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Taming The CEO The Escaping Wife

Chapter 23
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Chapter 23

Letitia’s eyes were rimmed with red.

“Are you really that strapped for cash? Elgin stared at her, “So desperate that you’re picking up trash

and tossing your pride to the wind?”

“Yes! I need money! What’s pride? What’s dignity? The moment you chucked me into the loony bin, I

lost all that! Just being alive costs me way more effort than the average Joe!

You’re Mr. Ramirez, high and mighty, worth billions. Of course, you’d never stoop to this level. But me?

I’m nothing. You snap your fingers, and I’m supposed to commute on foot to work. Is it such a crime to

scrape together enough for bus fare? I knew you’d find out sooner or later, but I’m more scared of

being broke than I am of your temper!”

Letitia quickly cleaned her tears and squatted down to pick up the scattered items again.

“Stop picking those up!”

Continuing, she didn’t listen to his words.

“Letitia, I said stop picking those up!” Elgin scooped her up in one motion.

“Let go of me!”

Elgin kicked the bottles out of the way and dumped Letitia into the car.

Ranen’s face was a picture of panic, “Mr. Ramirez…

“Get lost!”

“Yes, sir.

“Pick up those damn bottles!”


Ranen, “… Yes, Mr. Ramirez.

When the boss fights, the assistant suffers.

Not only got kicked out of the car in the dead of night but also sent to collect trash.

Elgin sat in the driver’s seat and floored the accelerator.

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Letitia’s head nearly smashed into the windshield.

She hurried to buckle up; at this speed, she wouldn’t put it past her life being on the line.

She can’t die.

Not before because of her parents. And certainly not now; she’s got a baby to think of!

“Slow down… Ah! Letitia didn’t even dare open her eyes, “Elgin, we’re going to crash!”

Elgin, wordless, gripped the steering wheel, zipping past cars, turning the sedan into a race car.

Letitia was thrown around by inertia until they reached Ivory Towers, where Elgin finally hit the brakes.

The car skidded toward the steps, tires screeching against the pavement, stopping less than five

centimeters away.

Letitia was drenched in a cold sweat. Her legs trembling, she jumped out of the car and started retching

by the side.

Eigin looked on coldly, “Drama queen.”

1.1 get car sick!”

“You seem to have thrown up more than once. He squinted, “What’s up with that?”

Letitia panicked inside, fearing he’d connect the dots to morning sickness.

So she blurted out quickly. It’s the greasy soup, I’m not used to it. Hospital food was trash, so my

stomach’s weak now i cant handle anything too rich!”

Elgin remembered Phedra’s soup and was equally annoyed, “Then don’t eat them anymore!”

“You said it!” Letitia looked at him. “No take-backs.”

He was worried… there was already something wrong with the soup, and her frequent vomiting had

him concerned for her health. But soon he found an excuse for himself, Letitia was for him to punish,

how could she be taken down by a bowl of soup!

“Also, no more trash picking!” Elgin warned. “If I catch you again…”

“You think I enjoy it?

“Isn’t it just for bus fare? Starting tomorrow, you ride with me to and from work.” Elgin declared, “Happy


Letitia was taken aback, that was even worse than walking

At least walking was liberating without having to play by his rules.

But Elgin took her silence as consent. “Don’t overthink it. If you get spotted, I would be the

embarrassing one!”

Not many at the company know we’re married.”

They were secretly hitched, and there was no way Elgin would go public with her.

In AquaCity, everyone was speculating about the unseen Mrs. Ramirez, the knockout bound to be

living the high life, hitched to the Ramirez family, set for life. What luck!

Back in the living room, the butler presented a cup of tea.

Elgin took a sip, his expression still sour

Letitia ignored him digging through her bag and finding a scented candle, which she handed to the

butler, “It helps with sleep Just a little something.”

Thank you, Mrs. Ramirez.

Elgin’s face turned even darker.

A little something? She’s got nerve!

“By the way, didn’t you throw away that scented candle I gave you?” Letitia inquired. “Why did Samson


Elgin tugged at his tie. “How would I know? Must’ve been the cleaners, thought it was thrown away by

mistake and put it back on my desk!”

“Oh… if you want a new one.

“I don’t want it!” Elgin slammed the teacup down and stormed upstairs to his study.

The butler ventured cautiously. “Madam, Mr. Ramirez seems in a bad mood.”

“When is he ever not? Grumpy every day, like he’s going through menopause. Just ignore him.”

‘You’ve upset Mr. Ramirez again.”

Letitia was speechless, “He started it.

But it was odd that he was so mad today and yet didn’t lay a finger on her.

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Her phone pinged; it was a message from Ranen

Mrs Ramirez, this is the money from those items I’ve transferred It to you.]

Then he transferred her seventeen bucks

Letitia felt a bit ernbarrassed, Ranen was the CEO’s assistant, well-paid, and here he was picking

through trash late at night. She’d buy him a coffee tomorrow as an apology.

was about to go to bed, she heard Shela’s voice outside, “I want to see Mr. Ramirez, let me in. Mr

Ramirez! It’s me, Sheta? You can’t be so heartless!I’m here to apologize, please give me a chance…”

Sheis? What was she doing back here?

Elgin had just sent her home to reflect today, and now she couldn’t wait to show up again?

Outside the gate, Shela kept yelling and banging on the door, insisting on seeing Elgin before leaving.

What a i

What a joke, as if she’d really sit tight and reflect, giving Letitia the chance and timel

She’s not that dumb!

She though that bit of groveling, a little charm, and Mr. Ramirez would forgive her!

“Mr. Ramirez, if I can’t see you today, I’ll kneel here until I do!”

“Ms. Ward, please, you’ll disturb Mr. Ramirez’s peace and we really can’t afford that mess!

“Go and get him, please


Shela actually just plopped down on her knees.

The security guard nearly jumped out of his skin and was at a loss when Elgin’s figure emerged slowly

from the darkness.

“What’s all this ruckus about, in the dead of night?” he scolded.

“Mr. Ramirez!” Shela exclaimed joyfully, looking at him. “You finally agreed to see me!”

Elgin frowned and said. “Get up”

“No, I won’t get up unless you forgive me.” She shuffled her knees, moving closer to Elgin. “I’ve been

reflecting all afternoon. I know I messed up, and I’m here to apologize to Letitia, to beg for her