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Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 1970: Severing the Future!
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Chapter 1970: Severing the Future!

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

As Lin Feng’s slash landed…

In the mental world, in Lin Feng’s consciousness, he seemed to have transformed into countless worlds, as if he was in countless futures.

The next moment, his countless futures collapsed with a bang.


It collapsed completely, like a black hole collapsing. In the blink of an eye, countless futures disappeared one after another, as if they had never existed.

The future fragments in Lin Feng’s mind, the images, were disappearing at an extremely fast speed. Only a moment later, the future fragments disappeared completely.

It was not that Lin Feng could not sense the future, but that he had severed it!

From then on, Lin Feng would no longer appear in the future spacetime. No one could kill Lin Feng in the future to affect his past and present.

Moreover, after severing the future, Lin Feng felt that the power of spacetwas simply unimaginably abundant. In fact, there was a large amount of spacetpower everywhere in the entire Dragon Coiling Realm that Lin Feng could mobilize at will.

Spacetpower no longer restrained Lin Feng.

As for the eternal suprtreasures and those peak eternal suprtreasures, Lin Feng had never been able to damage them in the past.

But now, in Lin Feng’s eyes, these eternal suprtreasures were simply riddled with holes and incomparably fragile. With a thought, he could even warp to the future spacetime, a miraculous realm, and annihilate the eternal suprtreasure.

The eternal suprtreasure was not eternal!

In Lin Feng’s line of sight, all the spacetrules were very hierarchical now. They were divided into the spacetrules of the past, the spacetrules of the present, and spacetrules of the future.

Lin Feng had already comprehended the principle and severed the future. In fact, he had completely grasped the future spacetrules.

As long as he wanted to, he could warp through any future timeline and kill those spacetcultivators.

However, it was meaningless to Lin Feng.

His goal was always to transcend.

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As for strength?

To the current Lin Feng, what was the point of strength?

With a thought, he could warp to any future spacetand have a transcendent status. Who could kill him? Even those cultivators who had also severed their futures could not do anything to Lin Feng.

Only those experts who had severed the past and the present could return to the past, or go directly to the present spacetto kill Lin Feng.

However, Lin Feng had a feeling now.

He was very lonely. He did not sense the aura of any spacetcultivators who had also severed the future.

“Has no one severed the future?”

Lin Feng was very confused.

However, he immediately shook his head and rejected it.

In the Eternal Realm, he had browsed through a lot of information and texts. It was obvious that over the eons, there were people who had severed the future, and there were definitely many of them.

However, Lin Feng could not sense the aura of anyone now. This was a little strange.

There must be sother secret behind this.

“Perhaps the guide in the Eternal Realm will know the reason.”

Lin Feng thought of the white-haired old man who was the guide in the Eternal Realm. He was the servant of Dawn, who had transcended spacetime, and he controlled the Eternal Realm. He must know the reason.

However, before returning to the Eternal Realm, Lin Feng still had one more thing to do.

Or rather, Lin Feng had a vague feeling that once he returned to the Eternal Realm, if he wanted to sever the present and the past, he would probably never return.

Before this, Lin Feng had also sensed an imprint that was closely related to him.

Lin Feng had already deduced that it was related to the Black Ink Master and the SpacetSwordmaster.

Back when Lin Feng cto the Eternal Realm with the Black Ink Master, the SpacetSwordmaster and the other Overlords, almost everyone used the SpacetHeart to warp to the future spacetime.

However, how difficult was it to obtain a second SpacetHeart and control a timeline?

This was Lin Feng’s last concern.

Lin Feng sensed that many of these hegemons were in danger. Since Lin Feng had already severed the future, he did not mind helping them again. To the current Lin Feng, it was a piece of cake.


Lin Feng’s figure instantly disappeared.

“SpacetSwordmaster, give up. You haven’t even controlled a single timeline. How can you be a match for me?”

In an ordinary world, the SpacetSwordmaster’s expression was cold and as apathetic as ever.

However, the current SpacetSwordmaster was in a difficult situation. Opposite him, a spacetcultivator who had controlled two timelines used the power of the timelines to ruthlessly suppress the SpacetSwordmaster.

Even though the SpacetSwordmaster’s spacetsword aura was very impressive, he had no power to resist the suppression of the power from two timelines at all.

In fact, the next moment, he would be completely crushed.

Even so, the SpacetSwordmaster did not seem to have any intention of giving up.

He had never thought of activating the Eternal True Seal and returning to the Eternal Realm.

He was a sword cultivator who had cultivated the sword his entire life. He had treated himself as a sword. Even if the sword was shattered, how could it retreat? At most, the sword would be shattered and the wielder would die.

The SpacetSwordmaster was still so single-minded, even though he knew very well that as long as he activated the Eternal True Seal, he could survive. However, he also knew very well that activating the Eternal True Seal meant that he would be imprisoned in the Eternal Realm forever.

That was not what the SpacetSwordmaster wanted!

Hence, he would rather face death!


A crack appeared on the sword of the SpacetSwordmaster, and it was expanding rapidly like a spiderweb. It would probably break completely in the next moment.

“Since you want to die, I’ll grant your wish!”

Seeing that the SpacetSwordmaster showed no signs of activating the Eternal True Seal at all, the spacetcultivator opposite him sneered and did not hold back anymore. The power of the two timelines erupted with a bang.


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A mighty force surged over.

The SpacetSwordmaster had no ability to resist it anymore. He even closed his eyes.


Suddenly, without any warning, not even a spacetfluctuation, a stranger appeared beside the SpacetSwordmaster.

This stranger only waved his hand. The spacetcultivator opposite him, who had controlled two timelines, seemed to have seen something terrifying. His entire body shook as if he had suffered a heavy blow.


With a slight breeze, the body of the spacetcultivator was reduced to dust, disappearing without a trace.

“Chaos Master, you…”

The SpacetSwordmaster opened his eyes and saw Lin Feng at first glance.

Moreover, the SpacetSwordmaster’s enemy had “disappeared” in a strange manner. This also shocked the SpacetSwordmaster greatly.

He did not know how Lin Feng had appeared here. He seemed to have simply appeared out of the blue. This seemed a little impossible.

“SpacetSwordmaster, long tno see.” This meeting might also be the last. I’ll give you this SpacetHeart. With this SpacetHeart, you’ll have nothing to worry about after controlling this timeline. “I believe that one day, you will take that step.”

With that, Lin Feng reached out and grabbed the SpacetHeart of this timeline, shocking even the SpacetMaster.


The SpacetSwordmaster looked at Lin Feng in shock.

“SpacetSwordmaster, I hope we can meet again one day…”

With that, Lin Feng’s figure flashed and disappeared.

Seeing this scene, how could the SpacetSwordmaster not realize that Lin Feng must have taken that step?

“Severing the future…”

The SpacetSwordmaster heaved a long sigh. He had only admired one person in his life, and that was the Chaos Master, Lin Feng.

From the looks of it, there was reason indeed.

Lin Feng had clearly taken the critical step and severed the future!

Holding the SpacetHeart, the SpacetSwordmaster accepted this great gift. He believed that one day, he would also be able to take that step…

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