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Strict Wife Of The '70s Manages The Household

Strict Wife Of The '70s Manages The Household

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    Summary Lin Lan woke up and transmigrated i a shrewish wife who drank pesticides. The original owner ruined her husband’s promising future, and all five of her children became villains in the end. Her in-laws are biased. The uncles and aunts are insatiable. She has five bear children and ald-faced husband take care of. . . Lin Lan: Trying take my money? We’ve already separated. I’ll take it back! My husband dares run wild? I’ll teach him be a new man! It’s difficult discipline wild children? That is due the lack of love! Shower them with love! What’s the matter with thatld-faced man?You’re reading “Strict Wife Of The '70s Manages The Household” on See all Hide

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