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Reincarnated as the Demon King's Son

Chapter 38: Family Reunion
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Aldred kept on sucking intensely. Eve let herself moan from the pleasure. The boy kept on sucking until his sanity returned.

He was surprised and looked at the woman who was hugging him. His eyes filled in tears. "Mother!"

He hugged her and cried. "Waaa! Mom! You finally return. Waaa!"

Eve smiled and patted his head from the back. "Don't cry anymore, Aldred. You're a big boy now aren't you?"

Aldred heard her. He wanted to be strong. He wanted to stand on his own two feet and not rely on anyone else. He wanted to be just like Mary, and the empress who would keep on fighting. He wanted to be a proper man. A proper soldier like Bartrem who would charge forward with bravery, inspiring everyone to do the same.

He wanted to be all that. He truly wanted it. But…

But he couldn't hold himself and kept on crying on her shoulder. "I am sorry, mother. I want to be strong, but I cannot. Please let me cry on your shoulder. Please."

Eve's heart melted. After what she did to Aldred, she did not have the heart to force him to release his hug. And she missed her boy as well. Even though it was a few weeks in this world's time, the universe where she returned from made it a lot longer. That was because time worked differently in each universe.

What Aldred felt for a few weeks, she felt it for more than thirty thousand years. Time used to pass like a fly. A blink and they would pass. But each second she was away from Aldred was another millennium for her. That was how much she missed her boy.

Tears streaked from Eve's eyes. She shouldn't be spoiling Aldred, but her heart wasn't strong enough for that. She hugged him tight and cried.

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Dina hugged both her mother and her brother. "It's okay to cry, Aldred. A man must be strong. A man must be great. But whatever a man must become, they are still allowed to show emotion."

Aldred looked at his sister and hugged her as well. "Thank you, sister."

Dina kissed him on the cheek. "I found that quote on page 69 of Fifteen Shade of Gay. Maybe you should try reading it."

Aldred choked on his own saliva. He coughed a few times. Eve's neck leaked out blood.

"Did I do that?" Aldred asked, feeling bad.

Eve smiled. The blood moved back into the wound before it closed. "It's fine, Aldred. You are still young, so you cannot control it yet."

"Still, I am sorry, mother."

Eve sighed, smiling. "You can drink my blood anytime, Aldred. You are my son." She caressed his cheek. Her eyes looked at him with the gaze of a loving mother. Then her expression turned apologetic.

"There is something I have to tell you."

"What is it, mother?"

"It was intentional."

"What is?"

"You falling from that castle."


"I am sorry, Aldred. I and your father think that our treatment of you will impair your talent and growth. And so we did what we did."

Aldred looked down, seemingly in thought. Then he looked at them with a bright expression. "I understand, mother. I know you did it for my own good. I know you have always protected me."

"How did you know?"

"Uhh… I sometimes meet you in my dream." Aldred cleared his throat.

Mary held her laugh. Back when Aldred was traveling with her in the carriage, Aldred had a weird dream about his mother.

"Anyway," Aldred started. "Where's dad?"

"He's having work oversea," Eve said.

"Huh? What sea?"

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"Mom was saying that dad is still working. He's out there in other universe being a villain so the gods can obtain more worshipers," Dina explained. That was of course half true.

Aldred nodded and did not question it anymore. He did not want to be a nagging baby asking for mom and dad all the time.

"Also, Aldred," Eve said. "I cannot bring you back to the castl—"

"I know, mom," Aldred said with a smile. "I will find my way back on my own. I am not sad or angry that you made me fall off the castle. In fact, I am thankful that you did it. I met Mary who train me and told me stories about how to keep going in life. I met Bartrem who is brave and inspiring. I met Pharder and Simond who is an ass hole. But they are the challenges that I have to face. Only when I can face them on my own will I be worthy to return home."

"You grow so fast," Eve said. "I am glad that you understand. In that case, let me breastfeed you before I leave." She pulled his head and put his mouth on her nipple.

Aldred was surprised, but he didn't want to deny the chance. His mother was beautiful, and so did her breast. Bigger and smoother than Mary, the quality of her milk was sweet and tasty. The warmth was also to his liking.

Eve smiled and recalled the day when she breastfeed her son for the first time. They were so happy and complete. Aldred running around in the castle. Her husband brught them to an exciting adventure. Dina spoiled Aldred in her room, reading stories with sweets and hot chocolate milk.

But Aldred had to grow up. To do that, he must explore the world on his own.

After a few hours, Aldred stopped sucking her breast and hugged her. "I love you, mom."

"I love you too, Aldred." She hugged him.

Dina hugged them again. "When you return, I will prepare some sweets for you again."

Aldred nodded and kissed her cheek.

Eve put him down and smiled.

They both disappeared immediately.