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Reincarnated! My Parents and Brothers Beg for My Forgiveness

Chapter 37
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Sold Out

Yu Su looked up and saw that the person asking for the price was a girl. She was not old and was about 20 years old. She looked gentle and weak and should still be in school.

“The big one is 40 yuan, the small one is 30 yuan, and the basket is 15 yuan each.” While Yu Su was still thinking, Xiao Han reported the price in his heart first.

The girl looked at Xiao Han shyly and then quickly moved back to the bamboo basket on the ground. “Sister, can it be cheaper? I can buy two more.”

The young lady seemed to be too embarrassed to talk to the boy. She lowered her head and fiddled with the bamboo basket at the stall. The quality met her expectations, so she looked at Yu Su nervously.

Her voice was very soft. If Yu Su wasn’t close and had good hearing, she probably wouldn’t have been able to hear what she said.

“Of course. How many do you want to get?” Yu Su asked.

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“One big bamboo basket and two small ones. I can take all of the baskets.” The little girl’s voice was still very soft, but perhaps because Yu Su had a kind smile the entire time, she was not as nervous and apprehensive as before.

Yu Su was surprised. “You’re buying so much?”

“It’s like this. My father had an accident, and I’m not very good at making these things. There are very few people in town who come to sell them, but these things are necessary in the countryside, so I wanted to buy more.”

Yu Su was actually just worried that the young lady might have come to support them because she knew one of them. After all, she did not expect that there would really be farmers who would spend so much money to buy so much.

“Then give us 100 yuan for these. After all, it’s quite troublesome to make this, so I can only give you so much of a discount.”

Yu Su had also heard that something had happened to the girl’s father, so she had made such a huge concession. It was equivalent to giving her two baskets for free.

The little girl lowered her head and pondered for a moment. She gritted her teeth and nodded. She gave Yu Su 100 yuan and left with the bamboo baskets she had bought.

“She seems to be afraid of me.” Xiao Han looked at the girl’s back and touched his nose.

Yu Su chuckled and handed him the 100 yuan in her hand. “You’re a businessman, yet you still have a cold expression on your face. How can the young lady not be afraid? This is for you. Keep it well and don’t lose it.”

Xiao Han took the money from Yu Su and carefully folded it neatly before putting it into his shirt pocket.

To be honest, he had more pocket money than this since he could remember, but he was especially happy to have 100 yuan in his hand.

“Then I’ll smile more later. Will there be more people buying it?”

“Are you reminding us to use a honey trap?” Meng Xi squatted beside Yu Su. She was in a very good mood when someone agreed to buy something she had personally made. She joked with Xiao Han.

Xiao Han said, “The two of you are the only ones who can seduce them. You two are prettier than me.”

“That’s right, that’s right. The two of you are the ones with good looks.”

The four of them laughed and joked for a while before starting to shout again.

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However, things didn’t go so smoothly after that. Occasionally, people would come over to take a look and ask about the price. However, no one bought the remaining three large baskets.

However, because they already had an income, their mentality was much better. They no longer treated selling it as a necessary task. If no one bought it, they would carry it home after the show ended. They had personally made it and they would bring it back as a memento. It was very worth it.

However, this beautiful wish of bringing it home as a memento was ultimately not fulfilled.

The girl who had just left brought a few more people over and bought the last three bamboo baskets. Yu Su smiled gratefully at the girl to express her gratitude. Then, she handed the 120 yuan she had received to Xiao Han.

“They’re all sold. Not bad. Is there anything you want to buy? We still have a lot of food now. If there’s anything you especially want to eat, you can buy it.”

Xiao Han naturally took the money and put it in his pocket. “We have enough food. Let’s walk around in a while and see if there are any local delicacies in town for lunch. Then, I think we should buy something and send it to Brother Wang’s house. Auntie and Brother Wang have helped us too much these few days. We should express our gratitude.”

It was rare for Xiao Han to say so much. After saying that, he looked at the three of them as if he was asking for their opinions.

“I agree!”

Meng Xi was the first to jump up and agree.

Yu Su and Ding Chen also agreed in unison.