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Taming The CEO The Escaping Wife

Chapter 16
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Chapter 16

The icy water sent a shiver down Letitia’s spine. What the heck was he doing?

Meanwhile, Elgin, with his other hand, yanked off her clothes, scrubbing her skin clean.

Before long, several red marks appeared on Letitia’s body!

“Elgin! Letitia could no longer contain her rage, and she yelled at him, her face dripping with water,

“What the hell are you doing?!”

“Why the hell did you let Walden touch you?” Elgin’s possessiveness was terrifyingly intense.

She belonged to him, and even if he treated her like trash and despised her, no one else could lay a

finger on her!

Letitia glared at him with reddened eyes, “I pushed him away, it was just for a second!”

“No matter how brief, it’s not okay!”

Elgin was fiercely rinsing Letitia’s shoulder, as if he wished he could peel off her skin.

At first, Letitia struggled fiercely, but then she just stood there numbly, like a puppet.

She was soaked through, with water dripping from the tips of her hair.

Elgin wasn’t in much better shape himself. Seeing her pale as death, a crazy thought momentarily

flashed through his

mind-he wanted her!

“Damn it! Elgin threw down the showerhead and grabbed her chin, leaning down to plant a deep kiss

on her!

It was more of a devouring than a kiss. Both of them were drenched, and Letitia was forced to tilt her

head back. Anyway, she couldn’t resist.

Her rare compliance only fueled the fire burning inside Elgin. He was about to lose control over himself!

Her body had a familiar feeling that he hadn’t felt in a long time!

Suddenly, Letitia, trembling, wrapped her arms around his neck and looked down as she asked,

“Elgin… could you give me some money?”

She was really at her wit’s end-she needed to treat her dad’s burns and wanted to bribe some prison

guards in the prison to ensure they didn’t give her dad a hard time.

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All of this required money.

“Heh, so you’re not feigning resistance this time because you need something from me,” Elgin scoffed,

“Letitia, you know I’m not short on cash.”

“Yes, so can you give it to me? Letitia clenched her fists, forcing herself to meet his gaze.

He eyed her lips, “How much?”

“Twenty thousand.”

Letitia didn’t dare to be greedy and ask for too much-ten thousand for treatment, and ten thousand for

bribes should be enough.

She needed to deal with this pressing issue first and would figure out the rest later.

This amount was a drop in the bucket for Elgin.


“Why should I give you twenty thousand?”

Letitia bit her lip hard, replying, “Because I’m your wife.”

He flung her off with disgust, “Letitia, get a grip on who you are!”

Any desire Elgin previously had was instantly quashed, and he abruptly turned to leave.

Chapter 16

Letitia’s back was against the tiles as she watched him go, “Elgin, if you don’t give it to me… I’ll go to


She deliberately threatened him like this!

Actually, she knew Elgin pretty well.

Letitia knew what ticked him off and how to butter him up… only by getting a handle on his temper

could she survive

under his thumb!

Sure enough, Elgin bellowed, “You wouldn’t dare!”

‘People backed into a comer will do anything! Letitia said desperately.

His eyes narrowed in interrogation, “What do you need twenty thousand for?”

“…” Letitia bit her lip. “Thave my reasons.”

She was afraid if Elgin knew she was going to treat her father’s wounds, he would be even less likely to

give her the money. After all, he was the one who had sent Shela to do the dirty work!

“Just consider it an advance on my salary, Letitia added, “Later on, I can draw jewelry designs every

day to pay off the


She had been the star student in the design department at AquaCity University. Countless brands had

wanted to hire her, and her drafts were still used as templates by her juniors!

Elgin’s lips curved into a smirk, “Fine.”

He was a businessman, always looking for a good deal.

Seeing him relent, Letitia breathed a sigh of relief.

Elgin transferred twenty thousand to her on the spot, Remember what you said!”

She cried tears of joy; her dad could finally get treatment!

Unconcerned with Elgin’s perception of her, Letitia briskly dried her face and took her leave. Elgin,

however, stood by the

window, chain smoking one cigarette after another.

He had married Letitia only because he couldn’t find Shela and temporarily needed someone to fill the

spot, to keep Phedra and Raizel from causing trouble

The position of Mrs. Ramirez was reserved for the woman he loved.

That night, Shela had indeed sparked something in him. Moreover, she had used her own body to save

him, to cure the drug in his system.

Elgin had always been clear about his debts and grudges.

Putting out his cigarette, he prepared to sleep; it was already the wee hours of the morning

Just as Elgin lay down, coughing sounds came from outside. Every three to five minutes, like

clockwork, accompanied by sniffles, coughs, and the sound of tossing and turning.

He was a light sleeper, requiring utter silence, and with Letitia coughing like this, how could he rest


Elgin rolled out of bed, fury on his face as he yanked the door open, “Letitia”

No response.

“Letitia!” He raised his voice

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“Hmm…” She replied weakly, trying hard to open her eyes but finding she couldn’t.

Elgin then realized her cheeks were burning hot, yet her lips were pale.

He touched her forehead, and his palm felt the heat – Letitia had a fever.

This woman was so frail!

“Get up. Elgin said coldly, ‘don’t die on my doorstep.”

She turned over, clinging to his pant leg, rubbing it gently like a kitten, “I’m dizzy, it hurts…”

As she spoke, she coughed violently again.

“Hold me,” she murmured, “I don’t want medicine… it’s bitter… so bitter.”

Letitia was delirious with fever, her mind filled with images from her childhood when every time she had

a cold, Malinda would hold her and coax her to take her medicine sip by sip.

Elgin watched her intently. After a few seconds, he bent down, picked her up, and carried her into the

bedroom. He roughly applied a fever patch to her and dumped her on the sofa.

Letitia kept mumbling in her sleep, and Elgin, annoyed and unable to make out what she was saying,

shouted, “Shut up!”

She flinched, gradually falling silent.

Elgin turned to leave. Then he heard a thud” behind him; Letitia had fallen straight off the sofa.

“Clumsy woman!”

The next day.

Letitia turned over, instinctively reaching to snuggle the pillow, but then she realized…

This pillow seemed a bit hard.

She reached out and gave it a poke, and it was surprisingly bouncy.

Hold up, this doesn’t seem like her pillow. What on earth is it?

Letitia, still half-asleep, was about to open her eyes to check when she heard Elgin’s voice from above

her head, “Are you done touching me?”

Heck, is this a dream? She looked up and met that handsome face.

“Ah-” Letitia screamed, nearly tumbling out of the bed in fright.

Elgin’s face was ashen as he quickly reached out and yanked her back into his arms, You silly woman,

trying to fall off again?”

Letitia, with a face full of confusion, “I… how did I end up in your bed?”

“You were sleepwalking.”