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Since I've Reincarnated as the Villainess' Father, I'll Shower My Wife and Daughter in Love

Chapter 40 - Reflection
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c40 Reflection

After a while, Sasha was tired and fell asleep, so I gently put Sasha back in her bed and left her room quietly.

Still... it’s really stupid of me to make Sasha have a worried and sad expression.

I want Sasha and Laurier to smile, and I don’t want them to worry about me even when I have difficulties in my heart.

Speaking with the spirit of self-sacrifice may be good. But it is worse than anything to worry someone important to you. Yeah, I’m repenting now.

When I was deep in thought, I arrived at the room where mother and Laurier were having tea, so I shook off my latent thoughts and entered the room.

“Oh? It took longer than expected.”

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The figure of mother elegantly drinking tea as I entered the room was impressive, but as my Sasha is usually even more awe-inspiring than this, I was able to respond to my mother with indifferent eyes I was not particularly anxious about my response because of this, because I am accustomed to Sasha tasting tea like a goddess.

“Mother ... what is that envious sight?”

“Whatever do you mean by an envious sight?”

“As clarification, it’s concerning my dear daughter peacefully lying down on your lap.”

That’s right, I noticed it immediately after I had entered the room. Mother held Laurier in her lap. As I stared and once again said “What an enviable sight,” my mother giggled.

“Oh my, I wonder if Callis also want a lap pillow? I wonder if Sasha is unsatisfied as the spoiled mother.”

“I’d like to rebuke further, but at least know Sasha is the only one who will be spoiled, so it’s different. You know that, don’t you?”

Well, I’d like Sasha to be a little more conservative, if I were you.... Well, well, because I’m sweetened with Sasha, let’s try it this time.

Well, I want Sasha to be a little spoiled as well, but I should probably act more conservative.

When I decided on that kind of thing secretly, I turned back to mother talking with a serious expression.

“Well, this isn’t completely your fault.”

“Is it?”

“Laurier has been worried because you’ve been acting strange since this morning. I was relieved that you had arrived home safely and went to be with her.”

“That’s my responsibility....”

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I’ve been so worried about Laurier... I really don’t think I’m going to do it. To not make them worry and make them have such an expression... This isn’t much different from the previous Callis. I should be more careful not to make them worry about me anymore. Definitely.

“Mother, will you punish me later?”

“If you like pain, have Sasha do it”

“I don’t want Sasha’s hands to get hurt. Besides, Sasha is too kind. She wouldn’t be able to punish me”

That’s why, in order to put that feeling to rest, I want mother to punish me. While Sasha and Laurier are so kind that they won’t be able to properly punish me, more than anything, this is my selfish way of doing things, because of this, my mother is the only one I can rely on.

At last, mother sighed at my words and responded,

“Understood. I will scold you in secret from Laurier and Sasha”

“Thank you ... Also, will you change the lap pillow for Laurier in a little bit?”


With that, mother and I fought quietly over Laurier’s lap pillow until she woke up