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Right Person, Wrong Time

Right Person, Wrong Time
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Right Person, Wrong Time

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    Read Right Person, Wrong Time by . Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereRight Person, Wrong Time update full chapter at . Genre: Romance,... Nicole because in order to have money to take care of her hospitalized mother, she did not dare to resist the man who was taking over her body. And it was also her first time, Nicole painfully took money to the hospital to pay for her mother's hospital bills, but her mother passed away. Nicole mistook the man for  Joseph Mann as the youngest son of the Mann Family but everything changed when the  Man of the night was Colton Gardner, who now leads the rich and powerful Gardner Family. When he learned that he was the one who took  Nicole's virginity, he secretly promised to take responsibility for  Nicole. Five years later, when she returned to the old city, every memory in her head made her a little depressed. Walking beside her is her son and the man that night,...How will things continue? Please follow and read  Right Person, Wrong Time update full chapter at Right Person, Wrong Time update full chapter at

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