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Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 22 - Absolute Mastery
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Chapter 22: Absolute Mastery

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“Consciousness… Is this consciousness?”

Lin Feng felt that something was wrong. How could his consciousness be the Wild Bovine and the Unicorn?

“Although I’ve fused with the Wild Bovine genes and the Unicorn genes, I’ve only fused with them. My genes are the dominant ones. Therefore, it’s impossible for me to become a Wild Bovine or a Unicorn. I’m me!”

Lin Feng did not believe that the Wild Bovine and the Unicorn were his consciousness. Otherwise, why did he not feel any changes in his body? According to what’s stated in Nonuple Body Tempering, once he found his “consciousness”, he could almost feel every inch of his flesh, tendons and bones, and even “hear” the sound of blood flowing through his veins.

That was absolute mastery over his body! Lin Feng did not feel that way now, so he had not found his “consciousness”.

It was already night time, but Lin Feng was not discouraged. He did not even stop to eat. He closed his eyes again to search for his “consciousness” again.

Gradually, Lin Feng seemed to have transformed into a Wild Bovine one moment, and a Unicorn the next. His aura slowly became ferocious and savage, gradually emitting an aura that belonged only on dire beasts.

Fortunately, Lin Feng was the only one in the dormitory, or it would definitely cause other people to panic.

Not only Lin Feng’s aura but even his expression turned sinister. In reality, Lin Feng’s situation was very dangerous. He had used the genetic fusion device to fuse his genes, but he had never been able to completely subdue the Wild Bovine genes and the Unicorn genes. The Unicorn genes in particular were dormant deep within Lin Feng’s body.

If he continued to fuse with the genes of other dire beasts in the future, the greatest possibility for Lin Feng wasn’t breaking the genetic lock, but having his genes transform completely into the genes of dire beasts, turning him into a monster.

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The more Lin Feng thought about it, the more he found it terrifying. He felt that he had indeed made the right decision by buying Nonuple Body Tempering. At the very least, it allowed him to clearly see just how terrifying the hidden dangers within his body were.

Once, twice, thrice…

Lin Feng lost count of the number of attempts. He had been trying his best to find his “consciousness”, but never succeeded. It was as if his consciousness had already disappeared, leaving only the consciousnesses of the Wild Bovine and Unicorn.

However, Lin Feng was not discouraged. He tried again and again. In his trance, he seemed to have returned to his childhood, to his home, where his brothers, his sister, and his family were. In their anticipatory gazes, Lin Feng “saw” the little boy lying on the sickbed.

The boy was so helpless, so fragile, looking as if he could die at any moment.

“Doctor, you must cure Feng’er at all costs.”

This was the voice of his father, Lin Xiong.

“Feng’er, you’ll definitely get better. Don’t give up.”

This was the voice of his gentle mother, Luo Xiuting.

“Third brother, be strong. The whole family is watching you.”

“Third brother, I bought you your favorite toy race car. We’ll race together after you recover. Let’s see whose car is faster.”

They were his eldest brother Lin Yong and his second brother Lin Hai.

“Brother, stop sleeping. You have to get better…”

His sister tugged at his hand and kept shaking it.

Lin Feng had vaguely forgotten about this matter, but now that he recalled it, this was a scene that had been engraved in the depths of his memories and would never be forgotten.

Lin Feng had almost died when he was 11 years old. His Atypical Organ Failure had reached a critical stage. In the end, under the relentless efforts of his family, Lin Feng did not give up on treatment and miraculously survived.

“This is me, I am Lin Feng!”

Lin Feng bellowed, and the scene around him instantly shattered. At the same time, he seemed to have transformed into a Wild Bovine and Unicorn, as well as the sickly yet determined little boy on the bed.

After what seemed like an eternity, the Wild Bovine and the Unicorn disappeared, leaving only the sickly boy behind. He stood up from the bed with determination.


Lin Feng opened his eyes, and the image in his mind instantly vanished. action

The night was still dark, the surroundings extremely peaceful, but Lin Feng’s mind was not calm.

“What consciousness actually means is looking for your true self!”

Lin Feng muttered under his breath. He understood everything now. The Nonuple Body Tempering required finding the true “self”. Completely mastering one’s own consciousness allowed one to master his own body.

With a thought, Lin Feng could hear blood rushing through his veins, surging like waves in a river, and emitting powerful energy. He could feel that every inch of his flesh contained explosive power. Whether it was the power of the Wild Bovine genes, the power of the Unicorn, or Lin Feng’s own power, all of them had become a power that Lin Feng could control. This was the power that belonged solely to Lin Feng!

At this moment, without instrument testing, Lin Feng knew that he could unleash more than four tons of strength. He had completely grasped the power of the Wild Bovine genes and the Unicorn genes. This was absolute control over his body!

Lin Feng then pulled out the genetic fusion device to check his body data.

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Physique: 19.56

Strength: 18.85

Agility: 11.34

“Skills: Basic Fist Technique (Proficient, can be improved to adept through continuous practice), Wild Bovine’s Might (Mastered, comprehended Wild Bovine’s True Intent)

Genetic Fusion: Wild Bovine genes (100% fusion, complete fusion), Unicorn genes (100% fusion, complete fusion)

Genetic Capacity: 16%

There were no changes to the data of his body, but Lin Feng had truly been reborn. He could truly be considered a humanoid dire beast now, and the powers within his body had completely merged into one.

If he were to meet Long Weiping again now, Lin Feng would be able to crush Long Weiping with a single punch. This had nothing to do with the profoundness of martial arts. It was just pure, crushing strength.

However, it was precisely because Lin Feng had found his own consciousness that he could clearly feel that his internal organs were constantly failing, and the process was even accelerating.

Even his cells were gradually losing their vitality. This was a loss of life force that could not be reversed unless the genes were restructured.

“Looks like my condition has worsened. Originally, the doctor judged that I still have three years left to live. But at the current rate of organ failure, I’m afraid that I will die from complete organ failure in two and a half years, or even sooner.”

Lin Feng felt a sense of urgency. How cruel was it to be able to clearly sense his life force draining away little by little, and watch himself approach death little by little?

However, Lin Feng had to endure it. He had to be strong because he knew very well that only he could save himself.

Finding his own consciousness was only the first step of Nonuple Body Tempering. Of course, it was the crucial step, but there was still a gap before he could truly master Nonuple Body Tempering.

The true reason Nonuple Body Tempering could increase attack power by one fold, or even more, was the Spiral Force! The first level of Nonuple Body Tempering required one to summon a Spiral Force, which was a force unique to Nonuple Body Tempering.

However, it was very difficult to condense the Spiral Force. Even searching for one’s own consciousness and mastering all the power in one’s body was merely laying the foundation for summoning the Spiral Force.

Even though it was already late at night, Lin Feng was still full of vigor and energy. So he didn’t rest. Instead, he continued working and attempted to summon the Spiral Force.