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Chapter 1628
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Chapter 1628

Grid had doubts about the utility of Restraint. It wasn’t because he didn’t know the importance of CCs. It was because Grid himself was too strong. It was a loss to invest in it from Grid’s perspective, who easily attacked without having to use it and directly condensed a single attack into a lethal blow.

However, now that he was fighting enemies of a higher level than himself, he once again realized the preciousness of Restraint. It was up to 0.1 seconds in duration. Even so, the value of Restraint couldn’t be diminished. It was important when fighting against the absolutes.

‘Operate it in such a way that it is used as soon as I read an attack with my artificial senses.’

It was possible to artificially implement the trick of a late start. Even if he responded one step late to the attack of enemies who were faster and stronger than him, he could let the attack flow out and counterattack.

“What is going on?”

People murmured when they saw Grid breaking through the roof of the temple and soaring. The crowd that gathered after hearing about the birth of the Overgeared World wasn’t just one or two. The temple that collapsed along with the explosion made many people nervous. They were afraid that the enemy might be attacking again.

This was how turbulent it was. People thought of an enemy attack even when a small incident occurred. They were overcome with fear and pulled out their weapons in an alert manner.


The Overgeared World. A small dimension, that was rooted in Grid’s divinity, resonated with the hearts of people. It resonated with the fear, determination, and faith of those beyond the dimension and caused ripples. It was a ripple that reached Grid.

It was Grid who soared with the force of a dragon in a body that was tilted as if it was about to fall. Following Pinnacle, his sword that was on the verge of cutting down a virtual enemy, embraced an even more powerful sword energy.

[The people who have witnessed the birth of the Overgeared World worship you more and more.]

[There are many people who recognize the linkage between Overgeared God's Sword Dance, Restraint and Small Breath as a single action.]

[Seeing you bend like you are about to fall, people remember the sacrifices they once saw.]

It was Grid who reassured people by covering his smashed face with the God Hands and his broken and damaged body with a cloak. It wasn’t a small number of people who noticed the wounds that Grid had hidden that day. Grid’s sacrifice had been talked about since then. The image of the Overgeared God, who barely stood up with a body that wouldn’t be strange if it collapsed right away, was painted on murals all over the world and recorded in the temples.

Those who worshiped the Overgeared God always mentioned the events of that day.

The sword dance of sacrifice—Grid’s new posture, which was greatly tilted due to the linkage between Restraint and Breath, made people think of this sword dance. The virtual sword dance created by people’s worship and beliefs resonated with the Overgeared World and became a reality.

[The new sword dance ‘Serve’ has been acquired.]

[Serve Lv. 1] [1]

[A sword dance depicting the sacrifice of the Overgeared God.

It was created through the people’s worship and faith.

It overwhelms the surrounding with a splendid dance, approaches the target, and inflicts damage proportional to Small Breath.

No one can approach you at this time.

All nearby enemies are overwhelmed by your power and will fall into fear. The feared target will have their defense reduced and won’t be able to move. Skill Duration: Up to 5 seconds.

For targets that resist the relevant abnormal condition, the effect is applied for a minimum of 0.2 seconds and a maximum of 0.3 seconds. action

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Skill Sword Energy Cost: 80

Cooldown Time: 10 minutes.

★This skill doesn’t share a cooldown with Restraint and Small Breath.

★This skill is only activated when wearing Ifrit’s Arms.]

The more a god was worshiped, the stronger they became. It was the moment when this powerful law was applied to Grid.

Grid trembled. The responsibility that the strong should bear—it was a responsibility that he took for granted without any resentment. He never hoped for anything in return, but he was happy when he received it. He was thankful to the people.

The sword of Pinnacle that cut at the enemy was divided into several branches. The virtual enemy was torn to shreds. It was a wave that contained the power of Pinnacle. It also had the trick of slowing down the target. Restraint. No, it was Serve. Grid inflicted dozens of attacks on the weakened virtual enemy who was unable to escape the influence of Serve.

[The new fusion sword dance Serve Dragon Pinnacle Wave Kill Link has been created.]

[Serve Dragon Pinnacle Wave Kill Link]

[Six sword dances have been sublimated into a single field.

The terrifying soaring momentum of the fanatical crazy dragon imposes a heavenly punishment on the enemy.

It overwhelms all nearby enemies and approaches the target immediately.

Causes the target to enter a fear state for a minimum of 0.1 seconds to a maximum of 5 seconds, causing magic damage proportional to a weak breath and 3,000% physical damage.

The target will float in the air, unable to act and have their weaknesses exposed, taking five rounds of damage equal to 2,200% of physical attack power that ignores defense.

Additionally, the target will fall into a state of absent-mindedness and slow down, taking 6,000% physical attack power up to 30 times. Every time the target is hit, they will be disarmed, bleed, and fall into despair.

Skill Usage Conditions: Equipped with a sword type weapon and Ifrit’s Arms.

Skill Resource Consumption: Half of the maximum sword energy. 20,000 mana.

Skill Cooldown Time: 6 hours.]

It was weak compared to Drop Dragon Pinnacle Linked Kill Wave, but instead it had a powerful correction effect. It was safe to say there was no chance that the sword dance’s first blow would miss. Grid was satisfied enough and someone in the east also praised him.

[An unknown person is praising you for your new martial prestige.]

[A strong blessing resides in Serve Dragon Pinnacle Wave Kill Link.]


There was the sound of bells that still felt lonely and the new six fusion sword dance completely evolved. Ultimate Martial Art also resided in Serve Dragon Pinnacle Wave Kill Link.

It was Chiyou’s blessing.

‘How are you?’

Even from afar, Chiyou was always watching and sending him favors. Grid had emotions toward him, the true martial god and only one god. He suddenly wanted to see Chiyou, but he couldn’t go anytime soon. It was because Chiyou dreamed of extinction. The reason he favored Grid was because he wanted to be killed. If they met, his heart would only become heavy.

‘In the first place, we can’t easily meet.’

Chiyou stayed in the Hwan Kingdom. It was a place that Grid couldn’t walk in and out of.


Grid’s gaze shifted to the ground. He could see the dumbfounded people. They were amazed by the sword dance they were seeing for the first time. They instinctively realized that Grid had become stronger, but no one felt offended or jealous. Just as Grid wanted others to be stronger, the people wanted Grid to be stronger.

He was fully aware that it was a community of destiny. There was a saying that even if one betrayed the Overgeared Empire, they didn’t betray Grid. Even the traitors who were removed by the inspectors left behind wills that stated they truly respected the Overgeared God.

‘I’m glad.’

Grid faced countless people and smiled. The thing that pleased him was the trust of the people rather than obtaining a new sword dance. He thought about it for a moment before bringing up the information of the Overgeared World.

[-If a target allowed by the Overgeared God enters the Overgeared World, their status will be preserved and all stats are increased by 30%.]

Only targets permitted by Grid could freely move in and out of the Overgeared World. Grid had first planned to limit it to the Overgeared Guild or citizens of the Overgeared Empire. He observed the trends and thought it was right to gradually expand the range. Now he changed his mind.

[Specify the target or group that will be allowed to enter the Overgeared World.]


The Overgeared World established a divine world on the surface. The beings living on the surface shouldn’t be rejected. Initially, the Overgeared World also meant the temples of Grid, Garion, and Debirion. The more people came and went, the more the gods of the Overgeared World were worshiped.

Therefore, Grid made a choice without hesitation. Garion and Debirion, who were watching from afar, smiled happily.


“This is a bit... isn’t it absurd?”

It was when the 2nd ranked archangel Gabriel returned without punishing the traitor, Garion. Raphael thought this was better. It was a chance to shake off the annoying Gabriel. In the first place, Raphael could kill Garion any time they stepped out. That was until a little while ago.

“That... is it really a divine world?”

“There is no way. Of course, it is a fake.”

“How does that look like a fake?”

The baby angels floating around Raphael made a fuss. It was annoying. As the divinity that rose from the ground became clearer and the warmth approached, Raphael’s heart grew colder. It was an emotion they felt for the first time since their birth. It was none other than anger.

Raphael understood. They hadn’t been truly angry even when the seven malignant saints rebelled or when Hanul and his son betrayed the goddess. It was because real anger made their head and heart cold.

“...Can you shut your mouth?” Raphael ordered in a cold voice. Their glare toward the baby angels was terrifying. It was so that there was a suspicion that Raphael’s usually soft eyes were acting.

The loud baby angels closed their mouths and avoided the gaze. Raphael barely suppressed their killing intent and clicked their tongue. ‘He established a new divine world on the surface?’

Raphael never imagined such a development. It was because they never dreamed this was possible. They felt that the Grid in the distance was beyond reach. It had no choice but to be so. From the moment that the Overgeared World was established, Grid regained his sovereignty.

The angels and gods who freely invaded the surface at any time were now restrained from crossing to the surface. Now the goddess had disappeared and Gabriel had lost her status. Raphael missed the opportunity to enjoy the ‘freedom’ that would probably never come twice and frowned.

Something was firmly wrong in this world. The overall flow seemed to imply some danger...

‘Will Asgard be in crisis one day...?’

Raphael was engulfed in vague anxiety and quickly shook their head. They thought of Baal in hell. The Overgeared God couldn’t surpass the heavens as long as Baal was strong.

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Baal was powerful. A being who had innate strength and status like Raphael, but unlike Raphael, he liked an unrestrained life. The one who betrayed his father and built up strength through all means would be a wall that the Overgeared God would never be able to surpass.

Raphael had no doubt about this and turned around. They were going to abandon their lingering regrets and return to heaven rather than approaching the Overgeared World and suffering humiliation. Then an unexpected obstacle appeared.

“Dragon Slayer Hayate... what is this? Why are you blocking the way of an apostle of the goddess?”

Zeratul’s successive failures had tarnished the honor of heaven to a considerable extent. Raphael just found it annoying and unpleasant. Hayate was a great being that had never before existed in the world, but Raphael was an archangel. There were only a few people in the world that Raphael revered and Hayate wasn’t among them.

“You just need to keep an eye on the dragons as you have always done. Why are you trying to get involved with heaven?”

“I can’t just stand by and watch your killing intent.”

The sword held in Hayate’s hand wasn’t a sword made of materials, but a sword of sword energy. The Dragon Killing Sword—it was closer to a concept. The concept of even cutting a dragon.

“I have a duty to protect the Overgeared God.”

“The order on the surface has completely collapsed. It is ridiculous. It is because that fake Zeratul has tarnished the honor of heaven.”

“You angels are pretentious.”

Suddenly, a new person appeared.

The great magician Braham—it was someone Raphael had been paying attention to for a while. It was hundreds of years ago. The news that Braham was murdered by Pagma was known to heaven and Raphael attempted to retrieve Braham’s soul. It was because he would become a great angel. Raphael coveted the fact that Braham was the blood of Beriache, one of the three evils of the beginning. Raphael thought it would be rather interesting.

Well, they failed in the end. Braham used magic even when he was reduced to a mere soul. Additionally, he was active for a certain purpose and his location kept changing. Therefore, he wasn’t easy to retrieve.

‘It is good.’

Raphael slowly regained his smile.

Hayate and Braham—it was from the expectation that if Raphael killed those who blocked their path, the anger in their heart would subside a bit. At this moment—

“I’m not too late this time?”

Mercedes arrived at the scene. It was with Piaro. These four had something in common.

The absolute Hayate with his internal perception.

The great magician Braham with mana.

The knight Mercedes with Keen Insight.

The farmer Piaro who could expand his senses in a wide range based on nature.

Once multiple conditions and coincidences overlapped, they could almost immediately detect abnormalities that occurred far away. It was inherently possible for Hayate. The reason that he didn’t take an active role was because he was afraid of the dragons. Now thanks to Grid, he overcame the fear and gained courage. It was only possible for the other three after they recently built up their skills.

At this moment, they unintentionally moved in coordination to isolate Raphael.


The smile completely disappeared from Raphael’s face. Raphael measured the level of the beings around them and realized that these existences were unusual. It was natural that Hayate was strong, but Braham’s magic power approached the unknown. Mercedes’ eyes were more unpleasant than the rumors and Piaro’s pure aura was strange because it felt like it contained Garion’s divinity.


After a moment of silence, Raphael spread open their wings. Hayate and the apostles responded immediately. They were ready for the divine bombardment and prepared to counterattack. However, there was no time for them to step out. It was because Raphael had escaped.

Raphael vowed not to look at the surface for a while.

1. So I actually had a hard time naming this new sword dance. A one character word has lots of different meanings and it is hard to determine the right one. Fortunately, the author included the hanja (Chinese characters) for this sword dance but that created even more complications. The hanja basically meant something like: to do/to be/to become/to do for the sake of. I changed names several times but I eventually decided that the closest meaning to the description is 'to do for the sake of' since it is considered a sacrifice sword dance. I was looking for one word that fits it and eventually decided on 'Serve.' ?