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Reincarnated as an Imperial Prince-Novel

Reincarnated as an Imperial Prince-Novel

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    Summary A scientific genius named Thomas Harrier was transmigrated an imperial prince body after a car accident thatok his life. He found out that he is in a world similar our own with a timeline akin early twentieth century. The body that he is occupying was the imperial prince of a failing empire who suddenly rose power after a successful assassination attempt of his father. Unaware that the attack is just the beginning of what isme. He faces many challenges throughout. Will Thomas Harrier be able live his snd life in peace while running an empire and getting it back its former glory? Or will he succumb i anspiracy lurking within theuntry's borders?Expect someld war era techs.Super battleship with advanced electronics, propulsion, and firentrol systems?Helpters?Missiles?Modern medicines and equipment?AC-130?A nuke?Challenger or Abrams or Leopard?F-4 Pham or MIG-21lored TV's.Everything!!!You’re reading “Reincarnated as an Imperial Prince” on See all Hide