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Samsara Online-Novel

Samsara Online-Novel
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Samsara Online-Novel

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    Summary In the year 2030, Samsara Online, a 100% immersive VRMMORPG that allows players bring their innate real-world skills the virtual world, is launched and supported by the World Central Bank. With terrifying analytical ability, inhuman reflexes, and monstrous reaction speed, Xie Feng’s travel starts i a world that he will gradually diver is not as normal as it seems. It was also from that moment that Xie Feng’s life started deviate from the norm, changing his destinympletely. ”As long as I exist in this world, no one else is allowed be #1!” ”All those who made her cry will pay!” ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ Note: In chapter 4 it might seem that something is forced, but trust me when I say that it is not. Everything has a logical reason, I just hope yountinue reading diver it! Note readers who dislike the harem: The harem in this will not be like in 99% of the s where the protagonist only picks up girls madly. This harem has a logical reason and a specific destinynnecting the protagonist with the girls. Believe me, if it wasn’t a harem, at the end of the ry you would just cry.You’re reading “Samsara Online” on See all Hide