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My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires-Novel

Chapter 40: Violet arrived, and two wives meet their father-in-law.
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Chapter 40: Violet arrived, and two wives meet their father-in-law.

Victor's house.

"So..." Leon puts his hand on his head as if he has a bad headache:

"Are you telling me my son has two more wives, and you are them?"



Sasha stuttered a little when she spoke, she was very embarrassed. Ruby managed to respond in a more neutral tone and keep her face cool.

"..." Even though Leon had heard the confirmation from the two women, he still couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"…And do you agree with that? I mean, aren't you guys jealous or something?" he asked again.

"..." Ruby and Sasha look at each other, then the two women look at Leon.

"I feel jealous, but since Ruby and Violet are my childhood friends, I don't really care that much? I feel like a lot hasn't changed, and that Victor has just joined the group?" Sasha spoke with a confused expression on her face.

It was her honest feelings, and even though she didn't understand that feeling completely, being with Victor soothed her a lot, she felt very comfortable; it was the same feeling as when she was with Julia…

"Indeed… I feel the same. I'm sure if we weren't childhood friends, this situation would be much more problematic." Ruby spoke as she thought; 'if they were other women, I would never have let them get close to my Darling.'

"..." Leon just looked at the two women with a shocked expression.

"So jealous...-" Leon suddenly felt a shiver in his body; he looked at his wife, and seeing the glow in her eyes, he pretended to cough, "Cough! I mean, I feel jealous of how you three get together well with my son; I hope you can take care of him!"

"Oh! Thank you." Ruby spoke.

"Thanks?" Sasha thanked him, a little confused.


"Y-Yes, honey?" He spoke with a strained smile on his face.

"How was your work?" Anna asked with a small smile on her face.

"Huh…? Oh! The work was good, I had little problems, but it's the usual."

"Anyway, I'm glad my son has two more lovely wives like you to look after him." He smiled at Ruby and Sasha.

Sasha and Ruby's faces lit up, and they smiled happily.

"Thanks, Father," Sasha said.

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"Thanks..." Ruby said.

Leon couldn't help but be enchanted by the two women's smiles, but when he felt his wife's gaze intensify as if she were stabbing him in every inch of his body, he made the wisest decision he could make in this kind of situation. :

"I have something to solve, you know, work calls!" He got up from the couch and calmly walked up the stairs, "I'll see you guys another day."

He ran-away...

"Nice job, Father. Don't work too hard, or you might get sick." Sasha was kind.

Leon stopped walking, and replied looking at Sasha, "I'm not going to, and thanks for your concern, Sasha."

Leon went upstairs, and the moment he didn't feel his wife's gaze anymore, he crouched down on the stairs and put his ear to the wall, then he thought; 'when did my son become a chad? I know he inherited my bricklayer genes, but even I can't do something like that! A woman is already a big problem, imagine having two more!? Hell no!'

After the initial problems and Anna's shock to learn that her son has two more wives, she accepted this situation more easily when she found that the two personalities of the women were quite agreeable.

Ruby was very quiet and had a cold expression on her face all the time, but she could see that there was a very kind woman behind that cold face.

Sasha was more talkative than Ruby, but she was more easily embarrassed by heartfelt compliments, and, when she called Sasha her daughter, Anna thinks she's found a new hobby of teasing Sasha. However, she will try very hard not to go overboard.

That was Anna's initial impression of Sasha and Ruby.

What about Leon's opinion on this subject...? It doesn't matter, and Anna planned to talk to him later...

Leon felt his body shiver again...

Anna was a little upset with Leon, but she wasn't angry with him or anything... She was just a little frustrated with her son's sudden change, and she knew exactly how to resolve that frustration, she was thinking it would be an excellent time to give Victor a brother or sister.

Leon was a very simple man; he lives life simply, and if he likes something, he accepts it; if he doesn't like something, he shows his middle finger and says, "Fuck you."

Leon is not very good with words like his wife; he prefers to work things out with his fist. But, he's sensitive enough to see when his son is in trouble, and help him whenever possible; he'd rather act than talk, an honest man.

And, from past experience, Leon could see from the moment he looked at Ruby and Sasha that the two were very nice women and had good personalities; they weren't women who would cause trouble for his son. Besides that, he didn't care too much.

His thinking was simple; My son is an adult, and I trust him. But if I see he is going down a wrong path, I will advise him.

And that same thought was shared by Anna, Victor's mother.


Basement of Victor's house.

"...Somehow it worked out," Sasha sat on the couch, she was mentally drained:

"I never want to do this again… I never thought it would be so tiring…" She seemed to be melting on the couch.

Ruby sat on the couch and crossed her legs elegantly, "Y-Yes, everything went according to plan," She stuttered a little.

Sasha looked at Ruby out of the corner of her eye, she didn't even feel like pointing it out to Ruby right now.

Natalia suddenly appears and brings a cup of tea that contains a red liquid inside.

"Thanks, but I don't want-..." Ruby was going to refuse the tea, she didn't want to drink someone else's blood, but she stopped talking when she smelled the blood.

"...This is my Darling's blood." She swallowed hard. i????n????ℯ????????. Com

Sasha opens her eyes and looks into her cup of tea, her face suddenly twisting in disgust.

"When did you get this?" Ruby asked curiously.

"When Lord Victor was sleeping, I collected some of his blood," Natalia smiled gently.

Ruby looked at Natalia with a cold face; 'That's impossible. No one enters my Darling's room without me or Sasha and Violet noticing... Oh, she used her powers.'

"Is it okay to use your powers for something so...insignificant?" She asked, a little unsure...

"I have power; why shouldn't I use it any way I want?" Natalia replied.

"..." Ruby agreed with Natalia's reasoning.

"Are you going to take this? I wouldn't recommend it," Sasha suddenly spoke up.

"Why...?" Ruby asked, confused.

Sasha explains, "Although it's my husband's blood, for some reason the blood tastes really bad, it felt like I was eating spoiled food, it's better to drink straight from the source."

"Oh…? You have tried?" Ruby asked and complained a little, "Don't treat our husband like he's a blood factory."

"…I'm kidding, you need to relax more, Ruby," Sasha said.

"Humpf," Ruby snorted, and for a few seconds, the two mounds swayed in a way that could mesmerize any straight man.

Sasha rolled her eyes again, "Answering your question... Yes, I took the blood, and to this day, I regret drinking that blood." She had never felt so much like vomiting in her life.

Natalia looks at Ruby with a gentle smile on her face, "Will Lady Ruby want tea?"

"...." Ruby looks at Natalia with a blank expression.

"No... I don't want to," She refused; although the smell was appealing, she decided to trust Sasha.

"...Oh, that's too bad," Natalia commented as she removed her tea and walked towards the kitchen. For a moment, she looked at Maria and thought; 'this maid... She's just not doing anything, right? And she doesn't even say anything either... Should I put her to work?

"Let's go back home?" Ruby asked Sasha.

"Yes, let's go back," Sasha agreed and got up from the couch, but soon Sasha, Maria, Ruby, and Natalia looked to the middle of the room.

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A magic circle suddenly appears in the middle of the room:

"Hey! Hey! Hey! I came back with shocking information!" The witch June appeared with a smile on her face.


Current location: North in the territory of Countess Scathach Scarlett.

Front of the Scathach mansion,

"Finally, I arrived!" Violet squealed in frustration as she looked at the mansion entrance that was a grand old-looking gate. "Because of Natalia, I had to run from the South to the North! Damn, why didn't Natalia open the portal to Ruby's house!?" She was angry again, but then she sighs:

"As usual, this place is quite desolate." She looks around and sees only forests and snow-covered mountains, "I never understood why that old hag chose her personal home in such a secluded place."

"Tsk, Tsk," Violet heard a woman's voice, "You never learn, brat."

Violet looks up and sees Scathach standing horizontally against her gate wall.

"Where's Victor!?" Violet asked impatiently.

Scathach drops to the ground and responds, "He's training with Pepper."

"What!?" Violet screamed in horror, she remembers Pepper's appearance; 'That bitch is going to seduce my Darling! I will kill her!'

Violet's eyes started to change to red, and her teeth began to get sharp.

Seeing Violet's face, Scathach approaches Violet and hits her on the head.

"Ouch!" Violet puts her hand on her head and glares at Scathach angrily, "What was that-"

"Stop your paranoia, brat. Don't you trust your husband?"

"Of course I trust him! I don't trust your daughter!" Violet yelled, she points a finger at Scathach and continues, "Your daughters were raised by you! They can at any time kidnap my husband and do this and that to him!"

"...Makes sense." Scathach has always raised her daughters to be strong and independent women; of course, her upbringing is quite questionable these days...

Scathach turned around and entered her house, "He's in the forest."

Violet's eyes flashed red, and then she was gone.


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