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My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires-Novel

Chapter 31: The Third Wife.
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Chapter 31: The Third Wife.

February 9, four days after Countess Scathach Scarlett attacked the headquarters of The Inquisition organization.

Current location, underground of the house where Victor lives.

"Ugh" My head was hurting so bad; I put my hand on my head as I open my eyes. "I am at home...?" I spoke out loud, confused, and sit up in bed.

"Ugh," I place a hand on my head again as soon as I start to remember what happened. "I fought that blond man, then I went to save Ruby, and I was paralyzed by that woman's poison."

I see... And to think that a vampire would be affected by something like poison, that woman must have used something special?

"Zzzzzz," Hearing someone's breathing in their sleep, I look to my right side and see a sight that surprised me a lot...

A woman with long red hair, big breasts, and a curvaceous body was sleeping the same way she came into the world...

"R-Ruby?" I stuttered a little, I was taken aback by this fantastic sight...

Hearing my voice, she seems to have woken up from her sleep. She opens her eyes sleepily, looks at me with her green eyes, and says with a gentle smile, "Darling~"

Hearing her voice, my heart began to pound frantically, my throat went dry, and I felt an uncontrollable urge to bite her neck.

I bite my lip and try to control myself, it seems my bloodlust was stronger than before. How long did I sleep?

She flashes a seductive smile, stands up a little, and then starts to crawl towards me. When she started to crawl like that, I could see her two white rabbits that looked soft and fluffy, even though they looked 'fierce'; it was such a beautiful sight that it made you want to squeeze and pet those white rabbits.

I look into Ruby's eyes and seeing her seductive expression, I couldn't help but be captivated by the sight; she was so beautiful.

She looked like a succubus that was trying to seduce me.

Slowly she climbs onto my lap, sits on my crotch and wraps her arms gently around my chest, and lays her head on my chest.

When she did that, I could feel her two melons on my chest, she had the biggest ones I've seen so far.

I could feel her steady breathing on my chest, as soon as she pulls back a little and looks at me, I could see her eyes were blood red; I bring my hand up to her face.

She is surprised for a moment, but she accepts my advances, puts her face in my hand, and I soon start stroking her face.

She looks at me with desire shining in her eyes.

"D-Darling~, I can't wait any longer," She spoke as her breath started to come in short pants, she seemed to be wanting too much.

Understanding what she's up to, I hold back my bloodlust and show my neck. The moment I showed my neck, she opens her mouth, and bites me!

I feel my blood being sucked by her, unable to take it anymore, I wrap my arms around her waist, and soon I open my mouth then bite her collarbone!

"Ahh~" She moaned as she stopped sucking my blood, as soon as she wrapped her legs around my waist, I also felt something wetting the shorts I was wearing.

Her blood was so delicious! The taste was something like high-quality ice cream, the icy feeling that her blood gave me; it was an addictive feeling!

"Darling~! Darling~! Darling~!" She kept repeating the word like a broken record as she hugged me tighter, then she bit me again!

Suddenly, my world starts to change, and I was in that abandoned building again.

It all happened the same way I saw it in Sasha and Violet's vision, but now, I could see the sequel, I could see what happened the moment I bit Sasha.

Violet created several fireballs around her. "Die! Bitches!"

When I stop biting Sasha and look at Violet, I notice that I seem to be in a trance-like state, I don't seem to have control of my actions, so I speak in a neutral tone:

"All blood belongs to me."

Suddenly, a dome of blood appeared in front of me and surrounded me and Sasha.

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An explosion happens when Violet's fireballs come in contact with my blood.

"Darling!? Oh my god, what have I done!?" Violet started to despair, but when the smoke from the attack disappeared, she sighed in relief. I could see she was surprised too.

Apparently, I managed to protect Sasha and myself with that blood dome, as soon as the blood dome disappears, I slowly start to close my eyes and gently fall towards the ground; I seem to have passed out.

"Darling!?" Violet squealed in concern, she approached me with supernatural speed and held me gently.

"I'm sorry, Darling! I- I-" She looked like she was about to cry.

"Calm down, Violet," Ruby said as she held her neck with a neutral expression, but I could see her face was a little troubled; it was like she didn't believe what just happened.

"Calm down!? I almost killed my Darling because of you bitches!" Violet exploded again.

"Don't be unfair, Violet," Sasha said as she held her neck with a worried expression. "Remember that you were the one who called us for help."

"Indeed," Ruby added, then she speaks in a cold voice, "Calm down, and tell us what happened, why are we marked as his wife?"

Violet's face takes on a guilty expression when she hears what Sasha says, but when she hears what Ruby says, she gets angry again. She takes a deep breath and seems to try to hold back her anger, so she sits down on the floor and puts my head in her lap:

"...I think Darling's blood altered the ritual" Violet begins to explain:

"Darling, you have a rare blood type...RH Null Blood." She said while stroking my hair; it seems that by doing that, she managed to calm down more.

"…The Golden Blood…?" Ruby exclaimed in shock, but soon her expression changed to a stoic one: "How is he still alive? This blood is considered a delicacy for vampires, Victor should look like a slice of very tasty meat with this blood type, but why don't I feel anything coming from him?" She spoke as she put her hand to her lips.

"... This blood type paints a gigantic target on the owner. People with this blood type rarely go beyond 15 years of age, after all, a vampire can smell this scent from kilometers away." After Sasha's initial shock because of Victor, she added.

Violet has stopped stroking my hair and looks at the two women with lifeless eyes: "I protected him... For 16 whole years of my life, I protected him from threats, I hired witches to hide his scent, I killed the vampires that went after him, I made this place my territory solely to protect him..."

When Sasha and Ruby looked into Violet's eyes, they felt shivers all over their bodies.

Ruby looked at Sasha who looked back at her, then they both nodded; they seemed to be talking in code.

Violet looks back at me and continues, "I protected him for 16 years, I protected him until the day he would become mine... My beloved Darling~" She spoke with loving eyes as she caressed me, but soon her expression distorts into hate:

"But, just me taking my attention away from him for a few seconds…" Slowly her voice began to get heavier and soon killing intent so great that it made the air heavier began to leave her body, "It was just a few seconds... And that was enough for a mangy dog ??to try to mark him!"

"How dare they…? My Darling~! Do they dare try to steal my Darling?! Unforgiveable!"


Fire started to shoot out of Violet's body in an uncontrolled way, the ground around Violet started to melt, but this fire didn't seem to be hurting me.

Soon Violet's gaze turns to Ruby and Sasha, "Do you guys want to steal my Darling from me too?"

"Sasha, Now!" Ruby yelled.

Sasha's body starts to crackle with her lightning, soon she disappears in a yellow trail and picks up Ruby like a sack of potatoes, and runs away from Violet.


An explosion of fire happened, Violet tried to attack Sasha and Ruby again, but the two women had already fled.

Suddenly my vision changed, I was in a place far from the building where I was transformed; I look around and realize I was in a park.

"She's crazier than usual..." Sasha commented in a neutral tone as she stared at a building that was on fire.

Looking at the burning building, I think; 'I wonder how my beloved wife managed to hide this incident from everyone.'

Ruby sighs, "She's pissed at the whole situation..."

"We should stay away for a few days, Violet should calm down now that she's with Victor," Sasha spoke.

"...I'm worried about something," Ruby commented, then she added as she looked at Sasha:

"Do you think Victor will accept Violet...? You know her personality."


The two women fall into an uncomfortable silence.

"If Victor doesn't accept Violet, I think this time, she's really going to freak out," Sasha spoke with a worried face.

"…Yes." Ruby sighed.

"Anyway, I'm going back home, Luna must be worried," Ruby said.

Sasha nods, and says, "See you later Ruby."

Suddenly the world shatters like a crack in a glass.


I open my eyes, and I realize as I come out of that memory, I feel a weight on my right arm. I look to my right side and see Ruby who was lying down while leaning on my arm.

I seem to have fallen asleep for a few minutes again.

Feeling my gaze, she opens her eyes, and looks at me with a seductive smile, "Welcome back Darling."

I look at Ruby, and I feel like I've known her for several years, just like Violet and Sasha, I could understand her completely… I knew what kind of person Ruby was.

A gentle woman on the inside, but one who always has a cold mask on the outside. And, at the same time, she was very aggressive when she wanted something; though she is easily embarrassed when confronted directly with pure feelings.

A simple woman who had to live hiding her feelings, sometimes she just wanted to let go, but she couldn't...

"I-" When I go to try to say something, Ruby gets up on the bed, approaches me, then she kisses me.

Our tongues play with each other for a few minutes, then she stops kissing me and licks her lips sensually.

"...You're way more aggressive than Sasha," I commented with a small smile.

She smiles gently, "Wrong, Darling. I'm not an aggressive woman."

"Hmm?" I look at her curiously.

"I am a decisive woman," She places her hand on my chest and caresses the spot where I was injured by Mizuki, but thanks to Vampire's regeneration, the spot that Mizuki cut me in is unscarred.

"You saved me, and in doing so, you awakened my desire to have you for myself." Her smile changes to a flirtatious smile, "And I always run after what I want."

"Oh? And what do you want?" I asked with a smile.

She brings her face closer to mine, and speaks with a possessive face; for a moment I saw her eyes darken, "I want you for myself, I want you to be my Darling~!"

I felt my entire body shudder in pleasure when I saw Ruby's expression.

"You already have me," I said smiling as I kissed her lightly, then I get up from the bed and pick up Ruby like a princess.

The moment I got out of bed I felt an incongruity, things around me seemed to be lower than I was used to. Did I grow taller?

I see Ruby pouting, and this sight made my heart melt; she was so cute! I put her on the bed, and kneel down.

"I need to see Violet," I said while stroking her red hair, after what I saw in Ruby's memories, I have a huge desire to meet my wife.

I see Ruby's face turn a little red, "Mm," she nodded cutely.

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She was very cute! Just like Sasha and Violet, Ruby had a charm of her own that I loved a lot!

Sasha was a strong woman, who was very weak with showing affection, she was easily embarrassed, although she has a possessive side that I love very much.

Violet, my beautiful ice flower, was a woman direct with her feelings, she was possessive and always tried to harm anyone who approached me, and she always put my safety first while forgetting her own safety, she was a person I love.

Stopping to think now:

"My three wives are beautiful vampires, I really am a very lucky man," I spoke in a low tone, but I realized that Ruby heard me, and her face turned a little red with embarrassment.

I laugh a little as I do my best to ignore Ruby's two white rabbits, I walk to the wardrobe, but soon I remember my favorite maid.

"Kaguya," A Japanese woman-looking maid stepped out of my shadow.

"Lord Victor, I'm glad you woke up," Kaguya spoke in a neutral, emotionless tone, but I was sure I could see her eyes shining for a moment.

I look at Kaguya smiling, I open my arms, and say, "Do your magic."

Her black eyes change to blood red, and she flashes a small smile, "As expected, Lord Victor is the best master."

Her body is covered in darkness, and soon she 'passes' through my body and, a few seconds later, I've already changed my clothes.

"Thank you, Kaguya," I said as I stroked her head.

I felt her body tremble, and a small satisfied smile appeared on her face, I also noticed that she looked shorter than usual; I think I really grew up...

"Shall we go, Darling?" I hear Ruby's voice.

Hmm?, I look at Ruby, and I see she's wearing a simple blue skirt, big black tights, and a red shirt that could barely hide her breasts.

Seeing that I had been staring at her breasts for a lot longer than I intended, she smiled seductively. "What are you doing, Darling?"

My face turns a little red, but soon I understand something, she's playing this game, huh? I swallow my shame and say, "I was admiring how beautiful my wife is, I really am lucky."

Suddenly, Ruby's face turned red with embarrassment, she turns her head away and hides her face with her hair.

I display a small smile, "Come on, Honey."

"Mm," Ruby nodded.

I walk to the door and, when I touch the door, I see several green magic symbols appearing. For a moment I was confused, but I just shrugged like I didn't care; when I walk through the door, I hear:

[Now with the latest news: In the Vatican, there was a serious explosion caused by terrorist attacks... The terrorists placed several new bombs created with liquid nitrogen throughout the Vatican. As you can see from the images, the damage caused was immense, more than 70% of the Vatican structures are destroyed]

"Hahahaha, liquid nitrogen bomb? Can't they come up with a better excuse?" I hear the voice of a woman I don't know, I walk a little and see that the woman was sitting on the couch while watching the news.

The woman turns off the television with the remote and turns her head towards me. When our eyes meet, my body froze; I feel like I'm in Alaska, my whole body was cold and, I felt like I was looking at a wild beast that could kill me at any moment. I couldn't move...

She displays a wild smile that, at the same time, was seductive:

"Heh, you finally woke up, 'my' son-in-law..."


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