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Reincarnated As A Mosquito

Reincarnated As A Mosquito
72 Chapters
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Reincarnated As A Mosquito

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    Summary Get ready swat away tears of laughter and brace yourself for the most buzzworthy adventure of the century! Meet Ben Franklin, the world's foremost expert in attracting bad luck and the unlikeliest hero you'll ever eunter.From stumbling over his own shoelaces triggering fire alarms with a single glance, Ben's life is a never-endingmedy of errors. And if you thought his luck would change in the afterlife, think again! Even the god of opportunityuldn't resist the magnetic pull of Ben's bad luck charms.Just as Ben was about embark on a new adventure in the great beyond, fateok a hilarious twist. A glitch in the universe turned him i a mutant mosqu, reincarnated along with the very reincarnation system itself! Now that's what you call a bug in the matrix!The absence of a reincarnation system in the universe has resulted in asmic crisis. With dead souls wandering aimlessly and lifeless babies popping out like deflated balloons, it's up our unlikely hero solve the mystery and save the day!Now armed with six legs, buzzing wings, and an insatiable thirst for adventure (and, let's not forget, blood), the legend of Ben Franklin, the most unlikely hero in the insect kingdom, began. With his quirky sense of humour and insatiable thirst for justice, he embarked on a hilarious and unventional quest save the universe, leaving behind a trail of itchy mosqu bites and bacterial infections in his wake. ……………………………………………………………You’re reading “Reincarnated As A Mosqu” on See all Hide

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