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Taming The CEO The Escaping Wife

Chapter 24
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Chapter 24

On the villa steps, Letitia couldn’t help but snort with laughter when she heard that.

Shela giving a heartfelt apology? There was no way she was sincerel

Besides, Elgin wouldn’t let Shela do such a thing. Shela was the woman he loved, so he would never

make her do such


Sure enough, Elgin asked coolly “You really see what you did wrong?”

“Uh, I shouldn’t have stormed into the office and grabbed someone, that was wrong. Shela responded,

“I… I just got

blinded by jealousy for a moment, I love you too much

We’re the match made in heaven, fate brought us together that night to be each other’s one and only.

But, Letitia is your legit wife Mr Ramirez, it just breaks my heart

Just thinking about her being able to snuggle up in bed with you, share meals with you, I get so jealous

I could go crazy. Clearly, she stole everything that was meant for me. So I just wanted to take it out on

her… thankfully, you showed up in time!” Shela grabbed Elgins arm and gave it a gentle shake.

Otherwise, I would’ve made a huge mistake. Mr. Ramirez, these are the reflections I’ve had today!”

Her words rang with sincerity. She was like a woman madly in love, unraveling due to her powerful

emotions, her every

word etching the depth of her ardor for Elgin.

“I’ll apologize to Letitia, I promise I won’t bully her again, I’ll be good. Mr. Ramirez, can you please stop

being mad at ΠΕ Shela pouted turning on the charm now.

Admitting her mistake, showing love, being cutesy… she had got it all down pat

Elgin, already feeling guilty towards her, saw her sincere attitude and decided to let it slide.

“Get up.” He reached out to help her up.

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“Thank you, Mr. Ramirez!” Shela jumped up with joy, latching onto his arm.

“I won’t ever do anything to put you in a tough spot again. Shela said earnestly, “I’ll just wait patiently

until you take me



“So, you forgive me, right?”

Elgin nodded.

“Yay!” Shela beamed, “I knew you were the best! Mr. Ramirez, I’ll go apologize to Letitia!”

Before Elgin could respond, she was already off and running.

Seeing her approach, Letitia instinctively stepped back to keep her distance, “What trick are you pulling

this time?”

“I’m here to apologize.” Shela batted her eyelashes innocently, “Mr. Ramirez is watching”

“You’re really here to apologize to me?”

“Yeah, I’m standing right in front of you, aren’t I?”

Letitia eyed her warily.

Shela smiled, looking as harmless as they come, nothing like the fierce kick she delivered to Letitia’s

stomach earlier.

“I’m sorry, Letitia Shela said, “I shouldn’t have been so aggressive today, my dad already gave me an

earful, and Mr. Ramirez punished me. Next time. I won’t be so direct”

You really are…”

Shush, let me finish. I was too hasty, after all, you’re the Mrs. Ramirez in name only. Just you wait!”

Letitia stared at her, “Why are you targeting me? Elgin promised to marry you, to divorce me, what

more do you want?”

hela mayed closer and as Letitia tried to back away she grabbed her, “Relax, with all these eyes on us,

I won’t do any to you just want to share a litle secret

7skont want to hear it

Are you sure? Shela feigned tegnet with a sigh. Even the bastard in your belly…”

Letitas even widened as she covered her hand over Shela’s mouth! Surely enough. Shela knew about

her pregnancy!

“Seared Shela asked “You don’t want this secret getting out, do you?”

to her was meant to cause a miscarriage! Letitia realized, her suspicions were accuratel

“Get nd of the kid Shela said Letitia you’re in hot water as it is, the kid’s just dead weight.”

Letitia shook her head, “No, you have no right to decide my child’s fate!

“Then don’t blame me for not being nice! With those harsh words, Shela turned to leave.

Wait! Letitia called out to her. You do you know who he is?”

That night, it was the director who got her out of the psych ward and sent her to the hotel, he must

know everything! And Shela being the director’s daughter, must be in on the secret!

Of course I know Letitia, you’re the only one in the dark”

Who is i

demanded. That night who was it!

“Ha ha ha ha, give it up, you’ll never know in this lifetime! I’d advise you to get rid of that bastard early,

don’t bring trouble upon yourself!

Shela brushed off her hand, but titta wasn’t about to let her go that easily

The truth was within arm’s reach!

“Ouch Shela suddenly cried out pitifully. “You scratched me, Lalready apologized, why are you


Elgin, approaching at that moment, heard her and shot a sharp glance at Letitia.

But Letitia’s mind was completely consumed by the bombshell about the child’s father.

She needed to know, who was the man that night!

“Tell me!” she slung to Shela, “That man who is he?”

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“You’re hurting me.

“Talk! Answer mel

Shela struggled to leave, but Letitia gripped her tightly

In the tussle

“Ah! Shela screamed as she tumbled down the stairs, rolling down one step at a time.

Letitia stood there, frozen.

“Shelal Elgin quickened his pace, rushing forward to pick her up

“It hurts, it hurts so much Shela whimpered in his arms, I came to apologize, and if she won’t accept it

that’s fine, but why did she have to push me.”

7 take you to the hospital.”

Letitia came back to her senses, trying to explain, “No, I didn’t push her. Elgin, I didn’t!”

His gaze was try. “I saw it with my own eyes, and you’re still making excuses?”

really didn’t do that was pulling her, how could I be pushing her?”

She’s cred “You don’t want to forgive me, and I’m not forcing you, but how can you treat me this way.

Letitia, I still Par tomterte entertainment industry to act, if i break a bone or my face gets ruined, my

future is over

“Get your ass over here!” Elgin barked.

Letitia struggled to take steps, descending the stairs.

Just as she was about to speak, Elgin got her by the throat.

“You are out of line, Letitia, his fingers tightened, “You really think I wouldn’t lay a finger on you now?

Where’s this confidence coming from?”

“I never thought that.”

“I’ve been too nice to you lately! You’re getting way too cocky!”

His grip on her neck tightened, forcing Letitia to tilt her head back, gasping for air.

“Hah… she chuckled, “You being nice? Elgin, you’re the one who dragged me from heaven to hell!”

Elgin’s face was fierce, full of loathing. “You got what you deserved!”

“Even if my dad killed yours, that was their issue. Why the hell are you taking it out on me?!”