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QT: Grace To Grass Counterattack System

QT: Grace To Grass Counterattack System
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QT: Grace To Grass Counterattack System

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    Summary He Yuan had accidentally caused his own death. He had no idea he was even dead until he suddenly woke up on the hard floor of an empty room.As he tried get his bearings right, a strange guy suddenly popped out of thin air and he was offered a job.The job offer granted him eternal life with the alternative being reincarnation. Most would hastily choose be reincarnated so they can start a new life but not He Yuan.He was skeptical, why would anyone want reincarnation? Once you reincarnated 'you' cease exist. He didn't care about what people said about starting afresh, gaining new memories and all that.All he knew was that once a person reincarnated, they get thrown i a different environment, different family, meet new people and in short became a different person entirely.What scared He Yuan the most was losing his own thoughts and hence, awareness of his current self and so, he chose accept the job.What did the job entail? He carried out tasks given him by people who were called 'leasers.' They were called this because they leased out their bodies 'taskers' for a period of time help set their crooked lives straight.What the leasers didn't know was that the taskers got i realms and helped them so they( taskers)uld focus on their own main tasks which was world/realm balance.These realms had 'special ones' who siphoned the luck out of it. Luck was the binding force of these realms so without it, the realms would begin break apart and deteriorate i unlivable hells.So in essence, leasers gave put their bodies and 'payment' in the form of soul energy, taskers helped out the leasers while balancing the realms and the realms bme stable once more.Pretty straightforward right? Yes.But can someone tell He Yuan why these world was so full of hypocrites, Mary sue and Gary stu characters who thought it was excusable do horrible things just because they were in love?He Yuan grit his teeth. If you want be in love, then be in love, was there any need use others as stepping nes?!He rolled up his sleeves and bounced forward. Just you wait as I teach you all a valuable lesson! You’re reading “QT: Grace Grassunterattack System” on See all Hide

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