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Seeking the Tao in the Mortal World

Seeking the Tao in the Mortal World
96 Chapters
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Seeking the Tao in the Mortal World

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    Summary Qin Yi used think that cultivation was all about a peaceful mind and the indifferencewards fame and wealth. He is ready abandon all mortal desires and enjoy eternal solitude when he later realizes that he is a human after all, and on the lonely cultivation path, heuld really use the warmth of another pair of arms… Of hismpanions, the prince wants rebuild his kingdom; the princess is looking forward her heroic life; the priestess needs experience the secular world; the “dumb snake”uld use anfidence boost; and his “clubbie” wants a human form. But would everyone get what they wanted?You’re reading “Seeking the Tao in the Mortal World” on See all Hide

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