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Sweet Subterfuge by Trina Duo

Sweet Subterfuge by Trina Duo
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Sweet Subterfuge by Trina Duo

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    Read Sweet Subterfuge by Trina Duo by Trina Duo. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereSweet Subterfuge by Trina Duo full chapter on . Genre: Marriage Larissa Seymour suspects that her husband, Travis Hardy, may have cheated on her after finding pregnancy supplies in his Amazon shopping cart. Larissa had initially told Travis she didn't want children, but he assured her it was fine, and they got married. Larissa recalls seeing Travis being intimate with his female subordinate, Amber Fox, who recently got pregnant. She checks Travis's previous orders and finds luxury cosmetics, skincare products, and a limited-edition Chanel handbag, which she remembers Amber having. Larissa decides to confront Travis at a team gathering, but he acts defensive. At the restaurant, Larissa pretends everything is fine but later discovers Amber and Travis together in the restroom. Larissa tries to avoid a collision, causing Amber to fall and spill hot stew on both of them. Travis rushes to Amber's side, ignoring Larissa's request for an explanation, and takes Amber to the hospital. Larissa is left feeling hurt, angry, and physically injured... Read Sweet Subterfuge by Trina Duo

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