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Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 21 - Purchasing Martial Arts
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Chapter 21: Purchasing Martial Arts

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The two of them quickly returned to the Myriad Academy. Lin Feng immediately turned in his mission.

“Mission accomplished. Obtained 55 mission points. Also, the commissioner of the mission added 20 points to the mission. You have obtained a total of 75 points.”

Lin Feng had obtained 75 points with just one mission. Beside him, Zhang Qiji’s eyes almost popped out. Although he was heir to a magnate, and it wasn’t like he had never seen this much money before, for a student to obtain about 75 million in just three days was simply faster than robbery.

“No wonder everyone wants to become a martial artist. A high-level martial artist’s ability to make money is already so terrifying, let alone those inhuman experts who broke the genetic lock.”

Zhang Qiji couldn’t become an inhuman expert himself, but he was on good terms with Lin Feng. In his opinion, Lin Feng had a very good chance of breaking the genetic lock in the future and becoming inhuman.

Lin Feng wasn’t too overjoyed. He had 11 points initially, and he attained another 75 points now, which gave a total of 86 points.

Although this number of points was already a lot, there was still a big gap from exchanging for 100 points for the first level of Nonuple Body Tempering. If he were to just do ordinary missions, he would probably have to do five or six more. Moreover, it would take too long. Time was exactly what Lin Feng lacked now. He had to grasp every moment and absolutely could not afford to squander them recklessly.

Seeing that Lin Feng seemed a little unhappy and was frowning, Zhang Qiji asked, “Brother Feng, what’s wrong? Aren’t you happy after getting so many points?”

Actually, this was a lucky occurrence. It would be very difficult for Lin Feng to encounter another mission like this.

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“It’s not that I’m unhappy. I want to exchange for a martial art, but I’m some points short.”

Lin Feng told the truth and didn’t conceal things.

“What kind of martial arts is so expensive?”

“Level One of Nonuple Body Tempering.”

Zhang Qiji immediately began looking it up. When he saw the introduction of Nonuple Body Tempering, he was stunned completely speechless.

“A martial art worth 100 points, and this is just the first level. Tsk tsk, the Invincible Fist Sage is getting money even easier than robbing it.”

Zhang Qiji shook his head, but he still asked, “Brother Feng, how many points are you missing?” action

“I’m missing fourteen points.”

Lin Feng looked at Zhang Qiji in confusion. Could Zhang Qiji have a solution?

“Only 14 points?”

Zhang Qiji’s expression relaxed. Then, he smiled and said, “Brother Feng, there’s no need to worry. I still have 20 points. My family gave them to me to spend in the Myriad Academy. I’m just idling around in the Myriad Academy, so this many points are wasted on me. I’ll transfer 15 points to you. You can buy the first level of Nonuple Body Tempering now.”

Lin Feng was a little moved. Fifteen points was not a small amount. That was equivalent to 15 million yuan. Although Zhang Qiji spoke of it casually, even Zhang Qiji’s family couldn’t possibly give him too much every month—a few points at most.

It was very likely that the money was Zhang Qiji’s personal savings. After all, as a rich heir, it wasn’t unusual for him to possess such an amount.

“Qiji, thank you.”

Lin Feng took a deep breath and stared intently at Zhang Qiji. He did not refuse. He really needed the points at the moment.

“Haha, Brother Feng, you have an immensely bright future ahead of you. You can just protect me in the academy in the future. With Brother Feng protecting me, I’d be able to do as I please.”

The two looked at each other and smiled. Then, Zhang Qiji quickly transferred 15 points to Lin Feng.

After the points were transferred, Zhang Qiji bade farewell and left. He had to return to his room for some proper sleep. He didn’t get much rest for the past two days at the Bai family either.

Lin Feng entered the online shop of the Myriad Academy directly and quickly found the first level of Nonuple Body Tempering. With the 15 points from Zhang Qiji, Lin Feng now had 101 points, enough to purchase the first level of Nonuple Body Tempering.


Lin Feng immediately purchased the first level of Nonuple Body Tempering. Instantly, his 100 points disappeared. Moreover, after purchasing it, he could see the number of purchases below.

“3,601 times? In other words, 3,600 people had already bought Nonuple Body Tempering before me?”

Lin Feng was a little surprised, but on deeper thought, this wasn’t too unexpected. No matter how expensive Nonuple Body Tempering was, it couldn’t conceal the fact that it was a martial art created by a Sage. Just this aspect alone was enough to tempt many people.

However, with so many buyers, not everyone would be able to master it.

“Beep. The first layer of Nonuple Body Tempering you purchased has been sent to your personal mailbox. Please check it.”

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Lin Feng immediately opened his personal mailbox in the Myriad Academy. The mnemonic for Nonuple Body Tempering Level One was added to it. It was even accompanied by images. There were actually both text and images.

However, there were also some reminders. For example, the first level of Nonuple Body Tempering was limited for the buyer’s own practice only. Without the permission of the Invincible Fist Sage, it could not be privately imparted, let alone circulated.

Otherwise, once it was verified, the offender would have to suffer the wrath of a Sage.

No one would be so foolish as to offend a Sage. It was also because of this that almost all of the profound martial arts in the three top academies were not circulated.

Having obtained Nonuple Body Tempering, Lin Feng immediately began to practice.

The Nonuple Body Tempering was different from the Wild Bovine’s Might. It wasn’t about sensing the true intent or practicing specific moves, but finding the “consciousness” within one’s body, and understanding every inch of muscles and tendons through the “consciousness”.

This was the only way to control the strength in one’s entire body, and proceed with the next step of practice.


Lin Feng ran into some difficulty. In reality, Lin Feng was not the only one who ran into difficulty. All martial artists who practiced the Nonuple Body Tempering would run into difficulties. Most of the martial artists were stuck at this stage. They could not find their own “consciousness” at all, and naturally could not master Nonuple Body Tempering.

Hence, although there seemed to be a lot of people practicing the first level of Nonuple Body Tempering with 3,600 purchases, there were very few who could actually master it. Lin Feng could even be certain that the number of purchases for the second level of Nonuple Body Tempering would definitely be greatly reduced. After all, if one could not even master the first level, why would they purchase the second level?

Lin Feng was not discouraged. Instead, he prepared to make an attempt according to the mnemonic of Nonuple Body Tempering.

First, he had to close his eyes, calm his emotions, and concentrate on finding his “consciousness” within his mind.

As Lin Feng followed the instructions in the mnemonic and gradually focused his attention, his thoughts began to wander. It was as if he had flown out of his room and into the wilderness, transforming into a wild bovine that was galloping recklessly in the wilderness.

Lin Feng was completely immersed in this wonderful feeling. This was the Wild Bovine’s True Intent. He had experienced it before. However, there seemed to be something different this time. Following the mnemonic of Nonuple Body Tempering, it felt very easy for him to transform into the Wild Bovine this time.

Moreover, as the Wild Bovine continued to run, it actually encountered a Unicorn. This was the first time Lin Feng had “dreamed” of a Unicorn. The feeling was very real. The Wild Bovine and the Unicorn seemed to hold a deep enmity for each other the moment they met, and began to fight in a frenzy.

After an unknown amount of time, the Wild Bovine and the Unicorn suddenly disappeared simultaneously, and Lin Feng jolted awake from the darkness.