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Rise of the White Dragon-Novel

Rise of the White Dragon-Novel
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Rise of the White Dragon-Novel

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    Summary On May 28 of the year 2010, the third awakening happened. Several smaller worlds had returnednnect with the main world as living beings of different races started appear and some people managednnect with the origin and gainntrol of various powers:ntrol of fire, of water, of wind, of air, and of the earth... In the midst of all thesenfusions,wers that gave unimaginable powers began appear in allrners of the world, where those who already had powersuld upgrade and bme more powerful or even those who did not have powersuld receive powers through tests of thewer. And because of thesewers,nflicts started happen in allrners of the world by those wanting monopolize thesewers.Luan Dimas was transported back four months before the third awakening that started the apocalypse on earth. Being a man who lived for a thousand years and had accumulated several techniques, he now had a new chancerrect some of his early mistakes. Luan decided make the most of this new chance that the heavens had given him.The 'Earth' in this is not the same Earth we currently live on, so don't use ourmmon sense for this . After all, this is pure fantasy.You’re reading “Rise of the White Dragon” on See all Hide

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