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System Creator System: I Can Create Systems!

System Creator System: I Can Create Systems!
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System Creator System: I Can Create Systems!

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    Summary A bored teenager, after praying god for something relieve his boredom, got his prayers answered. It just so happens that Systema Kami, the God Of Worldly Systems, was recruiting an assistant!-Ding![System Crer System has been integrated i the host’s soul!][First Task: Create a soul parasite type system.][Snd Task: Grant the system any living being.][Third Task:…]After receiving the System Crer System, Keith embarked on a journey bming the greatest System Crer!Training System, Leveling System, Hero System, Villain System, and even Harem System! The possibilities are endless!When he received the system, some of the secrets of his world were revealed him!Keith McDowell: System, are you serious? There is a book titled “End Note” that has the power bring the end of anything. And it just so happens that a regressor obtained it which should have been mine?[Yes.]Keith McDowell: And my schoolmates have been summoned another world as heroes defeat the demon lord and save the world?[The crer is right. Not only that, there will be a dimensional gate that will open after a month.]Keith McDowell: Finally! My thirst for entertainment can be satiated!In other words, this is none other than the journey of a young man who wants entertain himself, whatever it takes! You’re reading “System Crer System: I Can Create Systems!” on See all Hide

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