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Reincarnated! My Parents and Brothers Beg for My Forgiveness

Chapter 21
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Is Your Hand Fine?

Yu Miao was wearing a light yellow dress and a pair of exquisite white Mary Jane shoes. She was wearing a sun hat on her head, and the wide brim of the hat almost covered her entire face.

“As expected of someone who has been pampered since she was young. The production team’s mission card has already been given to her, but she can still dress like this. How is she going to work?” Meng Xi, who was at the side, leaned over to Yu Su’s side and looked around. After confirming that the camera was far away, she complained in Yu Su’s ear in a very soft voice.

In fact, Yu Miao didn’t want to squat in the field in a dress and pull weeds. However, this time, in order to create the image of a little princess who didn’t know much about the world, she had brought all kinds of dresses. This was already the only one she could wear for work. After all, the others were short skirts that didn’t reach her knees. Not only was it inconvenient for her to do farm work, but there was also the risk of her clothes being exposed at any time.

The staff led them to the area next to Yu Su’s field. The following process was the same as what Yu Su and the others had done before. After that, everyone was left to complete it themselves.

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Yu Su did not pay much attention to the situation on the other side. After all, there was still a certain difficulty in completing the quota set for today, especially since everyone was getting more and more tired, and their speed was getting slower and slower.

She was not worried that the other party would overtake them. After all, they had started first. The people from the other party had basically been pampered since they were young. If they were so tired, they would only be more tired.

Yu Su was plucking the weeds as she went past Xiao Han. Seeing that his movements were slowly slowing down, she suddenly thought of the scene she had seen previously.

“Is your hand okay?”

Xiao Han was stunned when he heard that. The few buckets of water he had carried in the morning had indeed made his injured left hand feel uncomfortable, but he thought that he had hidden it well. He did not expect Yu Su to see through it.

“If you’re not feeling well, you can also take a break. Since we’ve formed a team to help each other and achieve success, there’s no need to carry the burden on one person. Even if we lose and don’t have food to eat, no one will blame you.” Without waiting for Xiao Han’s answer, Yu Su said to herself. After saying that, she even chuckled.

The entire entertainment industry knew that Xiao Han’s hand had been injured. She was also worried that Xiao Han would force himself. After all, she had a good impression of him. He was a qualified teammate.

Secondly, it was also a precautionary measure. She would definitely do her best during the show, but it was inevitable that she would encounter situations where she was not good at it or felt unwell.

However, in Xiao Han’s ears, it was filled with concern and enlightenment.

He thought back to the time when his hand had just been injured and returned to the club. His teammates, coaches, and managers seemed to care about him, but they were more worried that he wouldn’t be able to play. He wouldn’t be able to defend their championship title that season. It was also because of the club’s worries that he returned to training in advance despite the doctor’s objections and increased the training volume, causing a second injury to his hand.

“Yu Su is right. I’ve already rested a few times just now. If you’re feeling unwell or tired, you can rest for a while. The four of us will bear the consequences together,” Meng Xi said to him from the other side.

Xiao Han lowered his head and did not stop. He only responded to their concern.

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“It’s okay. I’m using my right hand.”

When Yu Su heard Xiao Han’s voice, she felt that it sounded rather sad.

The four of them encouraged each other, but the atmosphere on Yu Miao’s side was a little strange.

Yu Ruo and Ye Chang were already exhausted from carrying water. In the end, they only had one bean bun and a bowl of soy milk for breakfast each. They were not full at all. Now that they came here to pull weeds, although they were unhappy, they could exchange for food after completing a certain amount. Therefore, they gritted their teeth and persisted.

Yu Miao squatted on the ground, holding her hat with one hand to prevent it from being blown away by the mountain wind, and pulling the weeds with the other hand. Coupled with the fact that she didn’t have much strength to begin with, she only finished a little after a long time. She even took off her gloves from time to time to look at the red marks on her palm.

Shen Chun, who was at the side, was unhappy. Her family environment was not much worse than Yu Miao’s, and she had grown up being pampered. The experiences of the past two days had already made her angry. Seeing Yu Miao like this, she could not help but vent all her anger on Yu Miao.

“I say, can you be more efficient? Otherwise, you’ll have to sleep on an empty stomach again today.”

Of course, Yu Miao was not any better than her. She was angry in her heart, but because of the camera, she could only suppress her anger and apologize softly.

“I’m so sorry. I’m stupid. I can’t learn no matter what. Don’t be angry. I’ll speed things up.”