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Tensei Shite Inaka de Slowlife wo Okuritai

Chapter 1 Death and……
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Chapter 1 Death and……

It is said that there are gods in various places and things in Japan.

Mountain, Sea, Land, Water, Fire, and other various things.

It seems to be even in the toilet recently.

It is said that there is a god even in such a common thing.

Mou, is there a place where there isn’t anymore?

Perhaps, there may be more gods in the figure of power than human beings.

Everyone knows of an existence called God, but nobody has seen or encountered it.

Even I haven’t. Of course, I have never seen it.

Only worshipped without being seen by anyone, that existence probably exists.

So, are you Kamisama?

However, I was only 27 years old when I came across.

In an empty pure white space.

With Kamisama.


My name is Inaka Yuuji. 27 years old, single, a salaryman working in the food industry.

I’m not married. I don’t even have a girlfriend. I’m living alone at an apartment.

It’s not annoying, you know? Seeing high school student couples in the city is not annoying, you know? It’s the truth, you know?

After all, if I am determined……

I did not particularly aim for the top, I entered a reasonably excellent high school, and went to a reasonably excellent university.

Without much difficulty, I was able to spend student life happily.

I have no regrets.

And then, I was able to find a job in a food company of a moderate scale.

I liked cooking from a long time ago, and I was absorbed in making dishes probably due to living alone.

With some interest in food, I was able to work continuously.

And then I found employment in five years.

Thinking now, didn’t I suddenly work hard too much?

I usually like to be lazy but the company was unexpectedly busy this time.

I was very busy and I rushed about to various places from morning to night.

Sparing even meals and sleep.

And, although exhausted in the end, somehow overcoming one week of hell.

It seems like the time when the company grows big is now.

This busyness seems to continue for the time being.

I understand that it is a chance, but it is still too busy.

There was a guy who got ill from his coworker, even I will surely become ill if I make a mistake in adjusting my schedule.

Fortunately, our company is not a black company, it seems my coworkers can rest properly.

「……Mou, I don’t want to work so much anymore. Should I just return to the countryside? 」

It was when I was walking on the main road on the way back with a black heart due to the excessive pressure from work.


I heard a large engine sound.

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「……What? A truck? 」

I begin to lose interest and continue to walk.

「Hey! That’s dangerous! 」

Someone is shouting something.

So noisy. Although I’m tired and want to return early to sleep.

「It’s dangerous! Look outーー」

Someone is still shouting. What the heck is the matter?

When I slowly turned around, a large truck entered in full view.


As the world stopped, the truck approaches slowly.

The scene where the car will run over a person is often seen on TV, and it seems that it will be avoided. I thought of such things and experienced it. However, it’s impossible with this size and distance. With my current physical condition, it’s definitely impossible.

There is a middle-aged man dozing off in the driver’s seat.

Are you overworked too?

I’d like to think so. It’s unpleasant if it’s something like drunk driving or natural consequences.

While thinking so, the truck came in front of me with overwhelming force.

Although there should be a guardrail…… It’s not useful at all!

Ah, I’m overworked. If I am in perfect condition, I might have been able to avoid it by noticing the first warning.

If I didn’t work too much, I wouldn’t need to go home at such a late time too.

Sigh, I’m so tired.

If I am reborn, I will live an enjoyable and carefree life in the countryside.

I received a big impact and…… I died.


Ah, it’s warm.

When I woke up. There was a pure white space. White that extends infinitely far and wide. I can’t see any wall. I can’t understand what’s beyond this bright white too.

All I know is that there is the consciousness of Inaka Yuuji.

Heaven? Hell? Or, is this the next life already?

「Oh? This is unusual.」

While a lot of question arises, I hear the voice of a dull old man out of nowhere.

「……Who? Where are you?」

「Soー, there is no need to be wary.」

When I heard a voice from behind and turned around, there was an old man with a white beard there.

He wears something like a brown robe and holds a cane in his hand.

……It’s just an old man?

「Where did you come from?」

「……Where else but Earth’s Japan?」

「The Earth! ……Wait a minute.」

When I answered so while having doubts, the old man has begun putting his hand on his forehead.

As expected, was he too old or something? Is this jiisan alright?

「You’re quite rude, aren’t you? And also lively…… Fumu. Are you Inaka Yuuji? 」

Eh? Did you read my mind? Are you something like a god? Who are you and why do you know my name?

「Umu, that’s right. Earth’s Japan call me Kamisama! Therefore, judging from your name, to know about me is at least natural!」


Is this real?

「Hmm? Perhaps you don’t believe me? 」

「No no, that’s not the case at all, I believe! I believe! 」

「Just now, your mind was telling the truth, wasn’t it? 」

「This space and mind reading is the proof.」

「Hmm, Well I don’t really care whether you believe or not, so do you want to talk about what happens after this?」


When I answered, Kamisama? cleared his throat.

「Well, first of all, you died in Earth. There is no doubt. Do you remember this too? 」

「Yes, I certainly died.」

Un, definitely dead. Because of the large truck.

「Properly speaking, the rule of the Earth takes precedence, though there are various ones, for some reason your soul unexpectedly came to a different world from Earth. It is what you would call a parallel world in your world.」

「……A different world?」

「That’s right. This is the first time. It’s not possible to return once you’ve arrive. You will be reincarnated in this world.」

……Are you serious? I’m not confident that I can live in a very severe world crowded with monsters.

In the first place, is it an environment where man can live?

「Aah, don’t worry about it. There are normal human beings just like in Earth. It is safe although there are some demons too.」

「No no, isn’t that bad?」

「Though science isn’t developed much, the different world has what is called magic.」

Ah, I was ignored.


Even though I only wanted to spend my next life leisurely. In addition…

How can you live being thrown out in such an environment……?

「Don’t worry about it. Valuable sample……Experiment……For being the first different world person, I’ll make spending your life a little easier.」

「Now I’m a sample? Did you just say I’m a guinea pig? 」

What is this guy saying with a smile!?

「It’s just your imagination. Anyway, the reincarnation will start now. This is inevitable.」

Is that so? ……In any case, it can’t be helped. Will I have an enjoyable time there? He said he will make it easier to spend my life.

「Um… What do you mean by making it easier?」

「An early wonderful change.」

「Hmm, because of such a disposition.」

As for the fixed thing, it can’t be helped. I’ll still spend it leisurely. I dream of a dream where I spend my next life leisurely.

「Fuーmu, if asked for the social position, it’s now the third prince, eldest son of the duke.」

It sounds like something busy again. Oi. Are there things like royalty and nobles?

「Your ability is average, assuming you acquire magical aptitude with much effort, I’ll give you one ancient magic.」

Oー, Kamisama is generous. However, I have only one goal.

「I want to spend my life peacefully and enjoyably in a nature-rich countryside……Is there a place like that?」

「Hmm? Is it alright with just a place like that? 」

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「Yes, it’s enough.」

「If that is the case, the second son of the feudal lord of a nature-rich village called “Coryatt” is available.」

「Please, I would like it.」

「Then, what type of ability should I give for preferential treatment? What kind of ability would you like? 」

「May I think for a moment?」

「I don’t mind.」

What kind of ability? Magic……Grand game-like magic? Recovery? Barrier? Mana?

No no, something like that is absolutely dangerous. I want to live peacefully.

The place where I’ll live is in the countryside. And I am also the feudal lord’s second son.

Let’s imagine it.

The minimum necessary self-defense. As for magical aptitude, I’ll be able to get it somehow or another thanks to great effort.

For the countryside, the feudal lord more or less has time so it should be fine.

When it comes to it, it might be luxurious to prevent the disadvantages of living in the countryside.

The countryside……the countryside.

First, let’s think of the advantages that come up.

First of all, the land is vast. The nature which is abundant and green is beautiful. Perfect for outdoor activities!

Besides, the food is fresh and the air is delicious. It’s cool on summer nights, and you can see the beautiful stars better. And people who interact and help each other.

Nー, the only thing which is not in the city. I yearn for it.

Japan, do you get the main point?

Now for the disadvantages.

The wages are cheap. There might be many old people. Insufficient doctors. Damage caused by animals like monkeys and wild boars. The scary natural disaster. After that……means of transportation?

Well, everything is a thing in Japan and it may not apply to the different world at all.

Is it such a rough place?

Un, after all, is the number one problem the means of transportation? I think there are probably no such things like bikes and cars.

Can you move with magic? Travel……transfer……warp?

Is there a magic like that?

「Excuse me, Kamisama.」

When I looked around to call out to Kamisama, there was commonly spread out tatami mat and he was resting his elbows on a low dining table and chewing on rice crackers.

「N? Have you decided? 」

He stands up slowly sipping the tea.

Ah, the low dining table disappeared.

「Is there a magic that lets you travel a long distance in an instant? 」

「N? Is it space magic? If so, it is possible to move from one point to another in an instant. It is one of the ancient magic.」

「Then, can I ask for space magic?」

「Fumu, you are really unusual, aren’t you? I certainly thought that you were going to choose something like grand magic.」

「With space magic, it is possible to escape in times of emergency, I will also be able to move to a distant place immediately for things like shopping or earning money. Also, there is only a doctor in a city and I will be troubled if there are no salt and sugar.」

「I see. It’s so you may be able to live in comfort in the countryside. Then, you will be sent off soon.」

「Yes, thank you very much.」

「I made sure you’d be transferred with little effort.」

My sight is wrapped in pure white with Kamisama’s smile at the end, and it becomes dark again eventually.

……This time, I’ll spend my life slowly in the countryside.