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Sin and Virtue System

Sin and Virtue System
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Sin and Virtue System

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    Summary “I want be a true demon.”A boy not older than 20 years wished as he looked at the sky.After suffering from the trauma for many years, he finally gave up on life.People called him ugly, demon, and hideous.He bared with it, butday he finally broke.With a piercing pain in his chest, he died.When opened his eyes, Logan found himself in another world and inside the body of a demon.His wish was granted, but at whatst?He had no power and was the lowest among the demons.No one help, no one be with him.But it did not affect Logan. Because he had something else with him.‘Sin and Virtue System.’Guiding himwards his goal bme a true Demon.Logan’snquest has begun, so be a part of it.Otherwise, you will miss him.The true Demon!However, is the MC the 'only' one have a system?Hm?Read the fucking and find out! You’re reading “Sin and Virtue System” on See all Hide

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