] Roselyn exclaimed, remembering the reference her sister pointed out.

[Shhh, girls. Don't make any noise. Your Father is trying to concentrate.] Amara scolded.


Roxanne narrowed her eyes when she saw a quantity of Souls forming in Victor's hand, and soon, a white sphere formed in front of Victor.

"1000 Souls of Supernatural Beings, if they're greedier than that, I'll give up for now." Through his memories, Victor knew very well how greedy 'they' were.

Victor opened his mouth and spoke in the unknown language, the language of The System.

"Judges of The Abyss, I've cto bargain. Show yourself."

[... Request accepted. Administrator <Soul> will encounter <Chaos>.]

A silence fell over the area.

[... Really? That reference? Here?] Amara spoke incredulously, preventing her voice from reaching Victor.

[I mean, Father is a movie guy, it's understandable.] Roselyn shrugged.

[Silence, girls.] Roxanne growled.

[... Yes.] Amara and Roselyn spoke.

Exactly 30 seconds later, the Space before Victor distorted, and three identical beings appeared.

"Old Anomaly..."

"I had hoped not to see your face for a few trillion years..."

"But it's hard to wait that long, huh."

The three spoke with a strange pause, making room for the next to speak.

Victor ignored the observation of the three and went straight to the point. From what little he observed of this Primordial, he realized that they were Beings who didn't like to waste ton useless matters.

"I offer 1000 Souls of Supernatural Beings in exchange for the Negative and Positive pieces of Vanessa Alekerth's Soul."

"...It's amusing that you think we still have that Soul in our possession."

"The Reincarnation System only works when there are enough Beings to reincarnate the Soul on the splas the Soul's previous body."

"Due to massive deaths caused by my predecessor, I presVanessa Alekerth's Soul is still waiting in line to reincarnate."

"...You are quite familiar with the Reincarnation System."

"Jeanne is my Wife, Primordial."

"...Not even Jeanne herself knows about the Reincarnation System. This System was created after she lost her memories."

'You underestimate my Wife too much, Primordial.' Victor thought internally but didn't speak aloud. His assertion would have made sense before, but now that Jeanne had fully recovered her Power as well as her complete connection with her brother, she could 'explore' the Reincarnation System he created. After all, she was still The Guardian of The Universal Tree.

"It's not like you to lie, Primogenitor."

"My honesty is only directed to those close to me. Are we close, Primordial?"

"...Hmm, I don't think so..." The three nodded at the stime, then the one in the middle continued.

"Are you sure you want to waste 1000 valuable Souls on a useless Soul that has practically had its memories wiped?" As Vanessa had already gone through the process of life and death, her Soul was completely empty of the Being known as 'Vanessa Alekerth', and even if Victor resurrected this Soul, it would only be a new Being, not the old one.

That was what the Primordials thought... And that would be true if they were dealing with a normal Being, but Victor was far from normal.

"Yes." Victor's Draconic expression didn't change from the start, his thoughts being hidden behind several layers of protection.

The Abyss Judges stared at Victor, trying to find something that interested them; after a long silence and finding nothing,

"...Very well. I accept the trade." The Abyss Judge in the middle spoke.

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The large Soul sphere in Victor's hand floated to the Primordial's hand and turned into a small sphere. "Here, take it."

A dark Soul and a white Soul flew towards Victor. Without even blinking, Victor took both parts of the Soul and merged them again.

"Don't get used to this transaction, Primogenitor of Blood Dragons. I only appeared out of curiosity. This will not happen again." The three spoke at the stime, then disappeared.

[In summary, they only appeared because you are too interesting, and even though they are upset about something incomprehensible to us, they are curious about what you will do, so he appeared.] Roxanne nodded. As expected of her Husband, the whole process was smooth just because it was him.

[I assthis meeting wouldn't be so easy if it were another Being. The Primordials would probably try to extort the negotiating part somehow, as it happened with Diablo.] Amara spoke.

[Yes, indeed,] Roxanne said.

Victor didn't say anything and just focused on his body and emitted a pulse of Energy similar to a sonar mixed with Nightmare Energy.

[They're not here... Or if they are, they're hiding very well.] Victor spoke.

[Avoid using too much Nightmare Energy; it could attract unwanted attention, Darling.] Roxanne spoke.

[Hmm, I know,] Victor said as he disappeared from the emptiness of space and appeared in the skies of his personal planet.

'Here, I can do things without worrying about my surroundings,' he thought.

Victor looked at the Soul in his hand, then used his Domains over Dream, Madness, Creation, and Beginnings.

'Nothing is completely destroyed in this Universe. Everything somehow ends up in the Akashic Records, even those Beings erased by The End.' Victor recited to himself.

This thought had been brewing in him since the moment he delved deeper into Creation. Even though this Soul was empty, it was still connected to the girl who was once called Vanessa Alekerth, and that connection was enough to make the whole process smoother.

Doing something similar to what he did with Ophis, Victor accessed the Records... And just as he expected, information started to fill the previously empty Soul.

'The previous experience with Ophis and helping Awaken my Family's Divinity was quite useful,' Victor thought in satisfaction. The process was practically the same, with the only difference being that he was filling an empty Soul with old Records, successfully resurrecting a Soul that had already died.

[Incredible... Darling really did it.] Roxanne spoke in shock. She couldn't help but think to herself: 'If he somehow had a connection with Hana's Soul, he could have revived her, but unfortunately, she died long ago, and being a strong Supernatural Being, her Soul has already been completely processed.'

Strong Souls had priority when it cto emptying information and reincarnating. After all, the Primordials responsible for Souls and Reincarnation didn't want any Beings reincarnating with intact memories of their past life.

A small smile appeared on Victor's Draconic face:

"Welcback to life, Vanessa Alekerth."

[... Haah, all this just for a disciple.] Amara sighed. [Darling, you're too kind.]

"I reward those who work diligently for me, and if anyone deserves any reward from me, it's my High Priestess."

[I agree with Darling. From the beginning, even though she was in a privileged position, Valeria never asked for anything. The only thing she wanted, and always wanted, was her daughter back... She worked tirelessly for this wish, she sacrificed herself for this wish... therefore, she deserves a bit of happiness.] Roxanne spoke solemnly. It was evident that she liked the woman she had cto see as a friend.

[Thank you, Darling.]

"No need to thank me. As I said, I will reward all those who work diligently for me. Valeria worked for this, and this is the result of her efforts." Victor spoke.

[Still, thank you.]

"Hmm." Victor nodded.

"Let's go visit my disciple."