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Reborn: Revenge of the Concubine's Daughter

Reborn: Revenge of the Concubine's Daughter
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Reborn: Revenge of the Concubine's Daughter

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    Summary Living as ancubine’s daughter in her previous life, He Danggui got herself and her daughterrtured and killed by her family and Princess Zhou, while her husband, Lord Ning, allowed them do so for a secret. After reborn as a child, she swore hold back her kindness the villains. How did she survive in a family with various secrets andnspiracies? Who would be her final choice? The love of her previous life or a new lover whould offer her a happy and simple life? Sharing the identities of dor, politicalunselor and princess, was she able bring great changes both in Jianghu and the imperial family? With her intelligence and excellent medical skills, would she let them pay for what they did her or live differently as a new one?You’re reading “Reborn: Revenge of thencubine's Daughter” on See all Hide

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