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My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires-Novel

Chapter 29: The three wives meet.
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Chapter 29: The three wives meet.

"Thank you, master," Mizuki said gratefully.

"Foolish disciple, you come to these foreign lands, and the first thing you do is fight without knowing the enemy? I'm disappointed! Did you forget what I taught you!?" The old man ignored Mizuki's thanks and began to lecture her.

"Ugh," Mizuki put a hand to her ear and tried to ignore her master's words, but unfortunately, she could hear the master's sermon in her mind.

Kaguya looked at the old man trying to find some characteristic that would let her recognize him as a historical figure. She knows that spirits are heroes who have fought and fallen in the past, and through magic, they can be summoned. She also knows that this is a technique of invocation that was lost a long time ago.

Seeing the pentagram symbol on the fan in the old man's hand, she understood and discovered who it was: "Abe-No-Seimei"

The old man hears Kaguya's words, stops lecturing his disciple, and looks at Kaguya, then he opens his eyes a little. When Kaguya saw the magic pentagram that was similar to the magic circle Mizuki had in her eyes, she understood that she had guessed right.

"Oh? Do you know me, Oni? And to think that my legends have spread to this foreign continent-"

When the old man was going to continue to say something, he heard the voices of two women.


Violet, Sasha, and Maria arrived and looked at Ruby holding Victor who had an unfocused look on his face as if he was lifeless.

When Victor heard Violet and Sasha's voice, his blue eyes sparkled a little and he tried to move his hand, but he couldn't. He felt like his body was paralyzed and he couldn't move anything, he could understand and hear everything around but could not move.

Violet jumps towards Victor and starts checking him out, seeing that he was in a very bad state, her eyes started to darken in madness. She looks at Mizuki and says:

"You did it!?"

"I-" Mizuki was going to try to say something, but she was interrupted by Violet's angry outburst.

"YOU DID IT!!" Fire started to come out of Violet's body, the atmosphere around her started to get suffocating, Violet was slowly losing herself in anger.

"Calm down Violet, we need to get away, and heal our husband" Ruby spoke in a cold tone.

As if by magic the fire around Violet disappeared, and her eyes sparkled with clarity, she looked at Victor and bit her lip in frustration; 'I should be by his side! I'm going to kill that bitch!'

Suddenly everyone heard an explosion as if lightning had hit the ground.

"Oni, what are you doing?" The old man asked neutrally as he looked at Sasha who attacked Mizuki who defended herself with her Odachi.

Sasha didn't respond, she just looked at Mizuki with hate in her eyes. Lightning started to crackle around Sasha, and soon she disappeared in a flash and attacked Mizuki again.

"Ugh," Mizuki wasn't able to attack, Sasha was too fast, so she just assumed a defensive position with her Odachi and protected the vital parts of her body.

The spirit looked at everything with interest, he didn't seem to be interested in interfering in the fight and continued watching everything with curiosity shining in his eyes.

Sasha took the dagger from her legs and started making small cuts on Mizuki's body, the dagger couldn't pierce Mizuki's body.

"Give up, Oni. You can't penetrate my disciple's defenses, you're quick, but you're not strong enough." The old man spoke in a neutral tone.

Sasha's eyes flashed with more hate when she heard the old man's words, she hates the woman for leaving Victor in that state, and she hates the old man for underestimating her.

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Sasha's body began to glow yellow:

"Sasha, don't lose your cool! If you use this power for too long, you will be incapacitated!" Ruby exclaimed.

Sasha yelled angrily, "I don't care! I'm going to kill this bitch!"


Lightning struck Sasha's body, and slowly her body began to change:

Her ears begin to grow and become elongated like an elf, her teeth began to grow and become sharper, she grew a little higher, and soon she turned into a female version of the transformation of Victor.

The only differences were that her body was covered in yellow lightning and that her powers seemed to be concentrated in her legs.

"Another count class vampire..." Mizuki said as she walked away from Sasha, for a moment she looked at the spirit with a hateful look, she knows that sadistic old man will only help with something if she is about to die.

"General, I e-...MARY!"

Carlos, who had burns all over his body, screamed when he saw Maria from afar.

Maria looked at Carlos for a moment, her eyes gleamed with the desire to go back to him, but the master's order was absolute, she couldn't do anything.

Ruby looked around and noticed that the hunters Victor had fought and not killed were returning to recovered states, she looked at Mizuki and saw that the woman was being healed by some strange technique she was using, the hunters had the upper hand;

'Mizuki is a general with a focus on support, and melee combat, as long as she's alive, we won't be able to eliminate them all, not to mention that old spirit is still around... We have to retreat.'

Ruby analyzed the situation calmly.

Sasha, hearing Carlos' voice, loses interest in Mizuki and looks at Carlos with eyes longing for revenge.

Ruby for the first time got angry, and yelled, "SASHA! Get a grip, decide what's most important to you now! Your revenge or our husband!?"

Sasha turns to face Ruby, she looks at Victor lying on the floor like he's dead and bites her lip in frustration, but soon she makes a decision, she disappears from where she was and appears next to Victor, the only thing the hunters could see was a trail of lightning.



Mizuki looked around and saw that the normal hunters had started to fall to the ground with their necks cut. All of them, who couldn't react to Sasha, were killed by her daggers, the only ones who survived were those hunters who had high-level defensive enchantments, like Carlos.

"We must back off," Sasha spoke as her transformation was undone.

Seeing that Sasha was breathing a bit heavily, Ruby thought; 'She still doesn't control this transformation completely, she was too reckless.'

"Oni... Do you think you're allowed to leave this place?" The old spirit asked as he placed the fan in front of his mouth.

Mizuki picks up and places the Odachi on her shoulder, and speaks while holding a talisman with her other hand, "Kirin, the messenger of the gods, the Oni's are in my sight, and I need your help!"

She positioned herself to run and attack the vampires but stopped when she saw her master motioning her to do nothing.

Ruby looked at the old spirit with a smile on her face, "We don't need your permission to leave this place, get your dick out of your ass, you're just a dead man."

Then she looks at Sasha and Violet, as if indicating for them to do something, the two women smile as if they understand something.

"Oh?" The old man opened his eyes, his expression shifting to disdain. "You think-"

"Just shut the fuck up, you trash. Why don't you go back to the hole you came out of? Didn't your mother teach you to be obedient?" Violet spoke angrily, then she flashes her disdainful smile: "Oh, I don't think she can do that, after all, she was busy satisfying her customers, she never could teach you anything."

"Heh..." The old man's face began to distort in anger. "You-"

"Now!" Ruby spoke.

Kaguya suddenly disappears into the shadows and enters Victor's shadows. Soon after, Ruby creates a huge ice wall, Violet creates a big fireball and attacks the wall.


An explosion occurred when the fireball hit Ruby's ice wall, soon an intense fog was created around it. Seizing the chance, Sasha grabs Violet, and Victor on her shoulders, and moves fast, leaving lightning trails behind.

Ruby does the same to Maria and runs a bit after Sasha.

"Children's tricks!" Carlos screamed and punched the air, and with the pressure made by Carlos' fist, he cleared the entire area that was in the fog, when he looked around and saw that there was no one, he shouted angrily:

"They fled!"

Ignoring Carlos' anger, Mizuki looked at her master, "Because you stopped me, I couldn't kill them."

Abe-No-Seimei just sighed in disappointment and looked at Mizuki, "Foolish disciple, you still need to train more..."

Mizuki didn't understand why her master reacted like that, but she didn't think too much, she was used to her master's weirdness.

"What do we do, General?" A hunter who survived asked.

Mizuki looks around and when she sees the mess they've created, she says, "We must retreat... Recover the bodies of the fallen hunters, and let's go back to our temporary base."

"Good decision," Her master praised.


While the hunters recovered the bodies of fallen combatants. ????????nr????????????. ????????????

Mizuki's master was in deep thought.

Abe-no-Seimei is the old man's name, he is a unique exorcist at the time he was alive. Even after he died he became a powerful spirit, but even this powerful exorcist who fought countless 'Oni' when I was alive, he was afraid of someone; 'That Akuma is still alive, huh? And she had a daughter... I think the world will end in this era...'

The moment this old exorcist appeared to save his disciple, he could immediately feel the gaze of a beast watching him from afar, and, from that moment, he knew he could not interfere or severely hurt the red-haired woman. He didn't want to die 'permanently' after all, he had a lot of things he wanted to do.


In a building several KM away, seven people could be seen, they were wearing a black suit that covers the entire body, and an all-black mask that hides the facial expression of these individuals.

And in front of these individuals was a woman who was wearing black jeans, a black v-neck t-shirt showing a lot of her H-cup size breasts under her shirt, without hiding much skin, especially in the region of her huge breasts, she also wore a short black suit jacket.

"We need to eliminate that newborn, he broke the rules." One of the seven beings who were wearing a mask spoke in an unrecognizable voice, they seemed to be using something to disguise their voice.

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"By using his power openly, he's exposed us."

"It must be eliminated."

Three masked men agreed to eliminate the newborn vampire, but the remaining four just remained silent and looking at the woman with a cautious look, after all, they knew very well the temperament of this red-haired woman.

"Fufufu," The woman smiled in a 'gentle' way while her gaze glowed madly, she seemed to be watching something from far away.

The three masked ones stopped talking, and looked at the woman apprehensively; they didn't want to provoke the woman.

Slowly her gentle smile began to change into a crazy smile: "HAHAHAHAHA, interesting! interesting! My daughter... My beloved daughter, whom I carefully raised as a child, found a husband..."

Suddenly, she turns and looks at the seven masked beings, "I heard that the 1st prince's son likes to travel the world, I wonder if I should pay him a visit?"

The six masked beings started to sweat with fear under the mask, they didn't know how to interpret the words of this crazy woman, is she asking a question? Or is she threatening the life of the 1st prince's son? They didn't know, that's why they don't like dealing with this woman.

The seventh masked man who was calmer said hurriedly, "We understand each other, we don't know anything, and we're not going to do anything."

"Huh…? But I asked a question." The woman spoke with a confused face, but her crazy smile never left her face.

The masked man's body trembled in fear, "We know, we know! Lady Scathach is always right! Don't worry, no one will know about what happened."

"We will leave all responsibility for this situation to Lady Scathach."

"Are you going to leave the responsibility to me?" The woman's eyes began to glow dangerously.

"Hiii," The masked man screamed like a little girl, and said, "I mean, we were never here, so this incident never existed!"

The woman's eyes stopped shining, and soon she smiled in a 'gentle' way. "Thanks for the hard work, you guys can go now."

"Yes, Mam." The masked man who shouted quickly responded as if he were a soldier who responded to the superior, and soon the masked man disappears.

The remaining six masked men just looked at the whole situation without words, they didn't understand anything.

"What are you waiting for? Shoo, shoo," She spoke as if she was talking to a dog.

The masked six awaken from their stupor and quickly disappear.

Seeing that the masked ones disappeared, she spoke with a gentle smile:

"Hmm, I think I will visit my daughter."

But soon her expression changed to a serious face, "But first I must sort some things out."


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