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Tensei Shite Inaka de Slowlife wo Okuritai

Chapter 2 Reincarnation
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Chapter 2 Reincarnation

I woke up with soft feeling surfacing.

I instinctively shake to the feeling similar of being lifted and held by a giant or something.

(Uwa! What’s going on!?)

「Ogyaaaa! Ogyaaaa! 」

Unlike my intention, the voice that went out of my mouth seems like a baby’s crying voice.

There seems to be some people, but I don’t understand how many there are. My eyes cannot be opened and I can’t hear with my ears well either.

Anyway, I’m sleepy. I want to confirm the situation, but I can’t resist the extreme sleepiness attacking me.

……Really……Did I really reincarnate?


After that, only one week has passed.

I was uneasy in the beginning due to not understanding the reason, but recently my eyes were able to see and my ears were able to hear.

Whether it was divine protection, I was able to gradually understand the situation.

In my room is the bed for the baby, a closet and a simple desk.

Though it may be lonely, it is a room which calms down.

After all, it’s a baby’s room, they tend to be injured easily so as long as there is nothing it’s probably alright.

Is the carpet on the floor for my sake? It seems to be very soft. Is it the fur of an animal or something? Or is it something like cotton?

Because my world is still only this small bed, I don’t know!

Anyway, is this place really the feudal lord of the countryside as said by Kamisama? Is this the ruling noble’s place? Is it really?

When the windows are occasionally opened, you can immediately hear the sounds of trees rustling in the wind nearby and clean air enters.

Japanese air smells like rubbish.

Because my time for activities has been postponed like this recently, there is a lot of free time.

I want to walk as soon as possible.

While there are various choices of actions, I want to play idly. I hate being forced to rest similar to that of a paid vacation of a company.

That’s why I intensively train slightly early in order to get used to my body.

Although I say that, I only move my hands and feet to a reasonable extent.

Because I still can’t sit by myself yet, it’s free time when it’s over.

Though Kamisama said that I can use magic……I wonder how you use it.

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While I was thinking, I hear footsteps and voices from the other side of the door.

It’s probably my parents.

My parents eventually opens the door and enters.

Oh? There are two unknown children today.

Are you my siblings by any chance?

Soft chestnut-colored long hair, and floating a gentle smile on her face is probably my mother. She is a very beautiful woman.


While calling out to me in a soft voice, she slowly lifted me to her arms.


Next to her is a man with blond hair and clear blue pupils. He is probably my father.

He is a very handsome man. I can’t feel a conceited attitude at all.

They are both very good-looking parents. Or maybe this world is filled with many good-looking people? Perhaps I’m the only plain-looking person and if that’s the case I’ll feel a little down.


Father timidly pokes my squishy cheeks with his fingers.



Even though I can hear with my ears, I don’t understand the words at all. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be Japanese.

……I absolutely have to study the language, huh? I wasn’t poor at English, but I also wasn’t very good at it.

And the two children who I see for the first time today fixedly stare at me.

The girl has the same chestnut-colored hair as mother. Her age is around 6 years old.

The boy with blond hair has another finger to his hand. His age is around 3 years old.

Mother stoops herself so that the children can see me.

Then the children began to pat my head.

Hey! Child with the blond hair. It’s slightly painful.

Seemingly satisfied, father goes out of the room with the children.

And only mother stays.

It seems like it’s that time again.

Mother puts out her chest and brings it close to my face.

I’m really a baby. I don’t feel any sexual desire. I’m a little embarrassed. I’m still not used to standing after one week of birth.

Mother looks at me anxiously when I don’t try to drink even though it’s the time for the usual meal.

I’m sorry. I’ll drink. Please don’t show such a face.

Like this, my stomach becomes full and sleepiness comes.

Good night.


「……So warm……Where does this feeling come from……」

It’s just like the place where I met Kamisama……

「The answer is correct.」


Kamisama suddenly shows up closely in front my eyes.

Hearing that I raised my voice in surprise, Kamisama nods in satisfaction.

Why did you do that!? I thought I was dead!?

「What did you say!? Aren’t you rude!? I’m not the same as that guy! 」

Kamisama who begins to get angry is unexpected. So shinigami exists too……

Well anyway, what is the situation now?

「Ahem……we are now inside your dream. You seem to have reincarnated safely. Well, the reason for this meeting is about magic. 」

「About magic? 」

「That’s right. Though you would probably be able to learn it sooner or later, for now, warnings about space magic are given ahead of time. 」

Well, I don’t even know magic itself. What are the important things I need to know?

「Fumu. First is about space magic. Although it was originally something only a special person can use, it is now classified as ancient magic. Even though the effects are amazing, there are conditions such as heavy magic consumption, the image and so forth. 」

「In other words? 」

「Even though I gave it to you, it cannot be used without enough mana. 」

「Oi! 」

「Now, now, don’t panic. It seems that you cannot resist being impolite in this dream, can you?」

What! That’s good. It seems that I have unintentionally plucked his beard. God is kind as expected.

「Right? Right? 」

Why are you being embarrassed at your age?

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……N? Wait. If you properly explained it before I reincarnated then it wouldn’t have been double the effort now, right?

「Now, it’s time for the explanation! Listen properly because I will only say it once! 」

Kamisama suddenly declares it in a loud voice.

This person absolutely deceived me, huh? ……


The explanation of mana and important points about space has been finished.

Because Kamisama omits things considerably, I occasionally question with 「Ah, now that you mention it… 」continuously when important things seem to be missing. I cannot be negligent.


「Yes! Thank you very much! 」

「For the main event, I will show you light magic! Is it special? Is it special? It’s Kamisama’s magic you know! 」

In fact, hasn’t it been a while since this Kamisama talked enjoyably with another person?

「Waaー! I want to see it! I want to see it! 」

Yeah, yeah, I understand. I understand. Show it quickly.

「……You’re saying that innocently yet you’re thinking of something different in your heart. Well, first of all is magic! The flow of mana in a magic invocation can be seen only if you look properly! 」

Kamisama looked this way with scornful eyes momentarily while muttering, then he manages to regain the atmosphere and raise the tension.

「First! Light! 」

Kamisama raises his cane with full confidence. A bright light is lighting up on the tip of the cane.

……The light becomes subdued suddenly. I expected something with more fire.

「What did you say!? Beginner’s practice is like this, safety first, don’t you want to practice!? A small amount of mana is needed for magic invocation, then pouring more mana to keep it going for a long time! It’s so wonderful! 」

「Hmm, now that you say that, that might be true. 」

It might be because it’s Kamisama that said it this time so it’s unusually annoying. Certainly, this magic is ideal for a beginner. I have a feeling that there is some desperate enthusiasm……

「Well then? Isn’t no attribute wonderful? Magicians these days only chooses only flashy ones like fire, water, lightning, ice and tend to neglect basics. 」

It is highly probable that this Kamisama personally likes no attribute magic.

Even if I turn to a no attribute magic believer, it’s also not good right? No attribute space magic is wonderful but fire and water is necessary and convenient to have.

「Oh, it’s good that you understand that…… Well then, good luck. 」

Kamisama suddenly disappeared leaving those last words.

The ending is quite simple.

Thank you very much Kamisama.

However, I feel that I’ll meet him again soon.

Then, my consciousness was pulled back to reality, and my view slowly darkened.