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Reincarnated as the Demon King's Son

Chapter 11: Sing
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The naked women felt pitiful, but they couldn't stop the guards from taking him away. Aldred was nervous. He didn't know what they would do to him. But he shouldn't be that nervous, after all, he was just a child, surely they wouldn't punish him so severely right?

He was wrong.

"Execute him," the emperor said as he sat on his throne with his empress closing her eyes beside him.

Aldred widened his eyes. "Wait! Old man! I'm still a child, you can't kill me. Is your head so full of shit you can't even comprehend that?"

He gasped in shock at himself. How could he say such words to the emperor?

The emperor gripped the hand rest and trembled in anger. "You filthy commoner dare to insult me? Guards take him away!"

"My father is the demon king! He'll kill you and send your soul to hell!"

The emperor burst into laughter. "Demon king? Go call him for me. I want to see this father of yours."

"He's not here."

"So you're a fatherless child. Then you deserve to die."

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Aldred couldn't believe what he just heard. If a child didn't have a father, they deserve to die? What kind of broken logic was that?

"You perverted bitch! Release me this instant!"

The empress sighed in annoyance. "Just kill him quickly."

She slowly opened her eyes and set her beautiful gaze at the boy. What she saw was a charming cute boy at the age of ten with short black hair. She widened her eyes in shock because of how handsome this boy was. She felt like a mother again, wanting to protect this child with all she had. But she immediately masked her expression.

Just as the guards were about to take him away for execution, the empress raised her hand. "I changed my mind. Don't kill him."

The emperor was angered inside. As an emperor, no one should contradict his order or it would make him look weak, but why did his empress of all people do the thing he hated the most? He couldn't argue with her or he would lose his dignity. As a royal, he should do everything in a calm manner.


The empress stayed calm like a silent lake in the forest. "This child has potential. It would be a waste of talent if we kill him."

The emperor sneered inside. "If that is the case, then he will become a soldier. Surely with his potential, he would grow to become a strong fighter and fight for our Empire."

Humph. He'd sent them to the front line and let the boy die.

The empress grimaced inside. The boy in front of them was a rare breed. She had never seen a boy as charming and exquisite as him. It was her longest dream to have a boy like him in one of her collections. But she couldn't argue much with the emperor. Her supporters might take that as a signal to begin an unwanted rebellion that would shatter the whole empire. She could only send someone to his aid later on the battlefield.

Aldred was shocked. "A soldier? Hell no, I won't be a soldier. Just let me become a singer instead."

"A singer? Who are you kidding, boy? Your voice is ugly."

The empress raised her hand. "Let the boy show his talent."

The emperor rolled his eyes and let it be.

Aldred cleared his throat and started singing. The empress widened her eyes in shock. Her heart beat fast and she recalled all the loving memories she had. She felt calm and tranquil. It felt like all the burdens rooted on her shoulder finally disappeared after a long time. It was so beautiful that she might start tearing up if not for the audience that was here.

She recalled her former lover who she truly loved dancing with her under the three moons as the stars lit up the rooftop. She remembered his sweet smile and his warm embrace. Her heart ached because a few days after that, he was captured and killed by her own family, and she was then married to the emperor.

"Jame to kosita ah! Ah! Jame to kosita Ah! Ah!" Aldred moved his waist back and forth as he sang and danced.

"Enough!" the emperor shouted. "Send him to Ruandeurtin."

The empress skipped a breath. Ruandeurtin was the closest to the Holy State of Montcresia, and it was so close to two enemies' cities. Not to mention it was currently the only defender of the Champs River. This was an important river for the Cresian because it led directly to their naval city; Cortbouy which earned a lot of money out of their sea trade.

Meaning that the soldiers there would have to fight a lot of battles and face off against fierce opposition from the enemy. The river was too important for them and it represented a major weakness on their part. But that was exactly the reason why the enemy would fight tooth and nail to defend it.

Although it was normal for a ten-year-old boy to start training to become a soldier, they were usually trained in a safer area.

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The empress felt like crying. She didn't want the boy to die. His song and his voice were magical like stars and moons in the sky. She might not understand the lyrics, but the meaning behind them must be beautiful and meaningful.

She had to help him survive no matter what.

The emperor looked at his empress, expecting further retaliation, but there was none. She just sat there with a nonchalant expression like what she usually did in bed even with him moving up and down on her.

He hated that expression. It felt like his manhood was so weak that it couldn't even make her react. 'At least make a noise or something to make me feel good.'

The fact that he couldn't last longer than five seconds added more pain to his heart.

A soldier then entered the throne hall and respectfully bowed in front of the emperor. "Your Majesty, I found this falling in your room and made a hole in the ceiling."

Aldred saw what the soldier offered the emperor. "Hey! That's mine. Give it back to me."

"Hah! Who you try to order around, boy!" The emperor took the steering wheel and inspected it. "It's not a chakram. It has blades, yet they couldn't be used. Just what the hell is this?"

"None of your business. Now give it to me!"

The emperor sneered. "No. Guards, take him away."

Aldred clicked his tongue in anger.

The guard grabbed both of Aldred's arms and dragged him away. "Hey! Hey! Get off me! My father can eat planets for breakfast. You guys better pray he won't eat yours."

Aldred stared one last time at the emperor angrily. 'I'd kill you and fu*k your wife in the future.'

The soldier dragged him out of the gate, and it closed with a thud.