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Night of Destiny (Anastasia Tillman)

Chapter 27
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My Baby's Daddy Chapter 27 Another woman chimed in with a jealous tone, commenting, “Wow, they really went all in! | bet it's his girlfriend! You know, the one who came to the company and got slapped by Anastasia?” “I can’t help but wonder about Anastasia’s background, since she managed to get out unscathed after hitting President Presgrave’s girlfriend.” “I guess President Presgrave was unwilling to fire her because of how pretty she is.” “Do you guys think that President Presgrave likes her?” “It is possible. Maybe her position in the company will change once she gets into his bed.” “Damn! | want to have her beauty, too! President Presgrave won’t even spare any glances on ordinary employees like us.” Right then, Anastasia, who was still in the toilet, knew well that she was the person who left a hickey on Elliot's neck.

As for her possibly getting into his bed, she could give them a definite answer. Never! Never in a thousand years! After the group of gossip girls left, Anastasia came out of the toilet and returned to her office before her landline rang.

“Hello.” “Come to my office for a while.” Elliot's unique magnetic voice rang out.

Before Anastasia could say anything, he hung up, causing her to sigh as he was the person that she didn’t want to face the most today.

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Maybe he has something to discuss with me regarding work. At the thought of that, she started heading to the elevator.

When Anastasia reached the entrance of the president's office, she knocked before entering the office to see Elliot reading through a document on the couch. He glanced at her before he continued reading the document.

“Why did you look for me?” Anastasia asked.

“Is vour body alright now?” Elliot started scanning her up and down while Anastasia replied in a tense manner, “I'm fine now.

Thanks for asking.” “Don't be so stubborn next time.” She frowned. Did he ask me to come up here just to say these to me? “You don't have to worry about me, President Presgrave. I'll head back to resume my work now.” Then, Anastasia wanted to turn around and leave.

Suddenly, Elliot asked, “Do you like Nigel?” Upon hearing that, Anastasia turned around abruptly. “Whats your relationship with Nigel?” Despite that, Elliot refused to answer her and asked again, “Do you like him?” Without any hesitation, Anastasia answered, “Of course I like him.” Nigel had been a great help to her and Jared, so she had already thought of him as her closest best friend. Nonetheless, she didn’t notice that, because of her answer, the facial expression of the man sitting on the couch behind her darkened. Slowly, a thoughtful look appeared on his emotionless face.

“Then, it's better if you don’t mention what happened last night to him,” Elliot gritted his teeth before reminding her.

On the other hand, Anastasia was stunned. Why would | tell Nigel about something as private as this? Still, | can now assume that Nigel and this man know each other.

“Don’t worry. | won't mention this to anyone for the rest of my life.” Then, her gaze landed on the visible hickey on the man’s neck, right beneath his white shirt.

“Leave now then!” Elliot instructed coldly, as if he was trying to kick her out while she turned around and left.

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After the door was closed, the man on the couch closed his eyes and frowned.

During the meeting, Felicia praised Anastasia for being able to seal a deal worth two million while all the other designers cheered on her despite being secretly jealous.

Meanwhile, at the Tillman Residence, Erica was eliminated from the modeling competition due to her height. The young lady didn’t have enough money to fuel her living expenses. As she was used to living luxuriously, she had to rely on Naomi to support her financially, as Francis only gave her ten thousand every month for her allowance.

“Mom, can you find an excuse to get Dad to give me more allowance for the month? | got my eyes on a Louis Vuitton bag, and | really want to have it for myself.” Erica pulled on Naomi’s hand and whined.

Unable to resist Erica’s whining, Naomi stood up and said, “I'll go look around to see if your father left any cash at home.” After entering the master bedroom, she opened the safe where Francis usually kept his cash to see a stack of cash in it, unsurprisingly. However, there was also a document file next to the stack of cash. Curious, Naomi reached out for the file and skimmed through it before a shocked look appeared on her face.

Hubby actually bought a commercial housing with two rooms and two living rooms in a high end residence located in the city center that cost about 8 million without telling me about it? Could it be that it's for someone else other than us? As expected, Naomi immediately got pissed off when she saw the ownership of the household.

The house was actually bought under Anastasia’s name.