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My Wife is the Asura Empress-Novel

My Wife is the Asura Empress-Novel
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My Wife is the Asura Empress-Novel

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    Summary In a parallel universe, Earth was invaded by nefarious Dhovrix two hundred years ago, Human had no choice but fight them. Their strength paled inmparison and they lost even though they were greater in numbers.However, the Human race made a breakthrough in technology and they were able build a Portal that led them the Land of Asuras where they found magic beasts. Killing them gave them super skillsntend against the Dhovrix race which had taken over one-third of the earth's region.Dhovrix might start a war again anytime so Humans needed be prepared. save humanity, and not let Dhovrix's race steal more from the earth Human needed the power face them.Rio, a 16-year-old boy, was adopted by the Havenglow family and got his engagement broken by the Mailon family because he had no innate talent. He was sent the land of Asuras for bming strong but something happened that made him walk a path where he had go against the humans.Join this exciting journey of Rio, who marries the Asura Empress and goes against the human race raise power. Will he choose the dark side where his wife lives or will he choose his birthplace where he grew up? You’re reading “My Wife is the Asura Empress” on See all Hide