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My Three Yandere Wives

My Three Yandere Wives
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My Three Yandere Wives

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    Summary “Who are you lady?”“How rude I am the goddess of reincarnation!”A normal young man found himself surrounded by thousands of gods who were observing him silently.“Shit... did I die?”“yes... I know it must be hard-”“LET'S GO GIVE ME MY HAREM AND OP ABILITIES LET ME EXPERIENCECKY EGOTISTICAL PEOPLE WHO WILL CALL ME TRASH NO MATTER HOW MUCH I PROVE I'M OVERPOWERED!!!”Dead silence... Thousands of gods were left speechless.“ok give me my system or infinite magic or unique bloodline or whatever”Hearing what the young man said thousands of gods burst i laughter.“I the God of strength will give you my system”“I the God of life will give you my system”“I the God of archery will give you my system”Every single god gave the young man their system/power causing a unique system be made just for him.[Supreme System] You’re reading “My Three Yandere Wives” on See all Hide