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Reincarnated! My Parents and Brothers Beg for My Forgiveness

Chapter 28
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Slapping Their Faces

“Stop slandering me! Do you have any evidence?” Yu Ruo flew into a rage out of humiliation.

“The evidence is very simple. We will be clear on what you have exchanged this afternoon after checking with the staff. I think there are many things at the dining table that you didn’t exchange for.” Yu Su spoke again.

Xiao Han also added, “Don’t say that you have seen it wrongly. We’re all adults. Who would believe such nonsense?”

“We really took the wrong things. Everything is in the kitchen. It’s normal to take one or two wrong things. If you feel wronged, we can eat this meal together. We have no intention of taking advantage of you.”

Yu Miao’s watery eyes stared at Xiao Han, as if she was silently criticizing him for being so fierce to her.

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“What a joke. You’ve all experienced it today. We worked hard to do all the work, and then you enjoyed the results. You still want to give us our things. There’s really no justice.” Xiao Han was immune to her gaze and retorted again.

“We accidentally took the wrong thing from you. We are indeed at fault in this matter, but the dishes have already been prepared and we have all eaten. Arguing here is not a solution. What do you think we should do?” Ye Chang had had enough of this confrontation and said to Yu Su and the others.

“Meng Xi, go and calculate what we’re missing and record it down. Then, tell Best Actor Ye to work hard and return it to us tomorrow.”

Yu Su did not answer Ye Chang’s question. Instead, she turned around and said to Meng Xi beside her. However, her voice was very loud, enough for Ye Chang and the three people beside him to hear her clearly.

“What if they go back on their word?” Xiao Han asked loudly with a smile.

Yu Su glanced at him and replied loudly, “How can that be? We have to believe in Best Actor Ye’s character.”

“Oh, but they work too slowly. What if they can’t get that much tomorrow?” Xiao Han asked again.

“It doesn’t matter. If they don’t return it tomorrow and the day after, I don’t believe they can’t pay it back in seven days. If they really can’t pay it back, the audience in front of the screen will probably laugh at them.”

Yu Su and Xiao Han echoed each other very well. In Ye Chang’s eyes, such a scene was exceptionally glaring. Compared to the constant teasing from the two of them, it was even more unacceptable.

“We’ll keep our word.” With that, he turned around and returned to his room. In such an environment, Ye Chang really could not stay for a second longer.

Seeing that Ye Chang had returned to his room, Yu Su did not waste her breath on the others. She carried her things and prepared to go to the kitchen to make dinner.

“Stop, give us half of what you have!”

Yu Su had only taken two steps when she heard Yu Ruo’s voice.

“Why?” Turning around, Yu Su looked at Yu Ruo with a playful expression. Did he still think they were in the Yu family? Wasn’t her attitude clear enough today? Why did he still have the confidence to order her around?

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“You just said that it’s a gift from the villagers. Since it’s a gift, it must be for all of us. Why should the four of you monopolize it?”

Yu Ruo was self-righteous. He felt that the villagers knew that there were celebrities recording programs, especially top celebrities like him and Ye Chang, the Best Actor. The things were definitely given to the two of them by the villagers. He felt that half of it was too little.

“Great Singer Yu, if you consider changing careers one day, I think the job of being bandits is quite suitable for you.” Yu Su handed the things in her hand to Meng Xi and Ding Chen, indicating for them to put them away.

“These things were given to us as a gift by the villagers when Yu Su and I were helping the villagers with their work. Where did you get such a big face to open your mouth?”

In the past, Xiao Han just couldn’t stand the Yu family’s style of doing things. After interacting with Yu Ruo today, he felt that this person was simply sick. The disgust in his heart couldn’t help but increase.

Yu Ruo said, “Working for the villagers? I’m dying of laughter. Aren’t we doing work for them by weeding today? Besides, it’s just for a while. What can the two of you do for them? They’re just giving it to me and Ye Chang because of our reputation. On paper, they’re just thanking us.”

“That’s right. This village must have known that celebrities would come. It’s normal to borrow your hands to send something. We don’t want much. Just half will do,” Shen Chun chimed in.

Yu Miao did not speak. Her gaze was deep. It was better for her to speak less about such things that might not benefit her. She was not like Yu Ruo, who had so many brainless fans protecting him.

“Darling, come to my house for dinner tonight!” Just as Yu Su was about to help Yu Ruo recognize reality, Auntie Watermelon walked in and held Yu Su’s hand as if they were close friends.