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Reincarnated as the Demon King's Son

Chapter 20: Pharder
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Ceraisian Empire was located in a super continent called Coureroy. It was home for many races; Vampire, Aarakocra, Bugbear, Lizardfolk, and many more.

Each race had their own nation, and generally they avoided war with each other. Especially against the human. Humans had the never-ending thirst for achievement. After they got one, they asked for two, after they got two, they asked for four. Their relentless strive for greatness was something the other races avoided. They didn't want to become the trophy for the human. And so currently, only humans were in major war, while the others only involved in small skirmish.

The Thignia Kingdom was located to the north of Ceraisian. Their border touched shoulders to shoulders, and both nation frequently traded with each other. Humans offered their blood, while vampires gave anything else they had.

The strongest being in this super continent was at Adamantite rank. Each nation only had one of these beings, and they usually did not move around because each of their step could shook the world. They weren't involved in battle unless it threatened the existence of the race.

Aldred sat on the carriage as the horses pulled it through the gate. Ruandeurtin was a highly defended fortress. It was surrounded by thick and tall walls with hundreds of guards present at all times. They stared at him with suspicious eyes. It seemed they were wary of spies for fear of sabotage.

The blacksmith hammered down on a sword in front of the armory. Sparks came out every time he hammered down. Soldiers walked with certain steps like they knew where they were going and what they were about to do. It didn't look like a normal town where the people walked around in leisure. Everyone was at work. A lot of them stared at him with suspicion.

They whispered something. Some of them went away to report him to the higher ups. He might not be caught, but the knight and other soldiers would certainly kept and eye on him.

Ruandeurtin was governed by a captain. A captain's rank was right below Commander of Knights, but their influence and power were insurmountable. A captain could only lead five thousand knights, while a Commander of Knights could lead more than forty thousand knights.

In a large battle, each of these knights could lead one platoon or fifty squires, and a High Knight might lead more than 250 Knight.

The fort wasn't that extravagant thankfully, or the enemy might take it as a great offense and add more soldiers to their own forts.

The total population of this fort was around twelve thousand and six hundred. Five thousands of them were Knights. Seven thousand of them were Squires, and the rest were blacksmiths, alchemists, cook, and servants.

As the carriage went forward. A Knight with thick armor approached them. "Stop right there! Show me your identification!"

"Did you already forget me, Bartrem?"

Bartrem narrowed his eyes and stared at her. "Mary? What are you doing here?"

"This is no place to talk. Bring me to your place."

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Bartrem, Mary, and Aldred sat inside a room.

"It might not be as spacious, but believe me when I tell you that a squire will kill for this bedroom. And I mean that very literally."

Bartrem was right. The room wasn't that spacious, especially if compared to his own room in the floating castle. The room was made out of bricks without even being covered with paint or anything else. Aldred guessed they didn't have time and resources to think about decoration.

The room only had a bed, a table, and a few chairs. The floor of this room was made out of rough stone.

"Now," Bartrem said, sitting on the bed. He played with his mustache. "What is your business here?"

"Let this boy enters your platoon," Mary said.

"Impossible. He's at least ten. You want me to bring him to his death? Bring him back and let him return when he's twenty."

"I cannot do that. The emperor gave this order."

Bartrem clicked his tongue. "That fool. He thinks he can throw away lives like duck food. Then I can only hide him here and train him until he's strong enough."

Mary shook her head. "Do you forget that the captain of this fort is Pharder?"

Bartrem sighed. "How could I forget. That man is giving me nightmares every day." He looked at the boy. "You better be ready boy—wait. You're already at bronze rank?"

Aldred nodded.

"Incredible. What a talent. You might not have much experience as a ten-year-old, but your strength is enough for you to survive on the battlefield.


Level: 35

Power: Endurance, Decisive Attack, Tenacity, Rampage, Mighty Strike.

History: Bartrem was an orphan thrown away by his parents when he was still three months old. One of the empress's maid picked him up and reported her findings to the empress. The empress ordered the maid to take care of him. Years passed and he became a knight with eternal gratitude to the empress, but his association with her led Pharder, the captain and ruler of Ruandeurtin, to hate him. He was thrown into the most dangerous platoon with the highest death rate called Pressure Platoon II with fifty squires that was replaced every battle because all of them died. Yet ever since Bartrem took the lead, the casualties reduced significantly.

Aldred didn't bother to read more. Just by glimpsing at it he could get the general idea of who the man was. So Pharder was the big bully around here, and the target was Bartrem because he was associated with the empress. This was some political stuff that Aldred shouldn't get himself into. He just wanted to kill the emperor and get his steering wheel back.

"You are the only Knight I can trust," Mary said. "Much of the empress' fingers here were cut off by Pharder. Her control over this fort was zero to none, but I will stay here and help you too."

Someone opened the door of the room. It was a man with hazel straight hair. The man held his head high while staring down at them.

Mary bit her lips. "Pharder, you sure come quick."

Pharder moved his brawny hand on the wall. Unexpectedly, his fingers peeled off the bricks as their fragments fell to the floor. The man approached and pulled his hand back.

"You are stronger than I last saw you, Mary." He narrowed his eyes. "I wonder how you increase your strength."

"Not of your concern," Mary coldly said.

"I don't remember calling for a gold-ranked warrior to my fort. You are not needed. Leave immediately."

Mary sneered. "I came here from the direct order of the empress. Are you questioning her order?"

"Then who is this boy? Don't tell me this is the secret son of the empress by the result of her affair."

Mary gritted her teeth. "Don't you dare sully her name! If your words are exposed you will be executed! She found this pitiful boy on the street. He is under the empress' protection and in no way you can touch him."

"Not directly I cannot," Pharder replied. "Tomorrow, we'll attack Coinnerelle. Let's see how this boy fair when I put him at the front."

Aldred was pissed of by how arrogant this man was. Who did this man think he was?


Level: 125

Power: Defend Smash, Powerful Charge, Trembling Shockwave

'Oh… This man does have the strength to be arrogant. Damnit!'

The man stared at them one last time before leaving the room. Aldred clenched his hands in anger. He was about to do something awful and he might regret it later.

"Mary, he cannot touch me directly, correct? What would happen if he kill me?"

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"For disobeying the empress' order, the Commander of Knight themselves have to move and execute him. No one should disobey her order."

"Can the emperor bail him out?"

"Unlikely, unless he wanted a civil war."

Aldred took a deep breath and walked out of the door. "Hey!" He called.

Pharder turned around. "What, boy? You have no chance to run away."

"No. It's just. You forgot to bring these with you." Aldred threw the brick fragments at his face.

It hit straight at Pharder's face and stain his skin and clothes. The man stared at him in trembling rage. 'How dare this little boy!'

Mary and Bartrem were shocked.

'Just what the hell was he thinking!' Bartrem thought.

Even Mary couldn't say anything.

Pharder was about to kill this boy right here and there, but it would be too obvious that he was the killer. Everyone knew he hated the empress and used all the chance he got to remove her influence. He had done it successfully without giving the empress a reason to remove him. If he killed the boy now, the empress would have a reason to kill him. All the things he had done would be useless.

Aldred stepped backward and got ready to enter his Divine Dimension. He wasn't stupid. He had read a lot of arrogant main characters in novels and all of them got into trouble for their arrogance. He didn't want to lose his precious life, so he was prepared to escape from any slight movement.

Pharder, on the other hand, could only hold his rage. "You have done well, boy. Pray the enemy won't cut your head in tomorrow." He turned around and walk away.

Mary approached him and knocked his head. "What are you thinking? He could have killed you."

"You said he couldn't unless he wanted a civil war."

"Even if that was the case, he might forget about the consequence and do it anyway."

Aldred waved his hand. "Don't worry about it." There was no way he would tell them his secret. Aldred only met them for a few days. If it was his family the one who was asking, he would tell them openly.

"You hurt his feeling, boy," Bartrem said. "He will remember that."

"I don't care about his feeling. He can suck my PP, and I still won't care."

Bartrem looked at Mary. "Are you sure this guy is ten years old?"