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Since I've Reincarnated as the Villainess' Father, I'll Shower My Wife and Daughter in Love

Chapter 141
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VF 141 – Preventive Measures

[So… – were you able to gather information?]

Gotta get straight to the topic. The faster I finish this, the more family time I’ll get. Not like I need to sugarcoat things with Jake.

Before we got back, I already sent a messenger to inform Jake about what happened. And knowing him–

[It seems that there was a coup d’etat in the principality just recently. We’ve already confirmed as well that the king of the country had changed.]

Considering this incident is on a national level, why didn’t I hear of it just now? I’m a Duke, you know?

[There was an information lockdown. It was more strict than expected.]

Oho. To be able to obtain such information despite the obstacle in just a short amount of time. As expected of Jake. Truly talented.

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[Personnel have already been covertly dispatched towards the principality so there should be more information that will come by shortly. So far, we have confirmed that the principality has been continuously buying weapons from various countries. Our country is not included in their business partners, however. I believe they are being wary of your presence, Calis-sama. What had happened just now in the castle town must be a high risk gamble even for them.]

…Just how much information did you get, Jake? It hasn’t even been a single day since I sent you the instructions, right?

[Furthermore, it seems that the conservative faction of the principality have been thoroughly purged by the extremists. Almost half of the extremist faction is currently in the capital keeping a tight leash on it. Based on the information we have so far, it would appear that the principality is trying to strengthen its military to expand its territories. As for the young girl that Duke had taken in, I’m afraid we still don’t have any idea why they tried to abduct the kid.]

[…I see… It seems it’ll be more troublesome than I thought… *Sigh*]

[There’s one more piece of information I think you’d be interested in though.]

[And that is?]

[The new king of the principality has changed his name. The name he now claims is —]

Huh…? I don’t understand what’s so interesting about a person changing names though…?


Uh…? Now that I think about it… That name… That’s the name of the emperor from the history of this world who once ruled over the continent.

[Is that man aiming to swallow the continent…?]

[Perhaps. Or maybe he’s just being too zealous.]

Jake might be seeing that king as someone who’s drowned in the sweetness of victory but… what if that person was actually a reincarnation as well..?

A reincarnation unlike me and the princess who came from another world, but a reincarnation of someone from this world itself… what if he’s actually the emperor written in the history books..?

Not that I’m sure about it. These are just mere speculations.

I have a bad feeling about this. We need to gather more information.

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[Clear up my schedule, Jake. I need to see what’s happening myself.]


Worst case scenario, the issue between our kingdom and the principality might result in war.

And if that happens… I’d definitely get dispatched to the front lines.

Does it look like I have the time and energy to spend on a battlefield? No. I personally believe that all of that is futile.

So before it escalates to that point, I’d nip this problem in the bud myself.

I’d immediately make my move once we gathered enough information and lay down the necessary groundwork . So for now, I’d take this opportunity to enjoy my family’s presence as much as I can.

The groundwork won’t be too much but just an insurance, however. As I always say, I can never be too careful. Especially for safety matters.

Translator’s Notes:

Oooohhh, oohhhhhhh. Perhaps we’re getting more action in the future? Hohoho, I don’t hate it. In fact, I’d love it! I’d really love to see as well how the characters will develop though. So I hope it ain’t just all Calis. It feels like I’ve already identified the cause of the lack of recent chapters on the raws. Apparently, the series started commercialization! Author-san seems busy on it that he wasn’t able to publish new chapters. He hasn’t made any announcement whether the WN would be discontinued or not, though. That being the case, to celebrate the weekend, here are the official illustration of the series!