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Tensei Shite Inaka de Slowlife wo Okuritai

Chapter 10 I turned four years old
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Chapter 10 I turned four years old

I got over the hot summer and the cold winter, and spring came.

By the way, my birthday is April 7.

In other words, I’m four years old! Since the age is paid attention to in this place, and the degree of freedom increases when one grows older, it’s good, isn’t it? But, I might feel depressed when I grow old and become an adult.

By the way, Elna-kaasan finally became 30 years old. To be honest, she’s so beautiful that I’ll believe it if someone said she’s 18 years old.

Nord-tousan is 32 years old. He didn’t change at all. He is as usual. Although it’s short, it’s the truth. There was something like 『Do you want to attend a magic school? 』 that was said. Of course, I refused. Why should I go to such a place? You can even feed a horse just fine! I’m still enjoying this child life.

Eleanor-neesan is 10 years old. I think she’s growing taller recently, too. Her mind is focused on the sword too much, and she might have become stubborn. Does she even study?

Sylvio-niisan is 7 years old. He reads books as usual and is still training with the sword to protect his life. It seems like Sylvio-niisan wants to have a job where he uses his head in the future. I wonder if he’ll become something like a domestic affairs official or an advisor.

There is a recent boom of edible wild plants gathered, and those are used for dinner. It’s great that those that can’t be eaten aren’t being brought.

If I were to speak of a change to my body, I grew taller, and I think that it became easier to run. I continue exhausting my mana as usual, and I’m happy that it still keeps increasing steadily. I can probably teleport by kilometers now. However, I haven’t gone to such a far place. It’s not possible to teleport if the place can’t be imagined. That’s why, it’s troublesome but it’s necessary to go to the distant royal capital at least once. After that, I also need to go to the sea for the fish transportation.

Now then, the story changed but Nord-tousan will take me along to the village today.

That’s right. Although I went to the plains or the river to play, I hadn’t gone to the village. Although I was curious, when a noble child turns four years old, he will patrol the fief’s village with father who is the feudal lord. That’s why I didn’t go.

It seems to be a minor tradition of feudal lords around here.

So today, Nord-tousan is patrolling the village with two people.

「Take caーre. 」

「Well then, we’re going out. 」

We’re seen off by Elna-kaasan and leave the mansion, we travel along the straight road that head towards the village. It’s easy to walk since this road is maintained and wide. It’s secured that the width of the road can let one carriage pass through it.

It might be the first time that I went out with Nord-tousan and two other people.

Although I walked along the main road for only a little, all I can see in the surroundings are mountains, mountains, fields, fields. It’s a very wonderful countryside road. There is a lot of green that looks like a carpet.

While walking, I smell the faint lush fragrance of plants and the indistinct scent of the earth. And, the clean air goes directly into my nose whenever I breathe.

This fresh air is delicious. This alone should be enough for my three meals. But, there is no rice here.

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Speaking of rice, it might be in the eastern continent. It was written in the book 『Dumfries’ Adventure Record 』 that there was rice. Although it seems it was discovered by Dumfries. Dumfries, you’re stupid. You’re very stupid. Because, you abandoned the greatest adventure. The adventure for rice!

「Al, you can see the village very soon. 」

Oops, that was dangerous, my mind went on a little trip.

The numerous wheat fields caught my attention the most.

And when you look around at the distance, there are old private houses lined up here and there. It doesn’t only gather here, the private houses also lines up everywhere.

How the heck do you build such houses?

Because it isn’t populous, do you build it separately?

「Tousan, what do you grow in this place? 」

「Wheat, barley, rye, beans, vegetables and the like are grown here. And then there are chickens and sheeps, there are also a few cows too. 」

「Heeー 」

「Ah! It’s the feudal lord! 」

「Ohー, you’re right. 」

I heard from Nord-tousan that when he comes to this village, he’s greeted by the farmers of the village one by one.

「Thanks to the spaghetti that feudal lord-sama taught us, everyone is energetic. 」

「That’s right. My wife also kept saying “it’s delicious, it’s so delicious” while eating quickly. 」

「Gahaha 」 The two men laughed in chorus. Seeing a very bright atmosphere, I was relieved that there was no such thing as starvation in this village.

「That’s good. To tell you the truth, it’s actually our son Alfred that thought about it. 」

Nord-tousan brings me in front of the two men.

「Is it this child? 」

「Yeah. 」

The expression of Nord-tousan who declared that seems a little proud.

「So you’re Alfred-sama, huh? How old are you? 」

「I’m four years old. 」

「You’re really composed, huh? 」

「You’re really different from my kid. You’re very levelheaded. 」

With an *uriuri*, the ossan pokes my cheeks with a bad expression.

Hey! I’m the lord’s son. Aren’t you impolite?

「Ahaha, I also think so. He’s probably a very stange child. 」

Nord-tousan. Was I recognized in such a way until now? Wasn’t I an extremely ordinary child?

「Well then, we’re going to walk to the next place now. 」

「Okay, please come again. 」

「Alfred-sama should also grow up as a strong man like feudal lord-sama, okay? 」

The ossan says to me and puts his hand on my head after. What’s with this over-familiar ossan? Is this how it is in the countryside? If that’s the case, I should also reply.

「Even if ossan is henpecked by his wife, you should do your best too. 」

When I replied, the ossan greatly opened his eyes wide and his mouth went *pakupaku* like a fish.

「Uu-, how did you know that I’m henpecked by my wife? No matter what, I can’t win against Natalie. 」

「Oi oi, don’t get depressed. 」

「Shut up! You newlyweds can’t understand my feelings. 」

「Ahaha, is Alfred-sama really four years old? 」

From behind us who began to walk, a voice of a young person that was calming down the ossan’s sad voice was heard.

As expected, it’s a standard that that type of ossan is henpecked by his wife, isn’t it?


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I keep following Nord-tousan to the center of the village.

It’s just before noon now. The vegetables and wheat that the villagers harvested by their respective families are at the public square. The nuts, fruits and mushrooms harvested from the forest are gathered and bartered.

Fumufumu, pears, chestnuts, mushrooms, oh? What’s that fruit? Can it be eaten? That mushroom is amazing.

It has a vivid color but is it safe?

There is a person who seems to be a hunter carrying a bow, he’s carrying a deer, rabbits and so forth on his shoulders while walking. I see, it seems that the meat is cut up and it’s bartered.

「Heeー, they’re gathered in the square and there is still enough room to barter. 」

「That’s right. Even if there is no room, they cannot live if they don’t do it, this place is big and there are many villagers. 」

「Heeー. Then, tousan is wonderful isn’t he? 」

「Not at all. Coryatt Village was rich in nature from the start. Since it’s a small village at the edge of the country, the supplies and products are also insufficient. 」

「I seeー 」

「Now who do we have here, Nord-sama and, are you Alfred-sama? 」

While walking in the public square, a middle-aged ojisan came over. It seems he is the village chief since he is wearing slightly fine clothes.

「Yes. 」

「You grew big above all. Alfred-sama, what do you think about the state of the village? 」

「It’s good, everybody seems to be lively. 」

The village chief smiles joyfully when I answered so.

「That’s right. How about Nord-sama? 」

「It’s more abundant this year than last year, isn’t it? I understand just by looking at the villagers’ faces. 」

「That’s right. Since there was a good harvest last time. No one is starving, and there is also a surplus to get over winter. There are various reports too. If it’s fine, won’t you come to my home? 」

「Yes. I hope that you’ll tell me about the recent state of affairs. 」

「Tousan, is it okay if I wander around this place? 」

「Although it’s fine, you mustn’t go too far away, okay?」

「Okaーy 」