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Ravens of Eternity

Ravens of Eternity
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Ravens of Eternity

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    Summary A young woman is reborn inside a mecha VRMMOnsumed by galactic warfare, and must rise above the failings of her old life or be lost forever. As she ascends, a spreading darkness threatens tear her galaxy apart.ry updates M-F 10am PST (GMT -7)—Hello! Thanks for checking out Ravens of Eternity! It’s about a young woman who wakes up in a hostile and dangerous universe and needs learn fight for her survival. It explores many themes from empowerment trauma loss.This is inspired by many mecha anime like Macross andde Geass, as well as s like Tanya the Evil and The Legendary Moonlight Sculr. It is also inspired by games like Mass Effect, Armoredre, and Star Citizen. The is also inspired by various space opera and sci fi movies and TV shows, such as Star Wars, Star Trek, The Matrix, Dor Who, The Mandalorian… The list goes on.If you’re a fan of space battles, then you’re in luck! This is going have plenty of them. Eventually, there will be huge fleets attacking each other across solar systems. It’ll be epic!This most certainly has explicit language, violence, and sexual scenes, though none are over-thep or gratuus. There are also scenes that deal with various traumas, from physical emotional mental. Lots of heavy stuff. You’re reading “Ravens of Eternity” on See all Hide