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Rise of the Horde

Rise of the Horde
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Rise of the Horde

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    Summary Xiao Chen was once a great soldier of Huaxia known for his strange, unique but effective tactics and plans during operations. He would always assumemmand and orchestrate highly-dangerous missions and would lead his unit success.He was known for being a greatmmander which made his military rank soar, from being a young lieutenant freshly graduate from the academy bming one of the youngest general that Huaxia had ever seen.Sadly though his military career was cut short when he was deeply involved in the older generals politics. He died a tragic death when he was murdered by the men who he trusted so much andnsidered his brothers.His soul wandered through the river of time and space still seeking vengeance and was soon swallowed up by a swirling light.He soon found himself in the body of a monster or that’s what othersnsider him be. He had a hulking figure pack with muscleswering nearly 7ft tall, a pair thick tusks jutting out from his mouth and lupine ears along with the great desire for battle welling up inside him.He begins his new journey as a green hulking monster or an orc as what his kind was called, a monster born for war and lived for war. You’re reading “Rise of the Horde” on See all Hide