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Rebirth: The Fake Young Lady Is A Real Young Lady

Rebirth: The Fake Young Lady Is A Real Young Lady

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    Summary Shen Xi was the daughter the Jiang family had mistakenly taken home. After their real daughter, Jiang Xue, returned, Shen Xi’s foster mother asked Shen Xi stay, hoping sheuld help Jiang Xue get used life in the city as Jiang Xue had been living in theuntryside all this while. Alas, everyone claimed that Shen Xi was clinging the Jiang family because she refused part with the family’s wealth. Her foster parents didn’t clarify this accusation. Then, Shen Xi’s fiance ended up getting engaged Jiang Xue instead.One day, Jiang Xue killed someone when she was driving. Shen Xi’s foster parents knelt before Shen Xi, begging her take the fall for Jiang Xue with tears in their eyes. Shen Xi agreed their request repay their kindness for raising her. However, she didn’t know that the person Jiang Xue had killed was her foster father, in other words, Shen Xi’s biological father! While Shen Xi was in prison, Jiang Xue even indirectly killed Shen Xi’s biological mother! In an instant, Shen Xi became an orphan.After experiencing her foster family’s ruthlessness and persecution, Shen Xi exposed the sinful deeds the Jiang family hadmmitted over the years and Jiang Xue’s crimes after being released from prison! Then, she dnated a bomb, sacrificing her life take revenge for her biological parents.However, after the bomb exploded, Shen Xi was shocked find herself returning many years ago when Jiang Xue was first found, and Shen Xi’s identity of not being the Jiang family’s real daughter was about be exposed. During this time, she was still a rich young lady dressed in expensive clothes as she sat in the Jiang family’s car on the way her fiance’s birthday banquet. Shen Xi’s lips curled up slightly. A good show was about begin.She wanted change her fate and her biological parents’ fates. However, she never expected that both her parents were heirs a large financial group. Also, the renowned movie star, a young genius dor, and a domineering CEO were all her biological brothers! She, who wasn’t loved in her past life, was being pampered in this life! Then, the paparazzi caught her on camera, entering a hotel with a rumored bigshot. The crowd gasped. Was this bigshot Shen Xi’s brother as well? The bigshot hugged Shen Xi’s waist and kissed her. “Nope. I’m her lover!” You’re reading “Rebirth: The Fake Young Lady Is A Real Young Lady” on See all Hide

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